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What are the 5 best places to buy shoes?

Due to the global pandemic, many people have switched from traditional methods of buying goods towards online shopping. It would not be wrong to say that we all have done the tricky job of purchasing good-quality shoes through online stores.

According to the NPD, the overall sales for shoes have increased in the United States by 30% during the Coronavirus. Well, that figure cannot be ignored. This means that masses have converted towards online purchasing of shoes and they are comfortable relying on it.

However, it is not an easy task to search for the best places to buy shoes. There are several benefits and drawbacks attached to it. One of the significant disadvantages is that you cannot try the shoes physically before you purchase them. This way the elements of size and quality are overlooked. On the other hand, advantages such as – cheap prices, and more variety are the good parts of it.

How have the online shoe platforms affected the traditional shoe stores?

As mentioned above, people have started relying on and have put in their utmost faith in the online purchasing of shoes. Due to this problem, the majority of the traditional shoe stores are affected and pushed to up their game of marketing and their articles.

Seeing the conditions after the global pandemic, many traditional shoe stores have developed their websites and social media pages to operate and sell their products online. They are aware of the fact that the masses are no longer interested in visiting their stores and buying their footwear – instead, they are satisfied while making an online purchase.

Retailers are aware that customer satisfaction is dependent on several factors. A constant dilemma is present in the market in regards to the determinants of customer satisfaction. However, many best places to buy shoes have countered this problem and have created a strong link between them and their customers. The markets have developed over two years and have understood the real mindset of consumers.

What are the PROS and CONS of online purchasing of shoes?

According to experts, even when you are buying shoes from well-known brands and top retailers from the market, it is important to focus on a handful of factors. Sometimes, the exclusive photography skills might provoke you to purchase your favorite shoe or boot; however, you are unaware of its comfort until it’s on your foot.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s running trainers, a comfy sneaker, or a pencil heel, the only way to find its quality is by wearing it. Well, that is not possible during online shopping.

Let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks of online buying of shoes;


  • Can access various brands and designers at the same time

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for you to be at the right place at the right time. It becomes an exhausting process to visit each brand or designer store separately to find yourself the right pair of shoes.

Nevertheless, online purchasing of shoes cuts the hassle from between. Fortunately, you do not have to visit every store individually, you can have a look at their products through your smartphone. Isn’t it cool?

  • 24/7 availability

Due to busy schedules, people find it difficult to manage their time for shopping purposes. Maybe the stores might close when you are finished with your important work. How will you counter it?

This is where the real importance of online shopping comes into play. You do not have to worry about the timeframe as you can purchase during any hour of the day. All the online shoe stores are operating throughout the day and providing you with their service.

Well, instead of leaving the comfort of your home, you can make purchases of your favorite shoes online.

  • Variety of colors, styles, and designs

Sometimes, it is difficult to find the right size, design, or style in traditional shoe stores. Nonetheless, online stores are considered better in this scenario. Are you worried about not finding the right pair to match your outfit? Well, the best online shoe store will solve the problem for you.

Rather than wandering into traditional stores unnecessarily, you should cut the stress part and select the best pair of shoes for yourself online.

  • Price comparison

It’s human nature that he/she would not be satisfied with the price of one store. A person would like to visit multiple shoe outlets before reaching a conclusion. However, it might become a tiring process for you to visit every store in search of getting the best price for yourself.

Instead of this, you can simply check several stores without leaving your comfort zone. Compare the price of the same shoes from multiple stores and get the best price for yourself.

  • Take advantage of free shipping

You cannot deny the fact that along with your tiredness, there are several other costs attached while you physically visit the store. For example, the mode of commute or transportation you are using will be included in the cost of your shoe.

However, you can simply take the benefit of free shipping. This way you will be able to save upon the fuel cost of your vehicle. Moreover, you can save your valuable time and invest in something more productive for yourself.

  • Actual new shoes

Fresh pieces are usually not possible in traditional shoe stores. There are chances that the pair of sneakers you just bought has been tried by many people. This way the real freshness of the shoe is lost and it cannot be called brand-new.

On the other hand, if you are purchasing shoes online, most probably, you will get your hands on a brand-new pair of shoes that haven’t been tried by any person.

  • Return policy

During the years the online shoe stores have become big and have gained massive popularity throughout the United States. One of the essential reasons for their success is the return policy. Many significant online shoe stores allow you to order a variety of shoes at your doorstep and you can return the ones which you do not like.

Well, that was not possible before.


  • Shoes might not fit properly

There is no doubt in saying that the shoe sizes vary with different manufacturers. For example, the size 7 of Nike might be different from the size 7 of Louis Vuitton. Awareness of the brand is quite important, if not then you might receive the wrong size pair.

Moreover, even if you know the brand, there is still no guarantee that you would receive the right pair of sizes.

  • Special footwear

There are people in this world who are fighting against foot deformities or other physical conditions due to which they require special shoes for themselves. You might need to get in touch with a footwear expert before you make the purchase.

It might become a difficult task for a customer care representative to understand your needs and most likely if you order, you would receive something wrong and which would not suit your expectations.

  • Disreputable brands in the market

Market research is quite important before you are all set to make the purchase. There are brands available in the market that are waiting to con you. You should be aware of the disreputable labels and be cautious of them.

