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11 Best iPhone 13 Cases for 2022 – Best Guide on the Internet

The greatest iPhone 13 covers are available here, which means you’ve arrived at the perfect location. We understand the horror that comes with ruining a recently acquired device, and we understand how crucial it is to do all in your power to stop such a terrible occurrence from occurring.

Because the iPhone 13 has been designed to be sleek and attractive from the start, it’s critical that you maintain it that way. This is especially true if you do not have insurance or AppleCare to safeguard your phone financially.

As a result, we’ve combed through the many alternatives available and selected 11 of the absolute best iPhone 13 cases for your freshly purchased iPhone 13. All of these best iPhone cases will help to maintain your phone a little safer and more sophisticated-looking for a longer period of time.

However, while selecting a case, it’s important to consider not just the amount of protection, but also how small it is, how it appears, and whether or not MagSafe charging is supported, so keep all of this in mind as you browse through our options of cases.

We haven’t had the opportunity to test all of these iPhone 13 covers yet, but based on the experts’ opinions and their knowledge of the most respected manufacturers in the industry, we believe they are all worth considering.

Our recommendations are based on internet evaluations, brand reputation, product capabilities, and distinctive features, and are intended to assist you in navigating the labyrinth of options accessible.

11 Best iPhone 13 Cases

1. iPhone 13 Silicone Case

Rating: 8.6 out of 10

The Apple iPhone 13 Silicone Case with MagSafe has a silky and soft-touch surface on the outside and a plush microfiber lining on the inside, ensuring that your phone is secured while being pleasant to handle.

When it comes to anything with MagSafe support, it’s tight as well, and you’ll be able to add other accessories to the pile with relative ease if the need calls for it.

Although it is expensive, it is almost bothersome in terms of the amount of convenience it provides, as is the case with most Apple accessories. Yes, it does exactly what it says.


  • Snug fit
  • Plenty of color options


  •   Doesn’t offer optimum protection
  • Expensive

2. iPhone 13 Leather Case (MagSafe)

Rating: 9.0 out of 10

The Apple iPhone 13 Case with MagSafe is as stylish as you’d expect from leather, and it’s soft on the inside and out. It keeps your phone safe and secure while still feeling wonderful in your hands, and it’s available in black and brown.

A natural patina develops on the leather with time, which may not be to everyone’s taste, but it does seem to be more authentic than less expensive substitutes. It is also advantageous to have MagSafe support if you want to utilize many accessories at the same time.


  • MagSafe Support
  • Classy Exterior


  • Expensive for a case
  • May mark over time

3. iPhone 13 Clear Case (MagSafe)

Rating: 7.8 out of 10

This one is just what you need if you want to keep the original appearance of your iPhone 13. A combination of optically transparent polycarbonate and flexible materials allows the iPhone 13 Clear Case to fit snugly on your iPhone’s buttons without any problem.

A coating that is scratch-resistant is beneficial, and all of the materials used have been specifically developed to avoid fading over time. This will not modify the appearance of your iPhone, which is both a good and a bad thing, but it will surely keep it secure.


  • Anti-yellowing properties
  • Scratch-resistant coating


  • Arguably too expensive
  • Far from a statement piece

4. Mous Transparent Clear iPhone 13 Protective Case

Rating: 8.8 out of 10

Mous Transparent Clear Protective Case is another alternative if you want to preserve your iPhone 13’s original appearance. It claims to provide “exceptional protection,” which means it will keep the iPhone 13 safe from the majority of drops or bumps while also being Mous’s thinnest case to date.

Alternatively, if you dislike the bulky but required feel of an iPhone 13 case, this is an excellent option that keeps things as light as possible while yet providing enough protection for your phone. There’s also MagSafe compatibility to take advantage of.


  • Decent protection
  • Thin case


  • Pricey for a clear case
  • Not stylish

5. Casetify Impact Crush Case

Rating: 7.6 out of 10

Anyone wishing to put their own unique touch to things will find the Casetify Impact Crush to be quite intriguing because of its wide customization choices. Colors, layouts, and fonts are all customizable, which is a lovely touch, but it’s the practical aspects that we like the most.

