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Dell XPS 13 Laptop Review 2022

The family of Dell XPS (Extreme Performance System) has always been able to showcase top-notch versions. This is one of the various reasons that their fans go gaga over their products. Being remarkably small, yet having phenomenal interior and exterior design, you just can’t take your eyes off of these laptops.

What makes Dell XPS 13-inch Laptop Unique?

While offering a pool of unique versions, the brand has come up with its new Dell XPS 13 Laptop. This is a 13-inch re-expert with an all-inclusive detail and 11th Gen Intel Core processo.

From minimal footprint to incredible materials, you are sure to fall in love with its deliverance of performance. Also, until now it has received a thumbs-up from all of its users, so opting for this electronic gadget shouldn’t make you doubtful at all.

The Dell XPS 13 Laptop’s current price is $1,099.99. This XPS panel is an innovative new technology with high resolution, wide viewing angles, high brightness, and whatnot. This product is a wholesome delight to have at your disposal. Moreover, it is available in two different colors including platinum silver exterior – black interior and frost exterior – arctic white interior. The appealing colors and powerful features make the laptop quite attractive.

This new digital gadget offers an experience that will redefine the meaning of entertainment. Hence, you can embrace your laptop screens with any of your favorite video games or TV shows. We assure you the quality of this incredible machine will not be compromised anyhow.

The blueprint and the features of the Dell XPS 13 Laptop require a detailed introduction. You can get a closer understanding of its configurations by reading this article further.

Answer to All Your Needs

Dell XPS 13 is specially designed to cater to all your needs. 

Amazing Webcam

A quality webcam ensures better performance when it comes to having virtual meetings. This factor has been given extra care and users’ requirements have been considered thoroughly. While the webcam is not just a better version than the earlier ones, but it’s small enough for you to carry it anywhere without giving a second thought.

The webcam is not a typical one at all, instead, it reduces background noises through temporal noise reduction, and all sides of the frame receive sharp video graphics, thanks to its 4-element lens that helps in the provision of better-quality video even in the dull light conditions.

Likewise, to keep all the images in focus the lens is equipped with error-free features. This further portrays the image standard as an excellent guarantee.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

A machining tool named CNC (computer numerical control) assures that 100 percent of the enclosure is shaped.

The stylish design of the laptop is enhanced with its features such as machine-granulated aluminum chassis and ultra-precision. It is considered to be even more robust than plastic or magnesium.

Glimmering Sidewalls

To avoid repetition of unplugging and plugging peripherals an electrolytic process – anodizing has been used, which is done when the edges are dunked a second time.

Also, this particular approach helps in avoiding minor scratches. On the contrary, attaining a fine color with this finish on the metal becomes possible, even if the paint is not used as well. But there is no assurance of the color staying for a longer time as it might fade-away over time.


Stainless inlaid logos are hand-dropped onto the machined cut outline after being laser sliced out of a sheet of chromium steel.

You will surely witness every precise detail within this laptop. Also, with an accuracy factor through the optional 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2400) touch display, your all-computing needs will be addressed with Dell XPS 13.

Now you can watch excessive content while scribbling through the internet. Whereas, the need to Zoom in is no more essential as the quality of pixels in photos is already quite stunning.

All-Rounder Quality Assistance

Dell XPS 13 has made sure that their customers are catered with the basic elements such as microSD expansion slot or headphone jack. While with a bundle of strength, it also features a narrow design of 6 percent.

Feasibility to Open

When using the touchscreen, you don’t have to come across an unstable user experience as this laptop is primarily designed according to the users’ needs.

Furthermore, through Dell XPS 13 it becomes less complicated to open your laptop screens. The reason behind such feasibility is the assistance of a 4-sided infinity edge and high performance of the screen to body ratio, which is done mainly by the new twin coil press-fit design.

Durable Screen

The updated Gorilla Glass 6 is an upgraded screen that keeps scratches away and makes the screen durable.

This laptop is engraved with quality screen colors. So, you are free to switch your screen color according to your will. Also, the laptop screen has a 90% DCI P3 and a 100% sRGB color gamut, which helps you to embrace your device with a darker or brighter tone as per the contrast ratio of 1500:1.

Besides, you don’t have to get baffled by what to read from your screens in sunlight anymore. Dell XPS 13 laptop comes with anti-reflective coating slits (0.65 percent), shiny screen, and 500-nit brightness, which make it easier to use the machine in outdoor settings.

Great User-experience

Special attention to detail has been given to this laptop for its customers. The primary features include a keyboard with a border-to-border backlit, a touchpad that is 17% bigger, and a display that is 6.8% bigger with a 16:10 ratio.

Moreover, certain elements are a bit larger such as a touchpad, keys, and display. This is done for a more fulfilling and complete user experience.

Exceptional Display

Through the Dolby Vision and unique SDR PC displays, you will want to consume HDR content. These features will enrich your eyes with an experience of even better color than the previous Dell XPS laptops.

With 40 times brighter and 10 times blacker tones, Dolby Vision is surely going to offer an experience of a lifetime.

Moreover, the option of 16 million colors is accentuated by the remarkable VESA certified DisplayHDR-400 display on the optional 4K panel.

