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Exclusive List of the Best Printer for Chromebook 2021

The best 3 Chromebook printers of 2021 are all rounded-up.

So, here’s the thing. To cut the long story short – don’t allow the Chromebook’s one-of-a-kind system software to disconnect you from your printer. We bought the finest compatible Chromebook printers, of course, with Chromebook laptops. We immediately began printing on Chromebooks after unpacking the printers to evaluate their compatibility, color printing quality, and speed testing.

The printers that were not up to the mark were immediately cut off from the list and they were adjusted to the list of the best laptops of 2019 or before, with the HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile dominating them all. The printer has risen to the top of our list due to the built-in battery, which keeps you going even when there is no electricity or a socket nearby. This laptop is praised not only for its performance but also for its exceptional adaptability and mobility.

However, there are several additional devices in the competition trying to achieve the final spot, so keep reading this exclusive list of the best printers for Chromebooks by Shop Carmel to check out which one made it big!

Believe us or not, the finest printers for Chromebooks are just what you want for all of your printing requirements in this modern generation of dynamic, multitasking work environments. So, whether your daily printing needs are workplace documents reprinted primarily in your living room or primarily for children’s schoolwork and fun craft activities, you don’t really need the expensive monsters found in most workplaces.

Such printers are equally as versatile and dependable while being economical, small, and, maybe more significantly, dependable.

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, so many people are working online from home, having one of the best home printers is more important than it has ever been. Furthermore, they, like their corporate cousins, can handle all of your business papers as well as produce high-quality marketing materials, print holiday photos, and sometimes even scan important papers to create digital copies.

Therefore, unless you want the fully automatic features of an industrial printer, you may save some money and space by purchasing one of the finest home printers for your Chromebook. Here are some best recommendations, ranging between ink-based and laser all-in-one printing machines. Whatever your home dimensions or family needs are, you will find the suitable printer below (hopefully). While you’re at it, you should check out our list of best laptops for 2021.

The Top 3 Best Chromebook Printers

1. HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer

This HP OfficeJet 200 is one of the most well-known names in the printing industry, having been upgraded with a slew of new features that have brought printing into the modern era; it is also the most ancient and possibly the most widely recognized brand on the planet.

The HP OfficeJet 200 has always stayed true to its wireless and portable label for a certain amount of time, thanks to the inbuilt batteries, which can, of course, be recharged so that people aren’t always stuck to a socket to print these urgent contracts or financial paperwork-You can print out your docs from the Chromebook from anywhere with the help of the HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile printer.

When we tested it, we noticed the OfficeJet could crank out about seventy-five impressive pages with a full load just before energy began to wear out. This ought to be sufficient to satisfy every traveling professional or university undergraduate among the plugins, bearing in mind that the prints occur at far faster speeds than what a rival printer genuinely connected to its individual power source could give them.

Talking about the print speed that we noticed on this printer, well, this crazy machine “printed 15 whole pages of black and white ink on both sides in under a minute. And, that’s not only a single-sided print, we are talking about 2-sided page printing, also known as the duplex feature. So, there are 2 ways of using this printer. The first way is the wireless one, where you can use your OfficeJet by pairing it with the Cloud Ready printer network from Google, or this laptop is also compatible with the Chrome operating system driver. Hence, the printer easily gets recognized by the Chromebook as soon as you plug it in via the USB port. This certainly does not mean that there are no other options for printing, such as AirPrint and Mopria , or perhaps NFC, Canon, etc. With the help of the Canon application, mobile devices that readily utilize iOS or Android software may effortlessly print and scan images.

The HP OfficeJet 200 may well be the preferred choice of the total three printers that we have on this list, but still, it counterbalances the expense by featuring the swiftest as well as maximum print quality on this list. Furthermore, we require printers these days because the best, most amazing 3D printers will not print any documents related to your project work., you should also have the finest printer because you have the greatest Chromebook.

So, all in all, the reason why we like the HP OfficeJet 200 mobile printer is because this machine provides portability for its users. You can be on your way to a meeting and print your important handouts while traveling.

