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California Closets Cost with a Brief Review

We always thought a perfect closet doesn’t exist, until we tried out California Closets. It is indeed a masterpiece that will not only fit all your belongings, but the aesthetics are also classy and pleasing. We highly recommend it to you, if you are searching for a spacious yet beautiful closet. We have personally tried them and believe us, California Closets cost was our last concern when we looked at the pristine quality of their wood lamination.

After being utterly heartbroken by looking at what Home Decorators, Closet-Maid, and Martha Stewart had to offer at the time, we chose the California Closets and decided to give them a go. The wood texture as well as the feel along with the shiny look is something that attracted us a lot.

So, here is what we thought about it.

The Design of California Closets

On their official website, California Closets advertises a complimentary concept design consultation, therefore, we felt there was nothing wrong in making a consultation appointment. We couldn’t locate any ballpark retail prices on the web, so we wished to grab a quotation at the very minimum.

We received a response from a nearby design consultant in under 1 day, plus our consultation session was scheduled for the following week. We could sense they had been practicing business for a long time since the individual was highly educated. The consultant was really handy in designing our concept layout, although we had zero clues about what we needed before this session.

There are several measuring specifications to ponder, therefore you must assess your immediate and long-term wardrobe requirements. Our concept was built out using a 3-D CAD drawing by the consultant, which provided us a clear picture of exactly what it will appear like.

Well, as soon as we saw the clearer picture, they got us entirely hooked up. From this point on – we had to finish what we started.

The Installation Process of California Closets

After we settled on the total cost, the implementation took 2 weeks from the day We agreed to the deal. We were eager to move to the Very Next day since we got so thrilled, although it was a gift since we had a lot of necessary arrangements to take care of first.

We replaced the dingy fluorescent light chandelier with a gleaming, stylish one. To empty the room, we had to take out each of our stuff. We used that time to go over things and dispose of whatever we didn’t need. It took roughly a half-day to complete the installation, and it roughly took 4 hours in total.

The Quality of California Closets

We can’t say enough good things regarding the quality of the products. Every one of the planks features the rough wood grain you’d want from genuine wood. The panels are composed of a laminated material that requires no upkeep and provides for a wide range of surface and textural possibilities. There is no acrylic or plastic used in this closet setup. The basic drawers feature gentle closing, with hidden underside mounted slides that really can support additional pressure.

Everything is made of strong, long-lasting materials. Considering all of it was adjustable, one could set up individual parts precisely how they needed it. Because your clothing demands might evolve in the long-term future, many of the shelves are customizable and detachable. The possibility of adding the beautiful cupped drawer pulls was the cherry on top!

The Warranty of California Closets

A lifelong guarantee is offered as long as you keep the residence in which the unit was placed as well as the unit stays at its setup location.

As previously said, we got the wall-mounted unit that is pretty strong and therefore will not back down, however it is comforting to realize that if we experience any problems, they would repair or restore at little to no expense.

California Closets Cost

Our California Closets Overall Cost = $2,640

Our California Closets Overall Price Per Linear Foot = $110 per Linear Foot

Our California Closets Total Cost Per Square Foot = $72.62 per Square Foot

Our Walk-in Closet Dimensions = approximately 6 Ft Length x 6 ft Width x 8 Ft Height

The costs shown here are based on the ultimate total, which includes both components as well as setup. We gave them a low rating on price since they were quite exorbitant than the majority of wardrobe setups we looked at, however you truly receive what you pay for.

It was truly more than we initially intended to invest, although this is typical of so many home improvement projects. We’ve never really had a project coming in BELOW our spending plan. The most important lesson we’ve realized in the last several years of owning our house is never to compromise for anything you do not even want merely because it’s less expensive.

SAVE YOUR MONEY, BE PATIENT, AND WAIT FOR A SALE – in the end, you will be utterly pleased you did.

Ending Note

Our gorgeous renovated closet has exceeded our expectations! Of course, Pinterest will still have bigger, nicer closet options, but that’s the utmost we could do with the room we have. Over time, we plan to add additional décor and stock the aisles with more clothing and footwear.

If you’re looking for a custom closet company, regardless of California Closets Cost, we surely recommend you to add them to your list of vendors to contact because they will not let you go disappointed.

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