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How to clean a mechanical keyboard: Do we need a professional or can we do it ourselves?


You might overlook or ignore what goes beneath the surface of your mechanical keyboard. If you are that type of person who cleans his/her keyboard occasionally, it is important to understand that a lot of dirt and dust makes its place through the cracks between your keys and keeps on loading for months and years.

What’s the solution for it? It has become essential for you to learn how to clean a mechanical keyboard.

There is no doubt in saying that mechanical keyboards are far more precise and accurate than other typical keyboards available in the market. Other than these benefits, another great advantage of this keyboard is that it can be cleaned with ease.

Simply pull out the keycaps, wash them entirely, and place them back where they deserve to be. The process is effortless until you don’t want to do it.

This article will discuss the good and impressive ways of how to clean a mechanical keyboard. Moreover, we will be highlighting its pros and cons and why it is so important to keep your mechanical keyboard clean.

Read on, to learn the simple methodology. Maybe you might save yourself from buying a new one!

Daily care for a mechanical keyboard?

Instead of waiting for months and years to clean your mechanical keyboard, this exercise should be practiced routinely. It is important to keep this vital component safe from dirt, debris, and pet hair. Whenever you see these particles stocking up, you should clean the mechanical keyboard entirely.

According to our research, the best way to clean your keyboard is with the aid of small vacuum cleaners. It would be great if it will have anti-static attachments with it. For example, the narrow nozzle is considered great to clear the mess stuck between the keys.

However, if you don’t have a vacuum at your place, you can use a brush instead. An ample number of options of keyboard brushes are available on Amazon, you can simply purchase one from there or any other reputable vendor. Both of these cleaning options will help you to make your mechanical keyboard spotless. Moreover, it will help you to reach the keyboard deck with relief.

After you complete the first step of cleaning it with either; vacuum or brush. You need to use a microfiber cloth to clean the entire surface of your keyboard, its deck, and the wrist pad.

daily care

How to clean a mechanical keyboard?

It is recommended that you should take care of every single component attached to your machine. This is the reason, the keyboard requires cleaning thoroughly. You can keep your keyboard in its supreme condition and make it look like a brand-new one if you pay close attention to the cleaning process.

However, you would require several tools to start the cleaning procedure. For example, a keycap puller, to remove all the keys. Usually, this tool is provided by the vendor or retailer you purchase your keyboard from. Nevertheless, if you have lost or misplaced it, you can surely purchase another for a few bucks from Amazon or any other retailer.

Let’s talk about the basic steps of cleaning a mechanical keyboard;

  • Take a picture first

There are chances that you might forget the real positions of the keys. What would you do in that scenario? You will have to contact a professional to do the job for you then, which will cost you more. It would be great if you take a picture of the keyboard first.

Moreover, with the help of a picture, you can spot the difference between the condition of the keyboard before the cleaning process and after it.

  • Use a keycap puller

You can simply make use of a keycap puller to detach every single key from the keyboard and put them into the bowl of warm water. Let them soak for good hours; this way every tiny particle of dirt and dust will be removed from them.


  • Clean the keyboard deck

Once you have detached all the keys from the keyboard, it’s time to clean the deck. You can make use of a vacuum or a microfiber cloth to remove all the debris. Moreover, you can use the cotton swab to remove dirt around the switches.

  • Dry the keyboard

After you have cleaned the keyboard deck, make sure to use a dry cloth to wipe it. No water particles must remain on the keyboard.

  • Dry the keys 

After a good three to four hours of soaking, take out all the keys from the bowl. Now you need to use a dry cloth to rinse it properly. You need to dry each key before placing them into their spots. After you are sure that the keys have dried, reattach them to their switches. Make sure that the keys have snapped at the right place.

Sometimes, the keys start to wear out. This happens due to excessive usage or maybe due to the cleaning process. However, you do not have to worry about it as you can replace those keys with new ones. Get in touch with the manufacturer of the mechanical keyboard and ask them for new keys.

What are the PROS & CONS of cleaning a mechanical keyboard?

1 Can survive for a longer period Time-consuming
2 Accuracy and precision doesn’t lose its charm You might destroy the quality of the keyboard by not cleaning the water properly
3 Keystrokes become more responsive

Why is it important to clean mechanical keyboards?

There is no doubt in saying that grime and dust will take over your keyboard after some time. Moreover, if you are not fond of cleaning your keyboards, there are chances that the keys would not operate properly or begin to fail.

Just like you maintain every other component of your personal computer, keyboards are also essential. If you don’t clean them from time to time, they won’t last for a long time.


It is great to keep your electronics clean and tidy. Yes, it might be a time-consuming activity for you but you will be able to make your device survive for a longer period.

Let’s hope this guide on how to clean a mechanical keyboard helps you and makes it easy for you to keep the component clean.

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