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How to Change Keyboard on Android? 2 Ways to Change Your Default Keyboard

Changing keyboards on your Android has to do with either customization that your new keyboard offers or the comfortability factor you have, typing on it. Whatever the reason may be, this guide will instruct you on how to change keyboard on Android.

However, there isn’t just one way of changing the keyboard on your Android. There are different methods allowing you to try on different emoticons, customization options, and skins with your new keyboard.

While we will go through them eventually, let us first guide you through how options for the placement of the keyboard change with the UIs, such as in OneUI, MIUI, Stock Android, etc. The option to change the keyboard in all of them remains the same, which is through ‘Languages and Input, what changes is just the placement.

For instance, in MIUI, you would find this option under Additional Settings,’ in OneUI, you can find this option under ‘General Management,’ and in stock Android, you can find it in the ‘System.’

However, it is inevitable that you would find yourself within ‘Languages and Input.’ Let’s learn how to change keyboard on Android, and how many methods let you do so.

How to Change Keyboard on Android? — Using Settings

How to Change Keyboard on Android

 The first method to change keyboard on Android is through settings. Here’s how you can change your keyboard with them.

  1. Unlock your Android phone, and head to settings. There are two ways to go to the settings.
    • You can head there from the notification bar.
    • You can head there from the settings icon present in your app drawer.
  2. Upon your entrance, click on the search bar or icon at the top, and type ‘Languages and Input,’ or ‘Current Keyboard.’
  3. Both the options will take you to the same page, i.e., ‘Languages and Input.’
  4. There you will see your currently chosen keyboard, in most cases, it happens to be the Gboard.
  5. Now tap on ‘Current keyboard,’ and select your new keyboard that you have installed from the play store.
  6. After you have selected the keyboard, your default keyboard will be changed to the new keyboard, which will open every time you need to type something.

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How to Change Keyboard on Android? — Using the Applications

How to Change Keyboard on Android Using the Applications

 Now that you have learned one method of changing the keyboard on your Android device. Let’s move on to another alternative. The applications list is another method of doing so.

As you install a keyboard, your Android stores it as an application. If you don’t want to opt for the first method of changing the keyboard, you only have to open the application of your new keyboard.

As you open it, it will guide you through the process of setting it as your default keyboard. Just keep following the prompts, and you will be good to type on your new preferred keyboard.

How to Enable Multiple Keyboards on Android?

How to Enable Multiple Keyboards on Android

You can also use multiple keyboards at the same time on your Android device. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. From the ‘Languages and Input’ screen, you would see an option ‘Manage Keyboards,’ click or tap on it.
  2. There all the keyboards that your Android device has installed will be listed.
  3. Turn the toggle switches on in front of the keyboard you wish to use with your current keyboard.
  4. It will enable multi keyboards on your Android device, allowing you to switch between or among them using the instructions below.

How to Switch Between the Keyboards on Android?

How to Switch Between the Keyboards on Android

Have you found yourself in a situation where you found yourself typing with another keyboard, and inserting the emojis with another one. That’s possible when you enable a multi-keyboard layout, but if you don’t know how to switch between them, you won’t be able to do so. Here’s how to switch in between typing:

  1. After you have enabled your new keyboard in ‘Languages and Input,’ or even selected it as your default keyboard, you will see a small keyboard icon either beneath your keyboard when you type with it or in the notification bar.
  2. When you tap on any of them, they will let you select the input method, and all the enabled keyboards will be listed there.
  3. From the list of enabled keyboards, you can select whatever keyboard you want, and get to work with its specialty.
  4. You can switch between them as frequently as you want, but if you want to stick to only one of them, disable or uninstall the other.

In addition to using multiple keyboards for the fun of it, you can even type with two different languages using the same keyboard on your Android device.

How to Type in Different Languages Using the Same Keyboard?

How to Type in Different Languages Using the Same Keyboard

 Enabling and typing with different languages using the same keyboard on your Android is as simple as can be. Here’s what you need to do.

  1.  Whatever keyboard you are using, whether it be the Gboard or another option, head to ‘Languages and Input,’ which you can do by typing it in the search bar of the settings app.
  2. From there, tap on ‘Manage Keyboards’ or you may see all the keyboards listed within ‘Languages and Input’ itself.
  3. Now tap on the keyboard you are using or want to use multiple languages with.
  4. You should see an option named ‘Languages,’ tap on it, and you will see the ‘English’ language selected by default from the list of all the languages spoken worldwide.
  5. Note that in Gboard, you would find a button ‘Add a keyboard,’ which will take you to the list of languages.
  6. There, spot and select the language you wish to use with the default one, and close the settings.
  7. Now, you can either replace the emoji button on your keyboard with that of the language one, allowing you to change the language with a single tap. Or you can press and hold the spacebar to select your desired language.
  8. As soon as you select one, your keyboard will automatically detect the language and will show you the alphabet of the same language.

You can add as many languages as you want within your keyboard settings. However, every keyboard comes with its own pack of languages, there are chances you may not find as many languages in other keyboards as are available in the Gboard.


Android is full of customizations, from UI to keyboard, there is nothing you cannot change in Android, to your preferences. However, changing the UI is another science, at least changing the keyboard is not a mystery to you anymore. It’s because you know two different ways of changing the keyboard on Android, through the settings app, and the keyboard app.

What is more, you also know how you can enable, switch, and use multiple keyboards at the same time and how you can add multiple languages to a single keyboard. This way, you can speak to two different audiences without having to change the mediums repeatedly.

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