There’s also 6.6 ft drop protection, an antibacterial coating that kills 99 percent of germs, and the fact that the case is composed of 65 percent recycled and plant-based materials, assuring Casetify is doing its part to help the environment.


  • Military-grade protection
  • Highly customizable


  • Plasticky look
  • No MagSafe compatibility

6. OtterBox Case with MagSafe

Rating: 9.2 out of 10

If you’re looking for something that’s wonderfully unique, the OtterBox Case with MagSafe is an excellent choice and is one of the best iPhone 13 cases available. It distinguishes itself from the competition by offering four different color pattern schemes to pick from.

Aside from that, it is designed to fit tightly around your iPhone 13 and is made of a flexible soft-feel material that is comfortable to hold in your hands. Raised edges help to keep your iPhone’s camera and touchscreen secure no matter how you use it, and it also has MagSafe compatibility.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Distinctive color choices


  • Chunky sides
  • Not very professional looking

7. Speck CandyShell Pro

Rating: 7.0 out of 10

When it comes to the Speck CandyShell Pro, simplicity is key. It provides 8-foot drop protection, as well as a soft-touch coating that is scratch-resistant, and antimicrobial protection, so you would not have to worry about germs growing on your phone case. Additionally, a raised bezel protects the screen from being damaged if the phone is dropped face down.

Despite the fact that everything is packed into a tiny and pocket-friendly design, this isn’t the case for individuals looking to make a fashion statement. Even while it performs well, it is not visually appealing.


  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Affordable price


  •  Not very exciting in look

8. Otterbox Symmetry Series Case

Rating: 8.4 out 10

This case, which is made of soft material, is an excellent choice for individuals who want both style and comfort in their phone cover. Polycarbonate is used in the construction of the casing, and it is completely compatible with wireless charging technology and Apple MagSafe. It is composed of recycled plastic and also has raised edges, which makes it environmentally friendly.

When it comes to bumps, fumbles, and drops, the design provides exceptional protection. This product has all of the necessities for routine everyday usage, so there should be no problems.


  • MagSafe Support
  •  Classy Exterior


  • There is no grip
  • The sides do not line up correctly

9. Mujjo Full Leather Case

Rating: 9.0 out of 10

Elegant and constructed in vegetable-tanned leather which is of high-quality and full-grain, the Mujjo Full Leather Case is expected to last for many years without deterioration. However, even the buttons are completely covered in leather, making you use them with ease. A raised 1mm leather bezel protects the screen, and a hump of comparable size is also present around the back camera.

The inside of the bag is lined with microfiber to keep your belongings safe and secure, while the exterior is designed to be simple to handle. It’s slim, but it’s not the slimmest thing on the market, and that’s the only major drawback here.


  • High-quality leather
  • Professional appearance


  • Protection likely to be middling
  • A little bulky

10. iPhone 13 Totallee Clear Case

Rating: 8.4 out of 10

Featuring a rubberized feel on the exterior, the Totallee Clear Case is ideal for those who are prone to making mistakes with their phones. Because the case is composed of a flexible TPU material, it is sturdy and provides some impact protection if the phone is dropped.

As a result of the transparent exterior, you won’t lose sight of your iPhone’s genuine beauty, and it comes with the assurance that yellowing will not be a concern with this case.

Because of its clear cover, the Totallee Case isn’t the most visually appealing of cases, but it does its job effectively and adds just a little amount of thickness to your handset.


  • Minimalist appearance
  • Good price


  • Basic protection
  • Unexciting to look at

11. Tech21 Evo Art Case

Rating: 8.6 out of 10

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the Tech21 Evo Art Case for iPhone 13 is also functional. Its exterior is designed in the shape of a flower bouquet, making it an excellent choice for anybody who wants to express their individuality.

It also provides impact protection of 12 ft, which should be sufficient for the majority of applications. It also has scratch resistance to a degree. Because of the magnets built within the device, it is also compatible with other accessories and MagSafe chargers.