The Good

  • 50-sheet input tray
  • Batteries that are rechargeable
  • Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, and USB connectivity

The Bad

  • heavier than some other portable inkjet printers
  • It is missing a USB cable.

2. Canon PIXMA iX6820

Meanwhile, while the Canon PIXMA iX6820 is not as portable or as practical as the OfficeJet 200, it is a must-have in our opinion due to its low cost and comprehensive no-wire features. is one of the top printers for Chromebooks, offering print rates of around 14.5 photos in sixty seconds. A sturdy alternative for several households nowadays is the Canon PIXMA iX6820.

You might wish to select the iX6820 as your next printer if you are in a family running many distinct systems which are all different from each other. The iX6820 is the Swiss Army Knife of printers accessible with Microsoft Windows, OSX, and Chrome Operating systems in moments, with the option to link them via Google Cloud Print AirPrint, or even the PIXMA Printing Solutions (PPS) application on the smartphone.

And though it does not really print with the help of NFC for printing and therefore has no duplex print, this ready-to-print cloud is an excellent printer for Amazon’s finest Chromebook. And, yes, we love these Google cloud print-like features – who doesn’t?

So, the main reason why we like this printer and added it as the 2nd one on our list is due to the wireless printing that it offers and, most importantly, the huge number of compatible platforms that this printer offers to its users.

The Good

  • Easily print scans and copies
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Documents are 13 x 19 inches when printed.

The Bad

  • No duplexer
  • Single paper tray

3. HP All-in-One Printer OfficeJet 3830

So, this one right here is called the all in one printer by HP. This is a less expensive option for printing from a Chromebook rather than purchasing the bulky OfficeJet 200.This OfficeJet 3830 printer also comes loaded with a huge number of ways through which you can connect it to your laptop – just like the Canon. However, it does not offer Bluetooth connectivity, but it is compatible with Google Cloud Print. This one is full of versatility in terms of features.

Better yet, HP’s exclusive HP Instant Ink technology is also featured on the OfficeJet 3830, which instantly orders fresh ink cartridges anytime the printer senses it is about to run short right on your doorstep. This ensures that your child won’t have to make those late-night visits to Staples, meandering around the corner of the aisles hunting for the appropriate cartridges just before tomorrow morning. With such a compatible Chromebook printer, you will never run out of ink.

This is also a single printing machine with an auto feeder of thirty-five sheets at that price range (around $100 bucks). If you need a quick, affordable, and easy-to-use Chromebook picture printer, check out the HP 3830. The smart application by HP is also quite nice. The printing of images is simple. This printer, which is compatible with Windows and OSX, is also up for sale on Amazon.

Hence, finally, the auto-doc feeder, as well as the touchscreen found onboard, are the main reasons this printer is perfect for you if you are looking to buy an easy-to-operate printer.

The Good

  • AirPrint, HP ePrint and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Auto-document feeder
  • Prints through the cloud

The Bad

  • No Ethernet
  • Slow for business application

Important Note

The Samsung Xpress Laser Printer M2020W was another worth mentioning for Chromebook printers that did not make our list. With excellent printing quality, this Samsung model provides printing of envelopes, single white papers, different cards, some fabrics as well as labels, and you can print straight from your mobile phone at printing rates of up to 21 prints per minute with the Samsung Mobile Print application. The printer is also ready for use through the Google Cloud.

The Brother HL-2350DW laser printer, on the other hand, has high printing quality and speeds of up to 32 Prints Per Minute, and duplex print-ability is also featured. It offers many features, like Wi-Fi, USB, and Google Cloud-ready print options.

Finally, the Canon TS9120 cordless printing system with something like a scanner, copier, as well as a five-inch LCD touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity and cloud printing is also available on the market. With this printer, you can easily print it out from your personal devices as this device offers Wi-Fi connections too.

How Did We Choose These Printers?

