How to Clear Cookies on Android and the Reason Why they should be deleted?

Almost every website you visit asks for your permission to allow or manage cookies. This is because cookies can violate the privacy of the user. They let the web developers store information such as your preferences, location, website logins, name, and even details of the items in your shopping carts.

Even though the objective of storing this information is to create a more personalized experience for users the next time they visit the website, some people may disapprove of the idea. Therefore, we will be sharing some methods for those wondering how to clear cookies on Android.

However, before you opt to get rid of them, it would be a better idea to understand what cookies actually are. They are text files that contain small chunks of data such as your password or user ID and are used to identify your device the next time you visit the website.

While these cookies placed by legitimate websites are not ill-intentioned, if any hacker gets access to them, there are possibilities of them being able to spy upon you. Often, the websites may share your personal information with advertisers. This will result in you receiving unsolicited promotional messages, spam emails and unwanted cold calls.

Therefore, it is a good idea to delete these cookies from time to time.

This article will guide you on how to clear cookies on Android phones and computers.

1. Deleting Cookies from Chrome

starting the process to clear cookies

  • To remove cookies from Chrome browser. First, open the Chrome app on your Android device.
  • Locate 3 dots in a vertical line at the top right corner of your screen (just below the “close window” symbol).
  • Click these dots and select Settings from the options that appear.
  • Go to Privacy on the page it leads you to. Select the option ‘clear browsing data’.
  • Mark the time period for which you want to delete cookies. You can even delete all cookies by selecting the option “All time”.
  • After selecting the time frame, checkboxes for the elements you want to delete like cookies, site data etc.
  • Once you have selected what you want to remove from your device along with the time period, click ‘clear data’.

Following all the above-mentioned steps will help you clear cookies from the Chrome app.

2. Deleting Cookies from Firefox

One step which appears to be common in all browsers when starting the process to clear cookies is the importance of the 3 dotted icon which takes you to the Settings option.

  • Once you have opened your Firefox browser, you need to follow the first 3 steps exactly like you would do in Chrome.
  • From the options that appear after tapping the settings tab, select ‘clear private data.
  • Once you have chosen this option, Firefox would present a list of the various data types that have been collected while you surfed the internet.
  • The list includes not only options like ‘cookies and active logins’ but also others like ‘search history’, ‘browsing history’ and ‘downloads’.
  • Check the boxes next to the elements you want to remove.
  • Once you have selected the options to delete, select the ‘clear data’ option that would be visible underneath the list. However, if you wish to add or eliminate any other option from the list, or simply decide to not remove cookies from your Android phone for the time-being, click ‘cancel’ and exit the page.

Learning how to clear cookies on Android with respect to the 2 commonly used browsers must have given you the idea that the process is more or less similar for all. Cookies can be cleared from your Android device irrespective of which browser you are using.

The aftermath of Clearing Cookies

Before you decide to clear cookies from your Android device, you should be aware of what will happen once you do so. You will be signed out from your accounts on almost all sites. Therefore, make sure you remember the login details. Also, since the content on websites will need to be loaded again, they might become slower after you have cleared all cookies.

Reasons You Should Delete Cookies

Besides not wanting to share your personal information with websites, the following are additional reasons why you need to clear cookies from time to time.

  • If you use a shared Android device or a public computer in places like libraries or cafes, you must ensure deleting all cookies after you are done with your work. Otherwise, anyone using that device after you would have access to details that are specific to you. This may include sensitive and confidential data like your bank statements and official, personal or social media accounts.
  • If the extremely slow speed of your browser is hindering the pace of your work, you need to clear the cookies from your device. Reason being that as you browse through multiple websites on a daily basis, the cookies start accumulating in your device. This eventually slows down your Android phone. Therefore, it is advisable to know how to clear cookies on android so that you can delete them when required.

Now that you have developed an understanding of what cookies are, why, and how they should be removed, we hope you enjoy a safer and improved browsing experience.

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