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How to Block Someone on Email?

In this article, we will provide you with tips and tricks to block someone on email.

How to block someone on email is easy. An email is a very useful tool for both personal and business use. But it should not become a frustrating experience opening your email to just see an unlimited number of advertisements, spam emails, notifications, and other types of unwanted correspondences.

Seeing your inbox full of useless emails may force you to just delete every one of them. While there are correspondences that you might want to keep because they are important to you. However, remember that once deleted, the email is deleted and you cannot undo it.

As mentioned earlier, you can unblock a sender later on if you want.

The General Steps

Every email service is different. The top email services are Yahoo email service, Google email service, and Hotmail. Out of these three, how to block someone on email in a Yahoo email account will be dealt with in detail.

What you generally have to do

  1. If you want to delete or block an email, go to the folders that contain the emails that you want to delete. Generally, such emails are stored in ‘Junk Mail’ or ‘Spam Folder’.
  2. The option might be visible as an icon or just a word that has to be tapped. Once tapped a drop-down menu might appear. In this drop-down menu, you will see a list of items. The items you are first interested in are: ‘Spam’ and ‘Junk Mail’. When you select these options, you might get a “Box” to enter the spam or junk email address
  3. Enter in the address you want to stop/block
  4. Select a “Next”/” OK”/” DELETE” to complete the desired action
  5. All you have to do is keep entering all the email addresses that you want to block. If necessary, you can also enter the domain name to completely block any emails, you tend to receive from that site.

Now, this is one of the most common ways to block an email. Anyone not familiar with the steps should remember these five steps. The process to block emails is very similar for all the emailing services.

How to block someone on email when using a Yahoo email service?


  1. Log into your Yahoo account. On the right side under the home icon, you will find a ‘Settings’ icon. Tap it.
  2. There will be many icons/symbols/options. At the bottom, you will find three horizontal dots, followed by “More Settings”. Select this option
  3. When the option appears select the “Security and Privacy” tab on the left side of the pane. Tap it. You will see “BLOCKED ADDRESSES” followed by + sign.
  4. You can find the “Add an email address to block” option. Type the email address that you want to block. Click ‘SAVE’ You have successfully blocked the email address. Once done, the email address will be blocked.
  5. Now you have to tap on “ADD NEXT”. Any email address that you have blocked will appear in the “BLOCKED ADDRESSES”. Click ADD NEXT if you want to add more addresses to the list of BLOCKED ADDRESSES.

NOTE: Yahoo will not alert any sender who has been blocked by you, so they might still be sending emails to your address, but you will not be receiving any emails from the BLOCKED ADDRESSES now.

  1. If you decide to unblock an email address just do this: Go to Settings>More Settings>Security and Privacy and select the “TRASH” icon that is next to the email address you want to unblock. As you tap TRASH, the email address that you had previously blocked, will be unblocked


It is easy to do and once you practice it a few times it will become the second natural.

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