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Google Nest WiFi Review [Updated 2022]

Everything is turning smart, it all started with smartphones and now people are turning their homes smart as well. And Google Nest Wifi is the turning point for turning your home into a smart home. Google Nest Wifi is a full-proof home Wifi system that is totally different from your traditional wifi routers. It not only spreads the Wifi signals throughout your home space evenly, but it also comes equipped with a speaker and Google Assistant, through which you can control all the supported devices along with playing music and much more. If you are wondering if investing in this device is a good idea, then do give this Google Nest Wifi review a thorough read, to know if it is a good option for you or not.

Before we assess this device, let’s have a look at the most highlighted features it has to give.

Google Nest WiFi Review by Google

Google introduced its Nest Wifi as a cohesive solution, it has highlighted its three top features that are full wifi coverage to every corner of your house, inbuilt speakers along with access to Google Assistant, and a user-friendly device that is easy to set up and manage for a normal individual.

Let’s dig deep into these features and see what Google has to say about it.

Full House WiFi Coverage via Google Nest

Built on mesh Wifi technology, Google Nest Wifi and point are meant to work together to spread strong wifi signals all over the space, unlike your traditional wifi routers that only produce strong signals near to the wifi router. This even spread lets you use the internet anywhere in your home without getting distorted results on a video call while you move from one room to the next or while all your family members are watching 4k videos at once.

Moreover, Google has also taken different-sized homes into account and has made its technology scalable. Due to this, you can choose the right kind of Nest Wifi device for your home, according to your needs. Apart from this, if you are in need of more coverage, you can add Nest Wifi points in your home and your Nest Wifi router will sync with it to give your home full coverage. Also, keep in mind that the Google nest wifi router and Google Wifi points are backward compatible.

Google Nest WiFi has In-Built Speakers along with Google Assistant Technology

Have you ever wondered about having a technology that does work on your command? Well, Google nest wifi is what you want. All the Google Nest wifi points that are in your home have built-in speakers in them and are equipped with Google Assistant technology. Now you can control all the devices compatible with Google Nest Wifi with just your voice. Not only this, but if you want to listen to music, you won’t have to play it manually, all you have to do is ask Google to do it for you. With this technology, you will be able to manage your network, use Google voice search, and do much more fun stuff.

However, know that speakers and Google assistant technology are on the points and not on the Google Nest Wifi router.

User-Friendliness of Google Nest WiFi

Unlike traditional wifi set-ups, you won’t have to call a representative to set up Google Nest Wifi in your home. You can do this on your own and within minutes. Once you set it up, you can manage everything through the Google Home application from your phone along with the other connected devices. You also won’t have to worry about the updates, because once you set up your Google Nest Wifi, the updates will be automatic and the new features along with the latest updates would be updated regularly. Moreover, your network would also be secured.

You can also create a guest network within a few taps and then share it with whoever you want to. Apart from that, you, being the host, will have control over which devices should be prioritized and get more speed. You will also be able to run speed tests to ensure that your network is up and running smoothly.

Other than controlling which Wifi device gets faster speed, with family wifi you will also be able to control screen time, restrict certain content, which you deem inappropriate, and stop wifi for particular devices that you want.

Now that we have known what Google has to say about its Google Nest Wifi system, let’s get on with our review and see if this system is as cohesive as described by Google. Nothing in the world of technology comes without its advantages and disadvantages, therefore similar is the case with Google Nest Wifi. Let’s have a look at what are the major advantages and disadvantages of the Google Nest Wifi

Google introduced its Nest Wifi as a cohesive solution, it has highlighted its three top features that are full wifi coverage to every corner of your house, inbuilt speakers along with access to Google Assistant, and a user-friendly device that is easy to set up and manage for a normal individual.

Let’s dig deep into these features and see what Google has to say about it.

Google Nest WiFi Review – Advantages and Disadvantages

Google Nest wifi review - Advantages and disadvantage




Faster internet speed compared to Google Wifi

Zero ports on Google Nest Wifi points and only two on the router

Backward synch with Google wifi

Not compatible with wifi 6

User-friendly device and easy set-up

Enabling and disabling individual devices on the network is not easy

Set guest network easily

Expensive compared to its competitors

Google Nest Wifi points equipped with an in-built speaker and Google Assistant technology


The above table is just an overview of what you get if you choose to set up Google Nest wifi in your home. Let’s dive into the details of these reviews and find out how this device is better or lacking in comparison to its competitors.

