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Gmail crosses 10 billion installs on Android, fourth Google app to do so

Google has become part of our daily lives and before we know it most of the applications that we use on a daily basis are Google applications. With over 10 billion downloads Gmail, which is Google’s email application, has become the fourth most downloaded Google app. Prior to this, Google Play Service, Youtube, and Google Maps were the applications that were listed as the most downloaded Google applications.

Google’s go-to email application was launched in the year 2004 and became known as the Gmail app. It has been a popular application among professionals and students alike since. Because of its popularity, many android phones have this application pre-installed. Over the years with updates and new features, it has become an integral part of the lifestyle of many around the world. Moreover, people now link their Gmail with other login sites and applications.

Due to new updates, the Gmail app that was once only used to exchange emails has now evolved into a comprehensive communication platform. Moreover, its integration with other Google applications, such as Hangouts, Google Meet, etc, has changed the user experience for the better.

Although Gmail was a popular application and still is, one thing that stopped it from crossing the 10 billion download benchmark was Google’s own other applications that acted as Gmail. The list includes the Gmail lite application, which is a lighter version of Gmail, similar to Facebook lite. It has all the main features available that a Gmail user needs on a regular basis. However, it is made for lower-end devices or entry-level budget smartphones that can not handle the original Gmail application. Apart from this, there is a Google inbox as well. It was popular when it was introduced, but it retired eventually when the hype settled for it.

Apart from the Gmail application, another of Google’s most popular apps is the Chrome browser, which is yet to cross the 10 billion benchmark. With so many browsers coming in, Google has ensured that its Chrome Bowser sets itself apart with not only the user experience but also with its updating features. As per a report by Android Police, we can expect Google Chrome Browser to become the fifth Google application to cross the 10 billion downloads benchmark soon. While this application is so popular that it is pre-installed in all the major android smartphones and is set as a default browser by many OEMs. With regular updates, an ever-growing feature set, amazing browsing speed, and exceptional tab management, the Google Chrome browser has taken the lead in the browsing world. Now it’s only a matter of time until this application is ranked as the 5th Google application to cross the 10 billion download benchmark.

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