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How to Clean a Monitor?

It doesn’t matter whether you have mischievous children at home or a wet-nosed pet, there are chances that your monitor may get irritating stains and smudges on it. Fingerprints and dirt won’t do much damage to your gaming monitor; however, you would find it relatively harder to crack your favorite headshot while playing the notorious game CS: GO or any similar game.


There’s no doubt in saying that we should clean our monitor screens regularly to be able to see clearly. However, it’s not that easy to wipe your screen with a t-shirt or even worse with tissue paper. The process, which we are about to reveal, is a bit tricky and complicated to understand but will surely clean your filthy monitors.

How can you avoid damaging your monitor?

Admit it, a good gaming monitor costs a fortune. But it’s certainly worth it considering how it enhances your overall gaming experience. And we believe that you are reading this because you wouldn’t like destroying the screen you love so dearly by cleaning it the wrong way. Following are a few things you should be cautious about while cleaning the screen:


Don’t use corrosive substances

It is prohibited to use any kind of alcohol-related cleaners or sprays. For example, Windex is not suitable for cleaning the monitor. If you use any items related to this to get rid of stains, chances are it could affect anti-reflective coatings, cause clouding, or may result in damaging the screen.

The screens we see today have evolved from being giant glass bulbs of old-school CRT screens to alluring-looking flat displays. However, this means that the sensitivity level has increased too.

Avoid using paper towels and t-shirts

It is essential to keep your screen away from any kind of hard cloth. No matter how convenient it may look to remove your tee just to clean the screen, but it may damage your screen in the longer run. And paper towels are a big NO too for the very reason.

There’s a possibility that any particle in your tee or on the paper towel may put a scratch on your favorite screen, and regretting never helped anyone.

Less liquid usage

Water is seen as the best component whenever cleaning is considered. However, it is not the same scenario while cleaning the monitor.

There are chances of water trickling through the tiny holes of your monitor, which can eventually disrupt the entire system. It can even cause a short circuit too.

Which methods to follow?

It might be looking like a much tougher task for you to clean such a smooth-looking screen. Well, maintenance is the key to the sustenance of any product. Let’s put the warning aside and here are some of the pro tips you should follow before you dive into the process of cleaning your monitors:


Microfiber cloth is your best friend

To pull off dusting with an easy method, a microfiber cloth will be the ideal choice. It is well known for capturing dust effectively.

Before you are about to start, make sure there are no sand particles already on the cloth or it might put a scratch on your screen. The cloth can be used multiple times and after that, it could be replaced by a new one.

Mild soap and water

To make the process even more satisfying, you can make use of mild soap and water. Your wiping cloth can be dampened in the distilled water and then should be rubbed on the screen.

You need to make sure that you don’t rub the same spot of stain multiple times or otherwise there are higher chances that it might turn into worse.


Let’s protect our monitors together by cleaning them on a regular basis by adopting corrective measures. Whether you’re watching a movie or playing your favorite game, the experience might get affected if there are stains on your screen.

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