If you buy shoes from them, there are chances that you would land with poor quality footwear which you would regret later. To invest in the right sneaker, make sure to read customer reviews for that specific online shoe brand and get to know about them. Moreover, also learn about their after-sale service whether they are accommodating or not.

Well, you might receive the wrong parcel and the brand is not willing to take it back. You need to be ready for all the possibilities.

  • Shipping charges

Many online shoe brands are asking for shipping charges. According to the experts, you should check the shipping charges before you make your online purchase. Sometimes, the online charges are more than the number of shoes you are buying. Well, it would be irrelevant to purchase online then.

  • You might need shoes in a hurry

Every online brand has its delivery policies. They set a timeframe in which they would deliver your parcel. However, there are chances that you might require the boots before the delivery date – for example, your wedding is tomorrow and the shoes are to be delivered after a week. It would not be suitable for you to purchase online.

  • Be aware of the exchange and return policies

According to the experts, it would be great that you go through the return and exchange policies of every shoe brand. Sometimes, several brands might charge you with a return shipping fee that would not be liked by you. Moreover, some online shoe labels might ask you to repackage the shoe in its original condition and then return it.

  • Credit card safety

If you are not into online shopping, you should ignore it completely. There are chances that you might lose your credit card credentials to an unknown company which can prove to be disastrous for you. In case of maintaining safety, you should not fall for online purchasing.

What are the best online places to buy shoes?

Instead of being fooled by cheap and disreputable online shoe brands, it is important to know about the authentic footwear labels available in the market. We have compiled a list of the best places to buy shoes to make it easier for you.

Let’s discuss the top online shoe labels;

Not just the quality of shoes and competitive prices makes the brand value in the eyes of the consumers but the overall facility and service being provided by them. tops our list due to various reasons such as – an easy-to-navigate website, provides great information in regards to the products, and the product photography is impeccable. has made sure to provide pictures from every angle of the shoes to place a clear vision of the product they are selling. Moreover, is making use of the customer review in the most effective way. Underneath every product, the statistics from the customers are visible for their future consumers. Isn’t it cool?

Could you imagine having a 365days return policy? Well, is doing that for you. No other shoe brand can be more generous than this online shoe brand. Maybe, this is one of the essential reasons why is amongst the favorites of many shoe lovers. prioritizes the customer care section a lot. The customer care section is available on every page of the website. This shows how the brand is promoting its after-sale services for its customers.

Designer shoe warehouse

People are concerned about purchasing designer shoes from online stores. However, in the need of getting better prices and discounts, all shoe lovers are motivated to buy their favorite brands online. Designer Shoe Warehouse is well-known for providing big names under its label such as – Nike, Steve Madden, UGG, and Adidas.

According to the experts, the shoe pages are great but not perfect. DSW has made sure to get the best pictures from every angle for its products. Moreover, DSW runs a reward program on their website through which you can earn points after you spend every dollar. Isn’t it amazing? You are probably getting the right value for money.

However, DSW only provides free shipping for its VIP clients. Secondly, you can make the exchanges within 60 days but if you wish to return their products, you might be charged an extra $8.50. This is something that demotivates all the sneaker freaks from purchasing their favorite products from DSW.

6 PM - Best discount shoe store

There are shoe lovers who wish to get outlet level pricing online, 6 PM is the right choice for them. If you are looking for cheap prices on your favorite sneakers and boots, 6 PM is making it possible for you.

The brand has developed its site in a way that is easier for the consumer to understand. Once you are on the product page, you can see shoes from multiple angles to get the complete picture of your footwear. Regular discounts, sales, and coupons are being run on the website to attract a large number of customers.

On the other hand, your shipping fee will only be lifted when you purchase more than one pair of shoes. Secondly, customer care representatives are available but for limited hours.

There is no doubt in saying that you would love the prices at 6 PM but surely you need to be aware of the product you are buying.


No one can ignore the importance of Amazon when it comes to purchasing goods and services for yourself. Amazon has developed its market and has an ample number of shoe brands on board.

Whether you are looking for low prices and high-quality shoes, Amazon will surely have something for you in the bucket. You would not return empty-handed. From Adidas to Under Armour, you can buy every top brand listed on Amazon.

It would be great to own a prime membership at the Amazon store as you simply wouldn’t have any return charges. Moreover, the shoes will be delivered within two days if you have a prime membership. Isn’t it cool?


 Usually, in traditional shoe stores, size has become one of the major problems. It is hard to find a variety of sizes. However, Shoebacca has broken that deadlock and carries shoes for kids, men, women, and everyone.

You can simply have most of the well-known brands at great prices at Shoebacca. Moreover, the free shipping and returning policy make it a valuable choice for most of the consumers out there.

However, Shoebacca gained massive backlash due to its no-exchange policy.


The world has evolved from traditional methods to online shopping. There is no doubt that a good pair of shoes completes your outfit. However, finding the right pair of sneakers might become a difficult task for you when it comes to variety, size, and prices.

Nevertheless, the above-mentioned best places to buy shoes have made it easier for you. You can simply have the best boots for yourself from the comfort of your home.

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