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Time to Clear the Gunk from your AirPods – Check Out How to Clean AirPods?

Did you ever wonder why your friend returned your AirPods even after asking for it him/herself? Well, maybe that earwax and debris accumulated on those earbuds compelled him to do so. Yeah, we, too find that gross.

If you are such a heavy user of AirPods, don’t you think you should learn to clean them? No, not that one you’re thinking of right now. By cleaning, we meant Deep Cleaning. Lucky you, you’ve got us to help you out with this. We have brought you some hacks for how to clean AirPods instantly. Make sure you go through this guide till the end, or else you will come complaining about another return case and another moment of shame.

Without any further delay let’s move forward to the AirPods cleaning process. However, before directly jumping on how to clean Airpods, we should first learn the necessary don’ts when carrying out the process.

What to avoid when cleaning AirPods?

Normally this part should come in the last. However, we have noticed that several people, after learning the cleaning process get too carried away that they damage their AirPods. Therefore, you should learn it in the beginning so that you will keep these no-nos in your mind while cleaning your AirPods.

Step away from metal objects

When you are up for cleaning your gadgets, step away from any fancy cleaner that has metallic outer or anything. Metal can damage AirPods’ plastic, and in a worst-case scenario, it could damage the screens inside the earpieces. The same precaution goes for all your gadgets.

Don’t pick anything wet/moist to clean with

Tech and moisture don’t sound like a great combo. Since AirPods are not waterproof, then you should keep moist cleaning cloth away from your sight. That being said, you might need a slightly read-it again, SLIGHTLY wet cloth to clean your AirPods’ outer part. Also, we will let you know in the detailed guide that when and how you should use moist cloth for cleaning AirPods.

Stay away from soaps or detergents

While it sounds like an obvious thing, some don’t understand how using it can get you in the worst condition. AirPods have a protective layer on them. Harsh cleaning can damage that and will leave your AirPods in worse condition.

Don’t exert too much pressure

Work smart, not hard. Applying too much pressure on AirPods can damage them. If you have the right tools, you won’t need to use too much of your elbow grease.

Don’t remove anything unnecessarily

Apart from removing silicone covers and other removable bits, don’t remove anything which is not meant to be removed.

Don’t use abrasive cloths

Using washcloths or paper towels which have slightly harsh textures can damage the externals of your AirPods.

If you are thinking that we haven’t left you anything to clean your AirPods with then continue reading. You will find out what you should have instead to clean your AirPods.

Things you require to clean your AirPods

Take a pen or pencil if you cannot remember things for long. Below are the things that you will require to clean your AirPods, so pen them down.

Soft, Dry, Lint-Free Cloth

As per the Apple guidelines, use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to clean your AirPods and their case. That being said, it would be fine as well if you use a slightly damp cloth. However, dry out AirPods right after cleaning before putting them back into the case.

Cotton Swabs

For deep cleaning, you will need cotton swabs. It helps you clean the speaker meshes and microphones properly. However, don’t use anything harder than a cotton swab as it could damage your Airpods. There also come wooden stick cotton swabs, they help in intense cleaning. Though, you need to be good at handling them.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Using isopropyl alcohol helps remove dirt and germs off AirPods. Since alcohol evaporates faster, damping your cloth with it won’t harm anything.

Soft – Bristled Brush

Apple recommends cleaning AirPods’ lightning connectors. A soft-bristled brush will be helpful to do so.

Cleaning Kits

If you don’t feel like buying the cleaning stuff separately, then you can also check dedicated cleaning kits for AirPods. From wipes to anti-static brushes and foam swabs, cleaning kits include everything required to clean AirPods.

Now that you are fully armed with your cleaning stuff let’s find out how to use them to clean AirPods.

How to clean AirPods?

Following, we have listed a few hacks to clean AirPods. Follow them as they are, and you will find clean and shiny AirPods in the end.

1. Apple Recommended Method

Apple recommends using a cotton swab and soft lint-free cloth to clean earwax off speaker mesh. That means AirPods are not waterproof. They can only resist water to a certain degree. So be mindful before using a wet cloth.

