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How to Block Twitch Ads? Here’s Your Answer

With time, sadly, advertisement algorithms have attacked many of our favorite social media platforms and now we all have to deal with those annoying cringy ads all the time. And now, twitch has further made the situation difficult for the users to block the ads while using a website or mobile app.

Twitch, just like many other successful streaming services, occasionally terrorizes users with advertisements. As a result, several people have installed ad blockers. So, here we are going to let you in on a secret of how to block twitch ads.

Although ad blockers can prevent users from seeing ads while they are watching the videos, Twitch appears to have discovered a new technique to approach these people. Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker, a Twitch broadcaster, briefly demonstrated to his viewers with the newly introduced static pictures that Twitch is using in replacement of video ads. Several Twitch users pointed out that commercials are frequently noisier than the broadcast itself, therefore they enjoyed the motionless static image over the booming noise of a promo in mid-stream.

Others referred to the commercials as “depressing,” pointing out that they frequently attempted to exploit gamers as well as the Livestream community in blatant ways. Bud Light seems to have a commercial that honors Twitch moderators, something that fans appear to hate. A few other Twitch viewers stated that every time they encounter a commercial on Twitch, they put the items to their custom bucket of things they would never buy.

And although Twitch viewers liked the static image, many individuals were outraged by Twitch’s apparent deception. According to several users, the streaming site incorrectly stated that 3rd party ad-blocking software “hurt Twitch’s speed.”

During the recent months, several Twitch viewers have been receiving the same static message. They noted that the static pictures don’t take the spot of commercial time windows. Rather, they frequently show a static picture after every ten minutes. it’s an effort to persuade users to quit utilizing ad blockers.

How to Block Twitch Ads?

To continue making a lot of money, Twitch will need people to see their customized ads. Viewers would merely want this honest remark rather than posting a still picture alleging that an ad blocker is ruining the user’s experience.

Twitch has been able to avoid some ad restrictions in September and continue displaying advertising. However, viewers who use these applications usually encounter fewer ads overall. Twitch fans might experience an empty screen rather than seeing the aggressive and focused commercial.


If you’d like to prevent Twitch advertisements, you need to download an ad blocker. Try Installing the Ad-Block Plus from your browser using your windows pc. You can choose the option of adding AdBlock to the Web browser of your pc. It is supported in Chrome, Firefox, as well as Edge nowadays.

Refresh the browser when the extension gets fully downloaded. At this stage, the user may change the configuration and have considerably fewer ads to access sites such as Twitch. There is an option for users to continue to see Twitch advertisements but at a reduced pace. To prevent much more advertisements consider using other browsers apps and perhaps even external services might be useful too.

How to Block Twitch Ads in Mobile Apps?

As a fact and as a piece of good news: Android smartphones may disable Twitch advertising. First, install an android application like AdLock ad blocker, via the play store. Next, launch and activate the application. When viewing streams on your smartphone, you will see less advertising than you used to see normally.

Owners of iPhones have certain alternatives as well. Just use Twitch using Safari web browser. If the viewers stream Twitch via the platform’s official application, the above-mentioned applications cannot deactivate advertising.


Note that Twitch associates make money through advertising. Some cash flows to the broadcaster when people see the commercial. Viewing in the middle of a stream, such ads can assist content creators in making some money.

How to Block Twitch Ads with uBlock Origin?

If the above-mentioned ways still don’t work out for you, try checking this new method out. This technique was discovered by a Reddit user who goes by the name of EyeTiger. This solution is pretty efficient and yes we are 100% sure that this technique works – although it’s a temporary method.

First, you have to install the uBlock Origin. After doing so, make sure to follow these steps:

  • → Go to the extension Settings.
  • → Turn on advanced options, now click on the 3 Cogwheels given right beside it.
  • → Scroll down to “User Resource Location” and eliminate all words, just type down:
  • → Close tab
  • → Head over to the second menu – My Filters Lists.
  • → Select the Empty caches.
  • → Tap on the Update.
  • → Now shut off your browser and restart it.
  • → Now, try checking your Twitch channel, hopefully, you will encounter no more ads.

Well if this works out for you, it should look like this.

And this is it! You should be clear from any advertisements now, also the new deceptive ones. Tell us in the comments if this was useful for you. And if someone from your circle is also getting bombarded with these annoying ads, let them know how to block twitch ads by sending this blog to them!

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