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How to clean laptop fan to make your laptop run quieter and cooler


A couple of fans can be found in laptops, which are utilized to cool down various components of the system, such as the processor and graphics chip. Fans, on the other hand, can become clogged with dirt and dust over time. Let’s look at how to clean a laptop fan for instances like these.

A heat pipe system was installed in prior generations and was designed to take heat away from different components of the laptop. Furthermore, another fan is dedicated to cooling the heatsink that is connected to the heat pipes.

The heatsink is designed in such a way that there is plenty of room for dust and debris to dissolve. The cooling efficiency of the fans decreases as soon as the fins collect dust.

Modern laptop manufacturers strive to make the laptop as small as possible. To make the computers look tiny, they want to cram everything in as close to each other as possible. This leaves very little area for airflow, and dirt and dust thrive in those confined spaces. It would have an impact on the fans’ cooling efficiency.

We’ll try to explore how to clean laptop fans using practical approaches in this article. You might, for example, utilize compressed air or detach the fan from your laptop individually.

Continue reading to discover a solution to the noise your laptop’s fan is making. Furthermore, the table of contents below will provide you with a thorough walkthrough of the topics we will discuss.

Who is the culprit behind the noise from the laptop?

There’s a potential that your laptop will make noises as a result of a problem. If you hear any noises other than the typical ones, check the Windows Task Manager first (Ctrl-Shift-Esc). You’ll be able to see how much energy different components of the laptop use by doing so. Furthermore, if you click on ‘More details,’ you will get all of the statistics, which is quite impressive.

Any application that consumes a large amount of the CPU’s time should be considered as the source of the laptop’s strange noises.

On the other hand, if you detect nothing strange about the applications, it’s probably time for you to clean the fan on your laptop. Unfortunately, it is a difficult task. Modern computers, for example, have fans hidden deep inside that you wouldn’t be able to reach without the assistance of a professional.

However, some computers can be opened with simply a screwdriver. According to our research, you must separate the fan from the machine to clean it.

Let’s take a look at the different ways of how to clean a laptop fan.

How to clean a laptop’s fan with compressed air?

How to clean a laptop’s fan with compressed air

You might not want to risk damaging your equipment by dismantling it with a screwdriver. What other options do you have for cleaning the machine’s fan? You can use a can of compressed air or, if you’re terrified of compressed air, a camera lens air duster can do the deed for you as well.

According to our research, vacuum cleaners are ineffective at cleaning or removing dirt and debris from your laptop’s fan. Furthermore, it can generate static electricity surrounding the laptop, which is undoubtedly not to your preference.

Make sure the laptop is turned off before beginning the cleaning process. If at all possible, remove the battery to prevent it from being damaged. After that, simply insert the nozzle of the air duster into the vents and begin blowing out the dust. Stop the fan while you’re doing this because it’ll be difficult to complete the task with a spinning fan.

On the other hand, some users think that compressed air does not catch tiny spaces. For the cleaning operation, it will be ideal to remove the entire fan from the laptop. There is an alternative method for these people.

How to clean your laptop fan by removing it entirely?

How to clean your laptop fan by removing it entirely

People who believe they are skilled enough to play with a screwdriver and are aware of the risks, can simply switch off the computer, flip it over, and remove the battery first.

Next, remove the plastic or metal panel that covers the fan once the battery has been replaced. The fan will most likely be visible once you’ve completed it. However, it is very dependent on the model of your laptop. If you can’t find the fan, you’ll have to dig a little deeper by removing the other components. You can watch YouTube tutorials to learn how to dismantle your laptop.

Once you’ve reached the fan and removed it. You may easily clear the dirt and debris lodged in it with the help of a little brush. Make sure that you are not too close to the nozzles and that the fan blades are not moving.

After you’ve finished cleaning, make sure you put everything back together in the correct sequence.


It is recommended that you keep your machine clean and dust-free at all times. The more you safeguard it, the longer it will survive. You undoubtedly do not like the fan’s loud noise. This is why, whenever you have the opportunity, you should clean the laptop’s fan.

Let’s hope that our methods of how to clean a laptop fan make the task easier for you.

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