Eye-Safe Quality

Indeed, you might have felt your eyes turning red at certain moments due to the long-term exposure to your laptop screens. If we talk about Dell XPS 13 laptop, then it is an easy on eyes gadget as it helps to lessen injurious blue light and disseminate it around the light sphere. Therefore, it excels at dealing with light energy.

Dell is the prime developer to showcase an integrated device that functions with a combination of software adjustments and RGB hardware. Simultaneously, there is a continuity of crystal-clear color uprightness and a high focus on protection against blue light.

An Ecologically Sound Product

Dell XPS 13 laptop is an eco-friendly electronic device. Now look into the following factors that make it one:

Recycled Materials

This laptop is made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride)/BFR (brominated flame retardants)-free and EPEAT® Gold registered6.

Moreover, like other laptops in the market, it doesn’t include phthalates, cadmium, mercury, and lead.

Repurposing Plastic

An outstanding step taken by the makers of this device is that its material (especially plastic) comes from the ocean; accumulated from coastal areas (25 percent). The remaining 75 percent is recycled plastics.

In 2018, Dell XPS 13 laptop was awarded the best of innovation award by CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Undoubtedly, the recycling element and the trays of black packaging have made it stand-out amongst the other laptops in the market.


With 100 percent reusable white bamboo packaging trays and 90 percent effortlessly recycled laptop components, it is considered an easy-to-reprocess device.

Energy Star Certified

An excellent score performance has given this product an Energy Star certified tag.

A Tiny Machine with a lot of Advantages

Unquestionably, this product is small in size which makes its portability an easy-peasy task. Further, let’s delve into its thinly designed perks.

Modern Thermal Design

An exceptional performance is due to its modern thermal design by the single heat pipe. Its GORE Thermal Insulation system comes in a flexible and thin format that transmits lower conductivity levels than air.

However, it also assures that you are catered to with every possible service within the thin laptop.

The Power behind the Dell XPS 13

Intel Evo is an integrated graphics and a new 11th Gen Core processor (CPU) that powers the machine. This innovation in graphics was announced on September 2, 2020 by Intel and soon Intel Evo platform was created. This much computational power in such a small-sized machine has enhanced battery life, performance, and responsiveness.

Indeed, this easy-to-carry solution has made it possible for users to work anywhere they want. Here all the credit goes to Intel for coming up with the Intel Evo concept and to Dell for equipping its machines with it.

Dell XPS 13 Battery Life

Having a durable battery life is no less than a blessing for its users. Dell XPS 13 offers a powerful battery that can work up to 14 hours and 11 minutes.

Certainly, you will be able to attain prolonged battery life with a Full HD model. Now you can easily see your favorite TV shows and series on a 4K model streaming till 8 hours and 12 minutes duration without any battery issues.

Dell XPS 13 Breaking Efficiency Barriers

The Intel Iris Xe graphics and 11th generation Intel Core processors create a quick, easy, and smooth experience through their intelligence and pace.

Dell XPS 13 Killer Wireless

For providing you with an amazing online experience, the optional Killer AX500-DBS is used. Likewise, it consists of up-to-date technology of Wi-Fi 6 that helps to multiply the theoretical output of Wi-Fi 5 for preceding generation 80MHz 2×2 items.

Moreover, the AX500-DBS voluntarily scrutinizes, states, and concentrates on streaming communication, video, and traffic of games for a better user experience.

Better Storage and Paced-up Memory

Your device restarts and boots in a matter of seconds and it comes with up to 2TB (Terabyte) of electro-optic drive storage. Dell XPS 13 ensures that you can do multitasking in a snap second even while using heavy applications.

Some Other Features you might want to consider

There are particular login techniques and features that the laptop offers:

Facial Recognition

Being a high-tech solution, this laptop equips its users with face recognition options. However, this is a useful privacy setting for the people who have daily office routines as it will save a great chunk of time.

You will be able to see two safe methods to log on. The first method is a fingerprint sensor that will analyze your fingerprint and allow you to access the device. The second method is a facial recognition feature and you just have to wait until the machine verifies it’s you and voila you can access the laptop without having to put a difficult password that you can’t remember.

Dell XPS 13 is interlinked with Dell Mobile Connect


On-the-go Transfer

Transferring your music files, videos, and photos will be done in no time through the laptop to any smartphone. Now you don’t have to worry regarding the unmanageable cables and puzzled cloud storage performance. This transfer feature addresses your query efficiently.

Consistent PC or Smartphone Consolidation

You can easily interlink your Android and iOS devices with Dell XPS 13 laptop. Moreover, you can open several devices without any hurdle.


Your phone integrates to your PC through a safe point-to-point link provided by Dell Mobile Connects, ensuring that your data is never revealed via unprotected internet access.

Restricted Disruptions

You can make calls, send emails, receive messages, and even mirror your phone onto your PC to communicate with all of your preferred apps with Dell Mobile Connect.

According to the reviews and feedback, many people have given a positive response to Dell XPS 13 laptops. However, it is recommended that if you wish to get a premium ultrabook, then this laptop is the ultimate choice for you.

Undoubtedly, Dell XPS 13 is considered one of the best laptops of 2021.

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