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Cowin E7 Pro Review 2022

If you are looking for an improved audio device for an amazing sound experience, switch to wireless headphones They provide a personal and enhanced experience of audio, and have a few very specific features you require from any audio device. However, many companies make highly efficient versions that have a high price tag attached to them.

Cowin however, is a brand that makes the wireless headphone experience more affordable while trying to bring you quality products. Their previous headphones, earphones, and earpods/buds have been of various kinds, bringing a wide range of options for customers. This article is more of a Cowin E7 Pro review, to illustrate its specifications, positives, and negatives, in addition to how it improves on the previous E7 headphone set.

Pros & Cons


Microphone is not consistent

Long battery life

Comfortable but heavy built

Upgraded audio quality


Upgraded connectivity


There have been many arguments over time of whether just upgrading from more flaws to fewer flaws in a product is helpful, and the case is subjective. It’s true even though the E7 Pro is not the best wireless headphones you could have, the market is full of options that you could choose over these. But they are also affordable headphones that you might face difficulty finding at this price.

If you are interested in better specifications, you can increase your budget and score a better headphone but sacrificing on a few features is somewhat of a given. This review will include both the negatives and positives of the product to ensure you learn what it really is worth.

Sound and Microphone

Many have called the E7 Pro, one of the best bass headphones in this price range. The audio drivers are 45 mm that are mainly behind the sharp sound quality that many have admired. It has a very high rating in sound quality among almost all reviews and feedback it has received. The noise cancellation feature definitely adds to the overall quality. Bass is the showstopper but the high and low notes both have a good balance in the overall sound.

The recording quality and noise handling on the microphone is good but it has suffered from inconsistency in different product tests, by customers and reviewers alike. Many also find it okay since inconsistency means you can have good days, but it also means bad days which are unpredictable. This puts off several users as inconsistency is sometimes worse than a completely bad product, making you unsure about whether to stay on the same product or switch.

Overall, the quality of sound and microphone are considered good with a dash of inconsistency in microphone quality specifically. If you are not too worried about the mic, this is a pretty good audio device option alone. Many people don’t have much communicative needs, but more related to streaming music or other content, etc. this would be perfect for that.


After the performance, design counts as one of the main factors that affect how good a headphone experience is. Any consumer product that has any type of engagement with your body whether that’s a PC mouse, an office chair, or something like a headphone set, all need to be designed carefully.

In terms of its structure, the durability of the material used and how comfortable it is for you, design is a very important aspect. The general consensus on the comfort level of the E7 Pro is a positive one. It has cushioned ear cups that are made with memory foam to maximize the comfort level.  They are also flexible up to 90 degrees, making them easy to store, and comfortable for prolonged usage.

Like other headphones, these also have command buttons on each ear of the headphone, this means you can easily use the controls through them. The 7 color options in the design include Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, and White. The final look of the headphones has also improved from its predecessor, where the previous one was more glossy, this one has a matte finish.

The material is still plastic like the previous one, but with improved quality. Even if they are not good enough to last you forever, they are much more durable than the previous version. The only problem with them is, they are quite heavy and big in size, which is synonymous with almost all wireless headphones with ear cups that come with a foam material on. It can however depend on different users as well, whether or not they find its size good enough considering how comfortable they are.


As previously illustrated, good quality headphones in this category tend to be very expensive and that puts a barrier for many customers. They are more or less a necessity these days for many workers, students, and people who just want to enjoy their music by themselves. Not to mention the entire introvert community. On a serious note, price is an important factor for tech products.

Affordable and efficient products are the best choice, and that’s where E7 Pro wins the customers. It has good features that make customers pick it, matched with the price it is offered in.

Performance & Battery life

The main aspect of performance is covered by sound quality and microphone, but the more you add value for your customers, the better. The noise cancellation option on the headphones is a great feature that helps you focus on whatever you are engaged in. You can utilize the option to make sure you are completely undisturbed and undistracted while you have them on. It also improves your overall experience of audio.

The battery is still the same 30 hours of continuous use as it was in E7, but even that seems like more than enough on one single charge alone. 30 hours means you can use them for 2 consecutive days at work after charging them once. They are considered very durable considering that wireless headphones are considered less reliable in terms of their battery. It can depend on your specific use of volume as well, but the usual experience is of 30 hours.

The box is a sleek black design, which comes with a USB charging cable, an aux cable, and a hard carry case, on top of the headphones of course. This Cowin E7 Pro review is more objective regarding the faults or missing features within the headphones rather than focusing on just the positives.

This ends with the same verdict we started with, if affordability is your main concern, this is a good set to pick. Cowin E7 is a nicely upgraded product that can be perfectly adequate for your audio streaming needs. Consider the cons if they are of high priority to you, but the overall performance beats the cons, including the comfortable fit that forgoes the large build.

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