Since the range of Chromebook compatible printers was really limited, it really wasn’t that tricky to track down the finest from this compact, limited list of printers. Overall, we intended to keep the features and budget that correspond to what a regular user of a Chromebook understands and provides. Ease of use, combined with cost-effectiveness, was always the primary concern of our choice.

For it to be the best printer for the Chromebook, it must include at least the Google Cloud Print (to be connected wirelessly to your laptop) feature, as well as the ability to print monochrome and color prints without requiring significant configuration changes.If other cloud service providers are compatible with it, that’s just a bonus! However, while the additional scanners would be fantastic, this extra feature may occasionally add additional dollars to the total cost, as Chromebooks are typically regarded as an affordable computer option for buyers looking to save money – even though the company manages to build one at an affordable price tag.

Finally, we handpicked the three printers mentioned above that could be either connected or recognized by a Chromebook, or even wirelessly connected if desired, while producing high-speed quality images and text.The finest Chromebook printers feature a mixture of most of these functions in one bundle and don’t charge you or younger college students a leg and an arm when it comes to maintenance.

Best Printer for Chromebook: What Features to Look for?

For those of you who are new to the printer market, the following are the main points you should look for when shopping for a new printer.

Printing Speed: How quickly a printer may deliver the pages is recorded by a statistic called PPM, or pages per minute. You should, on average, check for it and buy a printer which can print blacks and whites at at least 20 pages per minute, although the appropriate color printing range starts at about 16 pages per minute. The fastest times for high-quality picture printing are, of course, different.

Google Cloud Ready to Print: That’s the greatest one. As the majority of Chromebooks do not support third-party software, Chrome OS alternatively utilizes the so-called “Google Cloud Print” to remotely establish a connection with your laptop. Make sure that the printer you are about to buy has this feature.

Color Printing: This could seem repetitive, but until 2017, not every printer seemed to have a standard color printer. Make sure you choose a printer which accomplishes the work that you really need, particularly if you want to print plenty of pictures or slideshows that require a great number of colors.

Who Should Buy a Chromebook Printer?

While more people have realized that they do not necessarily have to choose a Windows or OSX machine to complete the work remotely, Chrome OS has emerged as an alternative option for those who require an affordable, functional computer that accomplishes what you’re doing in each step.Sadly, not every single convenience applies to different devices, primarily printers.

Even if you just bought your first Chromebook or have been using the system since its inception, printing is something that we all have to do on a regular, if not daily, basis.There are plenty of tasks to be done as things stand currently, so it would be crucial to choose a printer that really is perfectly functional with any Chromebook or just about any laptop or desktop in your household.

Mishaps You Should Avoid

Accidental purchase of a monochrome printer: Once you find a Cloud-ready printer, with plenty of additional functions (scanning, faxing, etc.) and it is also available for a surprisingly low cost – most likely, you are probably looking mistakenly at the monochromatic printer, not the color. Monochromatic printers tend to be significantly less expensive than color printers, as well as for black and white printing. If you’re eager to update your printer to produce images or color photographs apart from boarding passes or plain text, then you will need to acquire a completely new device instead.

Using low-quality ink: No one wants to invest half their monthly income on ink refills every time they dry out. However, the easiest way to guarantee you will squeeze the most out of the existing cartridge would be to invest in excellence first. HP and Canon-certified cartridges typically last significantly longer than knockoff cartridges and have superior clarity for larger images or graphics than cheaper cartridges.

Which Chromebook Printer Is the Best for You?

The best Chromebook printer may not always be the best one for every operating system, but with models like the HP OfficeJet Mobile 200, their adaptability and flexibility truly distinguishes them.

Ultimately, they are cheap printers, which can potentially print decent images with the Cloud Print system from Google and, therefore, are not linked to unnecessarily convoluted settings or six separate ink cartridges meant to complete 10 jobs. The OfficeJet 200 is the way to go if you need something that’s perfect for students and road warriors. The HP Envy 4520 is more up your alley if you create a large number of images from home, while the Canon MG7720 is a monster, with a copier and scanner available for just about $400 bucks.

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