Google Nest WiFi Review

Detailed Google Nest wifi review

Before we talk about anything else, you might be wondering how expensive Google’s Nest service is. Let’s be honest, we live in a consumer-oriented market, where people want the best quality products and services for less money, and rightly so. As mentioned above, Google’s Nest wifi system is more expensive than its competitors, let’s see, if it justifies its price range.

Quality and Pricing

How much does Google Nest Wifi cost

The Google Nest wifi is built with a high-quality mesh system, which spikes its prices. Well, not only do the high-quality parts speak for its above-market competitive pricing but its overall design and features are also a good reason for its high price. If you look at the prices of its competitors such as Amazon eero or TP-Link Deco, which are also mesh wifi systems, you will surely want to know what’s unique about this system that it is high priced than these.

Before we get into the details, find the below table helpful to understand Google Nest pricing.

How much does Google Nest Wifi cost?

Google Nest wifi router support beamforming



Base price

Google Nest Wifi router


Google Nest Wifi single point


Google Nest Wifi router with 1 point


Google Nest Wifi router with 2 points


While these are the official prices, you can get a discount on the bundles. So keep an eye on the next sale on Google, Best Buy, Amazon, etc.

What differentiates Nest wifi from its competitors?

We don’t have a problem with Google Nest wifi pricing if it can justify itself. While TP-Link Deco M5 and Amazon eero are more affordable compared to Google’s Nest price with similar coverage, both of these devices lack one feature that gives an upper hand to Google’s Nest wifi system.

Although TP-Link Deco gives similar coverage to your home at less price than Google Nest wifi and Amazon eero provides a total of three devices with coverage up to 5000 sq. ft and extra point, both lack voice controls. To control Amazon eero with your voice, you’ll need an extra device – Amazon Dot, which costs you extra bucks. While the Google Nest Wifi has this control built into its points.

Moreover, comparing Google Nest System with the Negator Orbi wifi system, both of which have similar features and inbuilt voice control as well, Google Nest takes the lead because it is cheaper than Nagato Orbi. However, the Orbi Mesh system has 6 ports while Google Nest wifi consists of only two. And if you use one port for the modem, you are left with only one more ethernet port in the Google Nest wifi system, while you will still be left with 5 extra ports with the Negator Orbi system, which is a good explanation for its higher price than the aforementioned system.

While we recommend Orbi for gamers who are looking for a mesh system for their gaming PCs, Google Nest is a fair choice for those who are looking for just their house.

All in all, if you want full coverage with strong wifi signals to blanket the entire space in your home, then we think that the Google Nest wifi system is not a bad deal at this price range.

Does the quality of the Google Nest WiFi System justify its Pricing?

Does the quality of the Google Nest wifi system justify its pricing

Google has made its Google Nest wifi system with fine quality parts. Not only has it ensured great service, but it has also put a lot of effort into designing the product as well.

All the parts including the router, points, Ethernet cable and power chords are made from robust materials and are meant to last long. Apart from that plugging in the device is not a difficult task to accomplish. Moreover, the grooves on both the router and the points make it easier to connect them with the power outlet and the chords are seamless.

Moreover, the packaging is also amazing and the devices are packed in a way that you can easily repack them when planning to move. Apart from that, the packaging is secure and affirms the product’s safety inside it.

All in all, we can say it safely that indeed, the Google Nest wifi system justifies its pricing.

Apart from the quality and pricing, another fact that interests us is the easy installation process of Google Nest wifi. Although we have discussed it before, let’s discuss it in detail.

You won’t need help in setting up the Google Nest Wifi system

You won’t need help in setting up the Google Nest Wifi system

Connecting Google Nest wifi is more or less a plug-and-play approach. However, you may encounter a few hassles while setting it up on the Google Home application.

Even if you are not that tech-savvy, you can use the guide that comes with the kit to set up your wifi router and points. However, if you have previous knowledge about setting up modems and routers, then you are going to have an upper hand because you won’t need any references from the quick guide as the process is pretty much similar.

Once you connect the router and points, it’s time for managing the system by downloading the Google home application. And this is also not a very difficult task as it would take only a few minutes to do it. Moreover, almost everyone has a Google account and that makes life way easier when in the middle of the process. Apart from that if you get stuck anywhere, you’ll have a quick guide handy to get you out of the problem you incur.

How much time did it take to setup the Google Nest wifi system?