Gunk accumulates on AirPods’ speaker mesh over time and becomes difficult to remove. For that, the cotton swab will be helpful. Rub on to it with light hands until it gets clean. The cotton swab and cloth will also help clean the hinge area and inside of the charging bays.

While Apple’s cleaning method will unlikely that you can check.

2. Cleaning AirPods’ speaker mesh

Earbuds are the most sensitive area; it requires light handling to clean. Apart from Apple’s recommended cleaning method, you can use a simple soft cloth to clean the speaker mesh. if you have stubborn grime on to that then slightly damp the cloth from one corner and repeat the process until the grime gets off. Also, clean the sensors too, but with the dry part of the cloth.

Sometimes when the dirt gets stuck on the mesh, it becomes difficult to clean it with a cloth. Q-tip will help clean the outer grill. Once the outer part is clear, grab a toothpick and lightly scrape the dirt off the speaker mesh. You need to carry out the last part very carefully, a moment of hard pressing will destroy your AirPods.

How to clean the newly launched Airpods Max?

Airpods max is the newest launch from the Apple in AirPods range and like any other product, they require special care. The AirPods max are made up of slightly different material as compared to the AirPods and AirPods pro. Let’s have a look at how to clean the delicate AirPods max:

  • First of all, remove the cushions from the earpieces of your AirPods max and put them aside.
  • Now take a cotton pad or cotton ball and start rubbing gently on the exterior of the AirPods max in lieu to remove any kind of excessive dirt, grime, or oil.
  •  Always use dry cotton to remove any minutest debris on the AirPods max surface. Use cotton swab on the interlinking joints of headphones with the other components of the AirPods max.
  • After cleaning the earpieces, it is now time to focus the crown and the buttons on the headphones. Use a dry cotton seam to gently remove any kind of debris or grime which might get accumulated at the seams and grooves of the headphones.
  • Give a final cleanup to the exterior of the AirPods max and remove any dirt or grime elements once and for all.

After the exterior of AirPods max is cleaned, we will move towards the headband the ear cushions cleaning but gently as we don’t want to cause any kind of damage to the AirPods max:

According to Apple, make a solution of a laundry detergent and water, the laundry detergent should be 1 tsp whereas the water should be 1 cup. This will be a gentle solution. Use lukewarm water but not hot water for the solution.

Now dip any lint-free cloth or a microfiber into the above-made mixture and squeeze it tight so that the cloth is left damp but not wet. Please test that the cloth is damp and not too wet as a wet cloth will damage the AirPods max. the cloth should be moistened but not wet.

Now with that moistened cloth, you need to wipe the ear cushions thoroughly, in and out.

Use the same technique on the headband while giving extra detailed attention to the textured and grooved spots of the AirPods max where the dirt is likely to get accumulated.

If in case you find any stuck grime or dirt, use a dampened cotton swab to remove it from the AirPods max.

You have to make sure that all the components are completely dried out after the cleaning process only then you will reinstall them.

There is no need to use any kind of wipes or bristled brushes as they may make the AirPods max crumble.

The Airpods max is large but easier to clean. They include mesh and other soft material on the inside so they can get dirtier or damaged if brushes or wipes are used to clean them.

Cleaning of Airpods Cases

Cleaning of Airpods cases

Airpods cases and the cases of Airpods pro and Airpods max should be cleaned in the same way as you clean AirPods and AirPods pro.

The only mandatory precaution to take is that avoid putting them under running water or sticking any sharp item which might create holes in the cases of the Airpods.

  • Use cotton or a soft lint-free cloth to gently clean the exterior of the cases from any kind of dirt, oil, or grime.
  •  No clear all the debris from the inside and outside nooks and cronies of the Airpods case by using dry cotton swabs.
  • In the same way, remove dirt or debris from other holes like lightning ports et.
  • Gently use a toothpick to snuck out any dirt from the lightning port but be careful not to scratch any surface.

End Note

It is not complicated at all to clean the Airpods but it is certainly a job that must be done with dedication and love. Always treat your accessories with respect and care, that’s the only way they will last a lifetime and will continue to give you enjoyment for years.

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