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EarFun Free Headphones Review 2022

Many people would think that this company is new to the market; however, they are unaware of the fact that this company was founded by the former employees of Tribit. Those engineers produced one of the consumers’ favorite budget Bluetooth speakers of all time. Do you know about Tribit XSOUND Go? That is the one!

Not many earphone lovers would be interested in investing more than $200 in this component. Well, if you are searching for something pocket-friendly with some exclusive quality, so guess what? EarFun Free Headphones are the ideal choice for you. You can have the best headphone experience for just $49.99. Isn’t it cool?

Whether you want to listen to your favorite songs at the gym or while you run in the park, EarFun Free Headphones can be your best friend in nearly every situation. The dynamic case pack, waterproof design, and extra hours of battery life make it a complete package for your use.

However, there are people in the market who did not find the design as satisfying when compared to its competitors.

Nevertheless, it is surely worth the value. This article will give a complete EarFun Free Headphones Review which will eventually help you to decide whether it is a good choice or not.

Discussing different components of EarFun Free Headphones

To get a complete picture of these headphones, it is important to discuss their supreme features. This way you will find it easier to decide whether these headphones are exactly what you are looking for or not.

Let’s discuss the design, performance, and battery time of one of the cheapest wireless headphones available in the market.


Many AirPod lovers started to raise their fingers against the design of EarFun Free Headphones. According to them, the design wasn’t that satisfying. However, the snail-shaped headphones are not that much ugly. EarFun Free Headphones are available in two colors: black and white.

EarFun Free Headphones is a perfect ear-fit just like many other wireless earphones. There are three silicone ear tips in small, medium, and large sizes. Well, if you are going for a run or you want to use them while you exercise in the gym; so, it would accompany you well. Nevertheless, there are several other good options or alternatives available in the market.

These earphones can easily survive under one meter of water for approximately 30 minutes. Well, thanks to its IPX7 rating. This means whether your sweat is soaked by the earphones while you exercise, or you are using it during the rainy season, EarFun Free Headphones will survive under such conditions. However, you need to be sure to keep the case away from water. Company has already mentioned that the earpieces are the only ones which are water resistant, there is no guarantee of the case.

You will be able to notice the push-buttons on the outside panel of the earpieces. Sometimes, it might be an annoying task for you to operate them by pressing that button in your ear; however, it is somewhat controlling the earpieces.

The left earpiece controls the navigation and the playback. Whereas, the right earpiece controls the incoming calls, Bluetooth and even the playbacks; depending on the times you press or tap the earpiece. Again, there are several alternate earphones which possess an even better controlling system and EarFun Free Headphones lack volume control which is quite significant.

These earphones are using Bluetooth 5.0 and are completely supporting the AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs.

Battery life

When EarFun Free Headphones went through a trial, it was found that with good usage, these earphones can last for 6 hours. Moreover, the battery case supports the earphones for approximately 24 hours.

Well, that is a great deal if we compare it to other wireless earphones available in the market. Moreover, getting such battery time or life for $49.99 is good value for money. However, you need to ensure the volume level while you are listening to a podcast or your favorite songs. The entire battery life depends on it.

The charging case uses USB-C for charging and can be wirelessly charged with a Qi pad.


The sound quality is the most significant element of any earphones available in the market. According to specialists, there is a great balance between highs and lows when you listen to any song – it is not overly boosted.

Moreover, the low-frequency depth while listening to songs on top volumes is another strong feature of EarFun Free Headphones. Well, the songs or anything you are hearing will not be distorted.

If you listen to Bill Callahan’s ‘Drover’ on these earphones, you will be able to decide the quality of it. Well, when they were tested with this iconic song, it was quite soothing and lovely to hear the bass drums on it. In some of the earpieces, the sound quality becomes worse with the bass-depth drum; however, EarFun Free Headphones outperforms its competitors in this matter.

There were minor problems with the mic of EarFun Free Headphones. It was considered as less intelligent when it was tested with Voice Memos app on iPhone 8. It was easy to understand whatever was being recorded, but there was a slight distortion in it. Nevertheless, it worked fine with the incoming and outgoing calls when signals were adequate.


The price tag attached to it with such quality would be a choice for many smartphone users. The $50 mark is the main motivation for many people who are looking for a decent pair of headphones. The features like water-proofing, great sound, and ideal battery life is only found in expensive earphones such as – Samsung Galaxy Buds ($130), and JBL Endurance Peak ($120).

However, getting such impressive qualities in just $50 is truly remarkable. So, it would not be wrong to say that EarFun Free Headphones are the perfect choice.

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