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Google Pixel 4A and Pixel 5 Review 2021

Has Google’s newest addition to its smartphones line beaten its rivals as it aimed to? Let’s check it out!

Being the social media giant, Google jumped into the bandwagon of 5G with its Pixel 4A and Pixel 5. Phones are phenomenal to begin with, but do they offer anything earth shattering which has not been witnessed on the market yet? This Google Pixel 4A and Pixel 5 review will answer all such questions.

The phones run on bigger batteries and have an ultra-wide camera compared to the previous pixel phones while working on Android 11 OS. If we compared both phones. Pixel 5 has more features compared to Pixel 4A.

Google Pixel 4A and Pixel 5 specifications

As Pixel 5 has more features than Pixel 4A, let’s have a review of its specifications first to identify the main difference between the two.

Pixel 5 comprises more RAM, a 90Hz display, a water-resistant aluminum body which is also bigger than before. It comes with a wireless charging option and can also reverse charge wirelessly. The level of refresh is more on Pixel 5, thanks to the Snapdragon 765G chipset.

Apart from the above mentioned specifications, both phones endorse the same processor, wide screen and camera setup along with a general overall look being a Google phone.

Pixel 4A is a bit cheaper than Pixel 5 and that is the clear winner of the race in our opinion.

Pixel 5 camera specification – ultra wide and stabilizer

One of the main reasons why people opt for Google Pixel phone is the camera specifications and details. People who are keen on taking perfect pictures go for pixel phones as they are the best being offered on the market.

The camera comes with a low-light mode which is equivalent to a Night Sight camera as it takes amazing photos even in dim light. For those dark photographs to accentuate the solid frames of the picture, users can use the portrait mode at night.

Pixel 5 has a small punch hole which is rather a little cutout provided to the user for taking selfies, making the ratio perfect for screen-to-body. The overall design is straight and direct to business instead of other phones which are fancier in nature and offer curves and edges.

Google added a picture perfecting tool which can play with the background of the picture along with increasing or decreasing the light in the portrait. The pro camera users can easily set up the lightning bar manually whereas it is preset on automatic for newbies or lesser photography fanatic users.

Google’s Pixel series does an excellent job of video capture.It uses electronic stabilization and optical technology to bring smoothness to the video, which is very neat and gives almost a drone-captured result in terms of quality. The video making section of the phone also comes with tools to stabilize and further edit the video. There are lots of options available for the user to select from.

One such stabilization tool is Cinematic Pan. It allows a slower approach towards panning which gives out a subtler cinematic feel and overall look. These enabled rolls are very user-friendly as Google provides quick explanations and examples at every step when the user is testing the new features.

One of the most exclusive features for slow-motion fans is the recording of the videos at 60fps at a 4k resolution. WOW!! Now that is one specification to seek out for,

Pixel 4A 56 and Pixel 5 both offer a maximum zooming option of 7x, which is fair enough to capture faraway objects. Overall, the camera specifications offered by pixel phones are pretty decent and dynamic as the shots are amazing and the low-tone pictures are handled with greater vibrancy. The Night Sight mode has a great balance of white light, so it is pretty much above the par of what other phones on the market offer. One of the coolest features that Pixel 5 offers is the way to capture night starry skies which will evade the astrophotography junkies who buy the phone. It is only possible if the user has travelled out in the blissful land away from pollution. The zoom camera lets the phone capture the night skies and feel the night ambience through the picture forever.

Google replaced telephoto lenses with ultra wide cameras in Pixel 4 and upgraded them in Pixel 5, so that the user can enjoy the wider angles of the lens as well as more than one frame can be captured at once in a single shot.

Google needs to work out to enhance its camera dynamics as the competition is fierce in the market. Now that Apple has announced the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro cameras, which have improved hardware and software key features, the Pixel 5 needs to be updated as well in order to compete in the technology industry.

Currently, the Program feature and superior zoom for telephotos by Apple are ruling the market.

Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5 battery and its performance

The Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5 work on Snapdragon 765G processors. They might not be the fastest available in the market, but they are very reliable and do not cause any lag or mobile glitches. In day-to-day operations, there are no hiccups caused by the processor.

Pixel 4A 5G comes with a 3800 mAh battery whereas Pixel 5 has a 4000 mAh battery processor. This is a huge processor jump for Google Pixel line, as no pixel phones in the past provided this high capacity.

Pixel phones can easily last more than 24 hours without beginning to be charged and if the usage is less or moderate. This is a huge comeback for pixel phones as the Pixel 4 had lots of complaints about quick battery drainage. The clock timed 21 hours and 43 minutes of continuous video play on Pixel 5 while being in airplane mode in order to test the battery. This is amazing, as compared to Pixel 4, which would’ve lasted only 10 hours at the most.

Google also introduced a new feature with its Pixel 5 phone called Extreme Battery Saver. This is an extra option provided to the user above the regular battery saving mode option in which it limits usage of many apps in order to extend the life of the battery.

Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5 – Hold For Me & other options

Google experimented by launching a new feature in its pixel phones. Hold For Me is an option available to users, which lets the user take help from Google Assistant in order to notify when a person in discussion is back online while you do your chores. It takes the user’s place and holds and notifies the user on its own. This is an experiment solely conducted using AI technology. It uses the call screen option, interfacing it with a dummy line that is already available in the setup provided by Google.

Obviously, once the said person is back online, you have to take the call yourself as the role of the Google assistant is over here, but it does give a little relief while the user performs its other important tasks.

The redemption of recorder app

The recorder app which comes installed on the pixel phones has also been upgraded. The newly upgraded app allows users to edit and copy text on the audio while removing chunks in between of the audio, which is an exciting feature, especially for those who rely on this app to take notes and recordings for studies or interviews.

