How to Cancel YouTube Premium Membership?

A YouTube Premium membership grants access to an experience, which is practically free of ads. However, there may come a point where you will wish to withdraw from the subscription. If you are wondering how to cancel it, this is how it is done.

YouTube Premium provides ad-free viewing sessions on the website or smartphone app. The subscription also gives you complete accessibility to all of the classic original movies. Still, like every other person, you may reach a point where you no more require the perks of a YouTube Premium membership. So, here is how to cancel YouTube Premium membership.

Step by Step Guide to Cancel YouTube Premium Membership

 To begin the process, firstly go to and log in to your account if you’ve not already. Next, from the navigation, tap on your profile picture then select “Paid memberships.”

How to Cancel YouTube Premium Membership

The membership in which you are enrolled will be displayed on the coming webpage. To access the drop-down list select the downward pointer beside the “Manage membership” inside the “Premium” section.

How to Cancel YouTube Premium Membership

This page provides information about your premium account. It provides your upcoming billing information as well as your form of payment through which you pay the fees. Select the “Deactivate” option adjacent to your next paying date to discontinue.

How to Cancel YouTube Premium Membership

Following that, a pop-up window will appear with the choice to stop your subscription for about Six months or 182 days. You are free to continue at any moment. If you wish to try this, press on the “Pause Instead” button. To unsubscribe entirely, hit the “Proceed to Cancel” button.

How to Cancel YouTube Premium Membership

YouTube will then want to understand why you are canceling. You may select an explanation and immediately hit next, or you could just simply press the “Never mind” option if you want to go back

How to Cancel YouTube Premium Membership

Ultimately, you’ll receive a message asking whether you’re certain you would like to discontinue the membership or not. This happens only when you don’t hit the “Never Mind” button. However, assuming you are certain, we’ll go forward and hit that “Yes, cancel” option.

How to Cancel YouTube Premium Membership

So, this is all you should know and do to cancel your subscription. As a final message, you will notice that your YouTube Premium privileges are valid until the end of the current paying cycle. Thus, when you wish to unsubscribe, you should usually do so at the end of your paying cycle. In this manner, you will continue to receive the advantages for another month before they expire.

How to Cancel YouTube Premium Membership

You may reactivate your membership at any time, simply choose the usual “Manage membership” drop-down option. Then you will find the validity period for your perks as well as the pricing of a single YouTube Premium subscription. Select the “Renew” box to restart your membership

How to Cancel YouTube Premium Membership

Whenever you choose to retain or extend your membership, you may still stream and download your YouTube Premium clips via iPhone and Android smartphones.

Additional Information for How to Cancel YouTube Premium Membership

YouTube Red was the previous name of YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium seems to be a membership program that gives ‘free from ads’ accessibility to all of the platform’s contents.

Membership gives users access to premium YouTube Originals entertainment shows created in partnership with the platform’s producers, allows users to save and store movies plus users can also watch them in the background via their smartphones, it also gives you entrance to the YouTube Music, for those of you who don’t know, it is the official music streaming service offered by the company.

YouTube Premium seems to have more than thirty million members spanning around a hundred nations.

What kind of subscription options does YouTube Premium offer?

For starters, YouTube Premium is available in three distinct schemes:

  • → YouTube Premium, will cost you around $11.99/month.
  • → YouTube Premium Family plan, will cost you around $17.99/month.
  • → YouTube Premium Student plan will cost you around $6.99/month.

Using YouTube Premium, people can watch YouTube without those annoying ads, even when you are offline, it also offers to play media in your phone’s background, as well as listen to YouTube Music Premium plus watch YouTube Originals. So, it is a complete YouTube Package.

The YouTube Premium Family package enables people to combine their paid YouTube subscription with around a total of Five loved ones (age 13 and above) who dwell in the very same home with them (residential address).

To be eligible for a YouTube Premium Student subscription, you would have to be an undergraduate at a higher learning school within a region where YouTube students-subscriptions are available well as you should first check if SheerID is accepted in your region or not because through SheerID, your institution’s eligibility is confirmed.

Also, remember that YouTube Premium offers a one-month limited trial period. If you do not discontinue your membership following the free trial time, you would be billed on either a monthly or yearly schedule.

What is YouTube Premium’s Grace Period?

Whenever the monthly YouTube Premium, as well as Youtube Music Premium subscription transaction, is rejected, clients will be notified by email.

Upon getting this message, you will have three days to resolve the situation or you will lose accessibility to the Premium privileges. If the company again fails to effectively bill you within the next three days, your membership will be marked as “Paused” for around thirty days.

What happens when you:

  • Cancel YouTube Premium?
  • Do you wish to rejoin?

Well, whenever you choose to discontinue the YouTube Premium membership, all downloaded and saved movies or songs will be kept. Although, of course, You won’t be able to view these unless you reactivate your subscription.

If you wish, you may reenter your YouTube Premium membership. Simply choose “Manage Membership,” after which click on “Resume” and lastly “Resume Again” and you will be good to go!

Recap of How to Cancel YouTube Premium

So, now that you know how to cancel YouTube Premium, it should be pretty easy for you to follow these steps. You may terminate your YouTube Premium membership at any moment. But yes, you may discover a long and unpleasant method for canceling your YouTube Premium membership here, so if you’d like to bypass the suffering, try Revuto to restrict your membership in a moment. We have also provided you with loads of additional information too. So if this all is being too much for you, here’s a complete recap of what steps you need to follow for your membership cancellation.

  • → Open a web browser
  • → Go to com/paid_memberships
  • → Select “Manage membership”
  • → Click “Deactivate”
  • → Click “Continue to cancel”
  • → Select your reason for canceling and then click “Next”
  • → Click “Yes, cancel” to cancel your subscription

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