How much time did it take to set up the Google Nest wifi system

All you need is to spare just fifteen minutes to get done with the system setup. To successfully do the set-up, you will need a modem and computer. Moreover, you will also have to download the Google Home application that is available on Google Playstore for free.

If we have talked about difficulty level while setting up the system through the application, we would rate it 2 out of 5. It is because you may face some errors as you go by, for example, you may have to restart the modem or you may come across an unknown error. However, these errors won’t take much of your time or energy to resolve, as you will have the guide with you.

Apart from the initial setup issues, you may encounter a hurdle during the opt-in or opt-out stage. It is when Google asks to collect information from your device. You may come across this twice or thrice, and it can be frustrating, but this issue will also get solved in no time.

Moreover, if you forget to type out your network name and password during the setting-up process, don’t worry because Google will provide you with the summary by the end of the setting-up process, which will include all of this information. 

Now that we have covered the pricing, quality, and setup process of Google Nest wifi, let’s have a detailed review of the design and features and for whom this kit is appropriate.

Why do we recommend Google Nest Wifi and why Not?

How much time did it take to set up the Google Nest wifi

To summarize the whole point of writing about it in detail, although we have stated about it before is that when you are making your buying decision, we want you to be thorough. All in all the biggest highlight of the Google Nest wifi system is the microphone mute switch on the Nest wifi points. However, the biggest regret is that it only consists of two ports, which makes it a deal-breaker for the gaming individuals or those families who have a gamer in the house. On the contrary, for those who are not looking for a mesh wifi system, particularly for gaming, the Google Nest wifi system’s advantages and features might outweigh the good from the bad. Therefore, let’s dive into deep analysis.

Reasons Why we recommend Google Nest Wifi System

Reasons why we recommend Google Nest Wifi system

Mute switch of the microphone on the Nest wifi point

Starting with one of the most highlighted features of the Google Nest wifi system – its ability to mute the microphone, which is built in the Nest wifi points. You might be wondering, why are we so hyped about this feature and the reason is privacy. Due to this very reason, you might also want to switch off the microphone. The best part is that it is very easy to identify whether the switch is on or off for the microphone. When you switch the microphone on, the base of the Nest wifi point will glow a light blue light, indicating that Google Assistant is all ears and ready for your next command. However, if the light is a soft orange, then know that the microphone button is switched off. In both cases, the lights are not very bright or bother the eyes.

The size of the router and point is compact

The size of the router and point is compact

No one likes wiring coming out of everywhere from the house and that is exactly what Google has focused on when designing its Google Nest wifi system devices. These devices are compact in size and can fit anywhere in your house, be it a bookshelf, your study table, or wherever you like. Apart from that, the aesthetics are also inspired by the contemporary design, which will surely compliment the interior of your house, wherever you keep it.

Why won’t we recommend the Google Nest wifi system?

Reasons why we recommend Google Nest Wifi system

Only Two Ports are available in the Router

While the overall design and look of the Google Nest wifi system is contemporary and stylish, one thing that Google didn’t pay much attention to in the design, technology-wise, is that it didn’t add good amounts of ports.

There are only two ports available and one of them is used for the modem. So if you only need one wired connection, then this device won’t give you any problem. On the flip side, if you need more than one, you would want to think of another alternative, that has more ports.

Moreover, the Google Nest wifi system is also not a smart choice for home business owners or those who need more ports like gamers. Although in this era we are highly dependent on devices that don’t need cable internet, still there are a minority of users who would want extra ports to connect their networks to PCs that have no wifi cards. Therefore, this device is only suitable for those who are looking for a mesh system that provides full coverage to their home while the users use devices that function on wifi, rather than the cable internet.

There is no Voice Control on the Google Nest Wifi Router

There is no voice control on the Google Nest wifi router

Although this isn’t much of a huge disadvantage, it still bothers some users. You cannot use Google assistant through the wifi router. However, if you set up Google home near your wifi router, you can easily solve this issue. So if this doesn’t bother you, then go ahead with your purchase, but also see that you don’t need more than one extra port as well before buying.

We have given you reasons for what we like in the Google Nest wifi system and whatnot. This might help you in finalizing your decision. But, don’t make up your mind right away, because you also would want to know the specifications of the Google Nest wifi system first.

Top Specs of the Google Nest Wifi System

Top specs of the Google Nest wifi system

The Nest Wifi system is equipped with one of the best features that you can expect from a mesh wifi system. It not only supports MU-MIMO ( Multi-User- Multiple-input Multiple-output), but it also has WPA3 encryption as well as supports beamforming.