The only drawback is that the user can edit one word at a time, which can cause a delay in the text and the audio, making the transcription go haywire.

The new redemption to the app allows the user to share small snippets of the audio directly on the social media platforms as well as creation of small graphical elements can also be done.

Pixel phones – loudspeakers and biometric facilitation

Google changed the biometric program for its pixel series by eradicating the motion sense hardware resulting in no face locks/unlocks. Google went back to its traditional fingerprint scanner, which is rear mounted at the back traditionally. This was a quick update that Google perceived at the very last moment; keeping in mind the fact that nowadays, with the extent of usage of the masks, the face lock screen will become useless as well as time along with exposing the user to newer coronavirus threats by removing the mask for face recognition.

The fingerprint scanner was the ultimate solution to reintroduce after the removal of biometrics because it is always reliable and quick to unlock the phone using the scanner.This handy feature made Pixel 5 all the more likeable. As the experience is pleasant along with the increased accuracy and speed to lock and unlock the phone when alone.

Pixel phones – loudspeakers and biometric

The built-in speaker for calls does not appear on the screen directly. In fact, the speaker button is not displayed on the screen at all. It is located directly behind the display and can easily be heard apart from the screen’s glass.This beautiful feature makes the bezels appear more uniform and sleek than the Pixel 5. The traditional location of the speaker port is also changed as this makes the listener of the calls adjust their sound provision. The sound comes out from below as compared to the top which is offered by all the smartphones, making the user take time to get used to the new changes in the phone.

The drawback to this change of position of the loudspeaker has left the sound of the stereo loudspeaker unbalanced. The left side of the sound production is not clear or loud as it was when the speakers were placed centrally. The sound emanates from down below firing the loudspeaker voice, which is not a pleasant notation for everyone. As a result, users may become dissatisfied with the phone in the long run.

Pixel phones with 90Hz display aesthetics

The Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5 have been developed with very sleek and thin bezels along with a camera display sporting a hole punch in the front of the phone compared to its previous model of pixel 4. The rear camera has also been transformed into a nice bump which accentuates the overall appearance of the phone.

Google has claimed that the Pixel 5 will be a phone which will remind people of a stone or a small pebble. The Google technology specialists have claimed that they are working on the softer look of the phone, which will make people revisit the memories of finding small pebbles on the beach or looking for small soft stones right next to the pavements.

The reason behind this softer image may be that the Scandinavian aesthetics of soft and cozy is in the market and is very trendy. The phone’s natural appearance was both matt and sleek.It used to give out a sage green subtle solace which made it look especially good. But the overall special softer look also garnered an overwhelming response from the public. The G logo on the back of the phone is extremely soft to the touch, emphasizing the phone’s soft physical appearance.There are reflective numbers on the power button which does make the phone appear dense compared to the previous editions.

Pixel phones with 90Hz display

On the outside, the Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5 are not different at all. Both endorse aluminum design encased in plastic. Both are made out of polycarbonate and are smaller than their counterparts in the markets but appear denser.

The techie junkies and market analysts were all surprised to know that Google plans to launch an all-aluminum body along with wireless charging, which was a new technique as usually nothing passes wirelessly except glass.

To everyone’s surprise, what Google advertised was not exactly metal but it was also a durable layer of aluminum which is very delectable and is made of bio-resin. It is a perfect amalgamation of plastic and aluminum to make the design durable and affordable for the masses.

The Pixel 5 was released to the market with a 90Hz display, which means that the screen is refreshed every second with a lapse of 90 frames.Most of the phones available in the market which pose competition to Pixel 5 are processed at 60Hz, even Pixel 4A 5G also refreshes 60 frames in a given second. Even though phones like Samsung Galaxy S20 and One Plus 8T produce 120Hz displays, they are not in the same league as Pixel 5.

Having a higher rate of refreshing or more Hz means that scrolling through the phone screen is smoother and less bouncy. It is very easy to scroll down through newsfeeds and switch between different websites.

The phones are intelligent to go back on using 60Hz technology when it is not being used or is kept idly or is being charged. If the screen is static and not in use, then there is no need for a high rate of refresh. Therefore, it reverts to 60Hz.

 Pixel 5 handles the intense graphic games with ease, allowing the users to play and run the software smoothly on the phone. Pixel 5 is not one of the best phones to pay for high-end games on phones, but it does give out a decent equation when it comes to high graphic display games.

It handles action-packed games and casual arcade games with smoothness, relying on its speed and precision for competition. It opens up heavily embellished games easily. Google has optimized its software in such a way that users are not disappointed with its graphic display speed to play and retain a game.

To provide a good overall experience for the high-end game users of the phone. Google removed the pixel visual core completely, which was one of the main components of its phones previously launched on the market. It was removed to be replaced by HDR+ processing so that the games and their graphics do not stutter in any way possible.


The Pixel 5G has been declared Google’s flagship phone, but it is difficult to swallow at the current price set by the company, given the market’s fierce competition.The Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5 aren’t the smoothest phones on the market, but given their price range, they’re the best bets.

The overall phone aesthetics are efficient and predictable to say the maximum. They work and provide complete solutions to the day-to-day tasks. Google tested and marginalized all the fancy additions to the phone which would increase the cost. It eradicated the curvy edges and the glass bodies of the phone to be a budget-friendly phone providing 90Hz animations and a long battery time.

Pixel 5 comes with features which elevate the price, such as IP68 waterproofing and wireless charging. The great camera results and a larger widescreen display, along with an option of battery share, makes it the ultimate choice for someone who is looking for a complete solution in one gadget.

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