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Dummy iPhone 13 Pro Max Model Shows a Narrower Notch

Apple’s iPhone 13 versions are anticipated to have a slimmer notch, the very first significant update to its True-Depth camera interface long after it debuted in 2017 when iPhone X hit the market.

We’re months apart from getting our hands on the new iPhone 13, however, Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy was able to obtain a dummy model of the iPhone 13 Pro Max that reflects what we can expect from the new 2021 smartphone.

Dummy prototypes are more often launched ahead of the release of new iPhone models to give case makers an indication of what to anticipate, and although this one is accessible sooner than scheduled, it seems to fit the reports that we’ve received as of now.

The prototype model is a Pro Max variant of the iPhone 13, but it includes a fictitious 6.7-inch touchscreen and a more functional style than other prototypes. The architecture of the 13 Pro Max dummy model is similar to that of the 12 Pro Max, although there is a noticeable difference in the notch.

According to reports, the notch has been slimmed down and made less broad, with the four components of the TrueDepth Camera System being placed closer together. The speaker has also been moved on the TrueDepth camera unit instead of in the center, which seems to be the prime factor for the compact notch.

iPhone 13 will have 3 camera optics just like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the size will be bigger of course, perhaps because of the supposed addition of Ultra Wide UV optical sensor-shift stabilization which was added to the Wide Lens in 2020 with the same sensor-shift stability.

The camera bulge is wider because of the larger lenses, and for each camera protrusion, the lenses themselves are flushed, a little modification according to what we noticed in the iPhone 12 Pro Max design, where camera lenses pop out of every camera module.

The volume and the mute button, or the control button, are not changed, and the lightning port is clear. There had been recent reports that a port less design could be used with at least one iPhone 13 model, but new details indicated it might not happen at all

The dummy model looks a little thicker if you compare it with the iPhone 12 Pro Max but there are very few differences. The iPhone 13 Pro Max can be somewhat smaller, depending on the precision of the dummy model.

We will soon release an iPhone 13 roundup, which will bring together all of the information that we know about the latest iPhone 13.

For now, let’s just hope that the new iPhone 13 gives us the best performance as every other iPhone has.

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