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What is the best place to buy laptops online? A comprehensive list

Online shopping seems like a guilty pleasure for many, but the case is not the same when considering buying electronics online. There are many things that go into buying electronics online, especially if you have not done it before. You will need to do detailed research of where the best products are being sold, and if it’s a reliable place to go for. Laptops in particular are a very important part of our day-to-day life, particularly for students and professionals in the field. Buying a laptop online would require even more of a deliberately detailed effort.

This is why we have compiled a list that includes the best place to buy laptops online. Walmart and Target are two main names that might come to mind or you find to be your safe bet. But there are many more options available for online shopping of electronic devices such as laptops that can help you find better products, sometimes at a better price as well.

These third-party sellers usually have two kinds of options for you. A majority of the new online shopping platforms have both new and second-hand or used options for products for you. They provide a platform for smaller sellers and individuals to resell products they might not need anymore. Additionally, they obviously also have the new products, courtesy of their partnership with the manufacturers.

Best Buy

Something you would appreciate about Best Buy as an option is a fact that their online, as well as in-person experience, are both commendable. If you are more of a practical research person, you can visit their store after you find things on the website that interest you. Best Buy is one of the top platforms for laptops. You might find them side by side with Amazon in almost all reviews and major listings. You can look up specific features, brands, or even the specialization of your work that will provide you with specific options that cater to those needs.


This one says more with its name than the others, especially considering tech products. It is the number one platform with promos and coupons that have a constant discount waiting for you. It brings you many backlists as well as new products at prices you will really rather appreciate.

They are also rather famous for giving great deals in overall electronics, including home, kitchen, and lifestyle products that are unmatched in prices. If you have not checked them out particularly to look for laptops, this is your hint to go for it.


If you are someone who trusts smaller sites with detailed accounts of people’s opinions on products rather than big names, NewEgg is your place to be. It is not as commonly used, and has a lesser customer footfall than giants like Amazon, but it’s much more customer-friendly as well. Their website layout, filters, and details that can help you find your best option. Their customer service and offers are also something you can take advantage of. The process of buying and post-purchase queries, return or exchange is all smooth and convenient to go through.

Make sure you check out the website or keep updates during discount seasons because you can save big bucks on products you want through sales.


Who doesn’t love eBay? If you genuinely don’t, due to a bad experience or any other reason, let us tell you that you can find really great laptop deals over here. We all know eBay for its extremely niche product availability with some rare editions of books, collectibles, and many other accessories. But there’s more to the website than what it is commonly known for. It is even known for fashion products including clothes, footwear, and jewelry that you might not find elsewhere. But electronics is a lesser-known reason for its fame, especially laptops. They have some great options and models with great price tags attached that you would not want to miss out on.


Usually famous for its furniture and interior products, which are really to die for, Overstock has a great curation of laptops and other electronics as well. Their specialty is in both new as well as older but refurbished products that are made almost new with the upgrades. You can score really big discounts because Overstock specializes in discounted versions of items.

The interface is easy to navigate through and keep track of as it gets updated regularly due to new offers and deals coming in. You might even be able to find older devices you are looking for, that are out of production and you cannot find on other platforms.

Apart from these third-party sellers and platforms that are most beneficial for you in terms of prices, you can directly buy from the manufacturers as well. Most of the tech companies making laptops today have their own websites that you can easily find through one single google search.

Apple, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, ASUS, HP, and many other brands that are in the top sellers for laptops all have their own websites. Some of them particularly sell through third-party retailers, but some also have direct sell and ship procedures as well. It helps you find options according to your preference as well, you can also add or remove features that you are not particularly interested in.

Hopefully, you find your best place to buy laptops online from this list. It is not an entirely comprehensive list, but it has some diverse names you might find helpful in your search. Let us know what you think of these if you have any particular instance of experience to add to the guide. There might be some other lesser-known platforms in your knowledge that are not covered , which could help other customers, so don’tforget to mention them in the comment section.

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