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Mu-MIMO Support in the Google Nest Wifi

Mu-MIMO support in the Google Nest Wifi

MU- MIMO stands for Multi-User – Multiple-input Multiple-output and it allows the Google Nest router to connect to multiple devices at once, while also not compromising on the internet speed.

It means that your user experience would get enhanced as websites and applications won’t take much longer to load on your cell phone, laptop, or tablet. Moreover, watching 4k videos will get better because of less buffering. Moreover, if you want to play games, it would also cause less lag due to faster internet speed and full signal. Also keep in mind that even if you are not in the same room as the router, it won’t affect the speed of the internet.

WAP3 Encryption in Google Nest Wifi

WAP3 encryption in Google Nest wifi

WAP stands for Wifi Protected Access. With WAP3 encryption in the Google Nest wifi system, it ensures that your wifi signal will remain secure. Moreover, it is encrypted with WAP3, which is the third and latest version of Wifi Protected Access.

Apart from that it also makes it easier to connect the devices that have no display such as smart light bulbs or home hubs. You can connect these devices via Wifi Easy Connect and can control them through Google Assistant installed in the Nest Wifi point.

With the QR code given to you at the bottom of the Google nest wifi router and Nest wifi point, you can connect the devices very easily. All you have to do is scan the code and automation will take care of the rest of the work.

Google Nest Wifi Router support Beamforming

Google Nest wifi router support beamforming

Beamforming is relatively a new technology that differentiates old-style routers from the Google Nest wifi router. While routers without this technology can spread signals in all directions, which is inefficient. On the contrary, the Google Nest wifi router, which is equipped with this technology can detect your connected devices and beam strong signals directly to their positions. This points out the quality of the signal that the Google Nest wifi router emits. Your devices not only get stronger and faster internet signals, but it also helps the router cover a wider area.

How did the Google Nest Wifi perform on the speed stress test?

How did the Google Nest Wifi perform on the speed stress test

Performance is one of the integral aspects to review. Therefore, we ran the Google Nest wifi through a stress test. And the results were pretty impressive.

We used four devices and started the download. Each of the four devices needed a speed of around 200mbps. Although there was a bit of lag in the downloading process, it was still fast enough for us to rate the speed of the internet emitted through the Google Nest wifi router 4 out of 5 stars.

Moreover, the Google Nest wifi router also passed our speed stress test as well with flying colors. Apart from that if we talk about the coverage, we can safely say that the coverage of the Google Nest Wifi system is also very much appreciable.

Now that we have discussed the speed as well, we are coming close to the conclusion of this comprehensive review. However, before that, we want to give you a tip for managing your Google Nest Wifi system via Google home.

How to use Google Home to manage the Google Nest Wifi System?

How to use Google home to manage the Google Nest wifi system

Before we talk about using the Google Home application, let us tell you that it is only for android and IOS users. If you are planning to set up your Google Nest Wifi system on Microsoft or desktop, then don’t. The reason being the Google Home application is not compatible with them. You cannot download the Google Home app on desktops or from the Microsoft store.

Use your Android or an IOS device instead. Using this application will not only make your user experience better, but it would also help you use the Google Nest wifi system easily and without any hassle.

 However, if you are not well versed with the Google applications you might have some difficulty in finding some of the settings and using some features through the application. Nonetheless, this won’t be a problem for long, because eventually, you’ll learn it over time. But, yes you could have a few hiccups during the start.

Don’t worry about getting into huge problems. Because the kind of problems you will get won’t affect the speed or the coverage of your internet. The problems that you may incur are, for example, you want to turn the volume of your Google Assistant up or down through the application, but you don’t know-how. For these kinds of small problems, you can check for the tutorials on the internet and resolve them through it.

Final Verdict

We have given you all the related information that you needed to know if you were looking to purchase the Google Nest wifi system for your home. Moreover, if you were here just to know if this mesh system is suitable for you, we hope you might have the answer now. Apart from that, if you are still wondering if you should get the Google Nest wifi system, then look at the pointers below and if you think these fit you, then make a purchase.

Buy Google Nest Wifi system if…

  • You want a mesh wifi system that provides coverage up to 2500 sq. ft
  • Your house is huge and there are many people in your family who uses the internet in their rooms
  • You want to get Google Home and Google assistant as well along with your mesh wifi system

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