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List of Best Upcoming Tablets for 2022 – Full Specifications and Features

Believe us or not, but the trend of having to carry new tablets everywhere has just begun!

Tablets have made great strides, and the avalanche of handheld gadgets isn’t going to stop anytime in the foreseeable future. Tablets are indeed the devices PDAs have always dreamed for, with modern, fast central processing units, razor-sharp high definition displays, and plenty of applications for business or for playing hardcore games.

The tablet sector is getting increasingly crowded, with devices ranging from major league ballplayers to little league sponsors. The excellent thing seems to be that, in tandem with a larger and more diverse tablet variety, costs are getting more attractive. Purchasing any upcoming tablets will never be this consumer-friendly. So, go ahead and get yourself one!

Early gadget disclosures aren’t often comprehensive; many companies love surprising their customers with their tech-savvy devices. Therefore, we are stuck at guessing if the gadget will work successfully or not by interpreting the tea leaves. We have covered several chunks of the latest details on forthcoming smart tablets, as well as our thoughts on where they fit into the existing tablet environment.

8 Best Upcoming Tablets for 2021

1. Apple iPad Tablets

Even though it’s merely going to be a minor update to last year’s model, the redesigned iPad will represent an excellent bargain for a fresh and pristine iPad. In addition to previous-year functionality such as Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard compatibility, it will feature a better processor as well as a 20-Watt fast charger inside the box. The greatest feature is that the pricing has not increased in a year, putting this one at the top for the finest iPad for people who do not require Apple’s substantially advanced iPad.

Apple will undoubtedly release a revamped iPad; however, speculations of a whole new device are making their way. The iPad Pro is likely to become the Cupertino, California-based company’s biggest tablet to date. This is expected to contain a 12.9-inch touchscreen, according to rumors. It’s all still hypothetical at this time, so stay tuned for further developments and fresh information.

2. Huawei Media-Pad X2

What makes this upcoming tablet special is its capability to work as cellular as well as a tablet. The Huawei MediaPad X2 is surely going to be one of the skinniest and slimmest phablets out there, with a seven-inch display, it is loaded with hefty specifications and surely looks promising.

As of right now, we don’t know its release date so stay tuned if you want to find out more about it.

3. Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 300

What makes this unique is the fact the IdeaPad Miix 300 is among the first Windows tablets to emerge relatively cheaply. This 8-inch tablet operates on Windows 8.1 as well as includes a 12-month Office 365 access.

When will it arrive? It is expected to drop around July, it will be available for purchase across various online retailers.

4. Lenovo Tab-2 A8 Tablet

What makes this unique is that the Lenovo Tab 2 A8 comes preloaded with the very recent Android operating system, as well as this is certainly the cheapest to do so. When will it arrive? The Tab 2 A8 is set to hit the market in June.

5. LG G Pad-X Tablet

What makes this one exceptional? Well, If the forthcoming LG tablet is something like the company’s historical 8.3-inch device, it’ll be an ultimate hit. It is believed to be available as an LTE-capable device on Verizon’s networks, with LG’s newest UX 4.0 user interface.

When will it arrive? The availability of this item is uncertain as of right now.

6. Samsung Galaxy Tablet

What makes it different? Because of its super-sharp plus vividly saturated displays, Samsung’s lightweight Tab S tablets are considered arguably 2 of the best android tablets. Samsung Tab S2 is likely to supersede both, featuring 8 as well as 9.7-inch versions, maybe with LTE support. The device should be running the most recent Android operating software.

When will it turn up? There is no information about its release date as of right now. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn more.

7. Sony Xperia Tablet

What makes it remarkable is the fact that Sony has released a hammed-up variant of its slim watertight tablet from last year. The Z4 features a 2K touchscreen as well as an octa-core Processing speed.

When will it arrive? The Xperia Z4 is slated to launch in the market in June.

8. Silent Circle Blackphone

What makes it so special is that this tablet focuses on security by encrypting your communications. It’s still in progress, although Silent Circle offers a comparable smartphone, thus we hope it will become market-ready shortly.

When will it arrive? Silent Circle plans to release the Blackphone in the fall.


Apart from these upcoming tablets, if by any chance, if you want to buy a tablet immediately and can afford it, take a look at the best tablets available right now in the market below. We have listed low-cost and high-cost tablet alternatives, and also laptop-replacement gadgets in the middle, such as Android tablets or Apple iPads. As an added bonus, we tossed along a tablet Computer too! Our experts have thoroughly examined every one of these tablets (or their earlier versions). Touch responsiveness, display resolution, the presence of the front camera, internal memory, the ability to install a memory card, plus if the tablet has an audio jack or not, were all variables we considered.

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