  • Reasonable impact protection
  • Stylish looking


  •  Doesn’t have a professional look

How to Choose the Perfect Phone Case?

The individuals who fix our phones experience us at our most vulnerable—with damaged gear in our hands and, more often than not, some humiliating and enlightening error to confess.

No matter how diligent you are, the world is full of possible technological pitfalls, so it’s better to be proactive and secure your phone with a protective case before anything happens.

Do Your Homework

Read the reviews of the cases that you are interested in learning more about. Even if you are unable to locate a review for your exact phone model, other reviews from the same manufacturer will provide you with an overall impression of the product’s quality. Individuals may also be seen discussing incidents and uploading photographs of them in numerous communities all over the internet. It’s also crucial to double-check that the cut-outs on the casing are accurate. In certain circumstances, cases are hurried out the door and they are missing a port, the button covers are often stiff, or there are issues with the camera flash reflections on the case. If you are concerned about anything specific, such as wireless charging, or if you want to dock your smartphone while wearing the case, then before you make a purchase check with the manufacturer.

Protect Your Phone from Impact

Breaking glass screens are the most typical issue that draws consumers into repair businesses. Screens are especially sensitive to shattering if its point of contact is near the corner of your phone, where the power exerted on the glass is focused, as is the case with most smartphones.

If you just want a basic amount of protection, consider a case which has been made of a material that is shock-absorbent (such as silicone or rubber) that covers the corners of your phone that are most susceptible. Plastic covers for smartphones are not recommended since they do not adequately absorb stress and are more likely to transmit impact to the device itself.

Aside from that, the items you purchase are determined by where and how you use your phone. If you’re certain that you’ll only expose your iPhone to small bumps and drops on a daily basis, a thin case may be sufficient protection. If you want to show off your phone’s design, choose a transparent thin cover like Totallee or Peel’s cases for iPhones, Google Pixel phones, and Samsung Galaxy devices.

Cases with thick, bulky shells weigh more and absorb more stress than cases with thinner shells. It is advised that such cases be used by younger iPhone users.

Consider Your Needs

Water damage is less prevalent than screen damage in our experience, however, we have seen that aquatic incidents are more likely over summers and long weekends when swimmers make the error of forgetting to bring their phones with them. If you can’t seem to stay away from the water, Pelican’s Marine covers for iPhone provide waterproof, drop-tested protection that can endure unexpected dunks in the pool.

Water damage has been less of a concern because water resistance has become common in the best smartphones, but keep in mind that this form of protection does not extend to the sea. Because saltwater is corrosive, it’s a good idea to protect your phone with a waterproof cover if there’s any chance your phone may come into contact with it.

Cases that double as chargers are available from Mophie if you find yourself continuously pushing the boundaries of your phone’s battery. Folio or wallet cases, such as these Pad & Quill iPhone covers, may carry your phone as well as other essentials, such as your stamp card or ID you always forget to bring to the ice cream shop. As an added bonus, many of these cases may give a surprising amount of protection, as they provide complete coverage for the edges and also a metal clasp to secure the phone in place.

Phone covers that are specifically designed for non-iPhone users might be more difficult to come by. Many phone cover firms specialize in creating goods specifically for iPhones. If you have a Google Pixel Phone, Samsung phone, or even a OnePlus phone, you can generally find a plethora of possibilities, but your options get more limited from there. You may choose to check with a local phone repairing shop in order to have a bespoke case created.

Rugged Cases

These cases are another choice to consider but bear in mind that they will be thick and hefty, so be prepared for that. The presence of reinforced corners and air pockets significantly minimizes the likelihood of harm to your device, but it does so at the expense of increasing overall size. In addition, they should be simple to grasp, even with moist hands; however, you may discover that this makes it more difficult to slip them in and out of the pocket. Having said that, you may need to purchase a belt clip or holster in order to fit the bigger frame.

Rugged cases should protect the device from all angles, including the touchscreen and the buttons, which might make pressing the buttons more difficult and the touchscreen sensitivity reduced. At the end of the day, robust cases might make it a bit more difficult to actually use your smartphone.

The IP rating will inform you of the case’s capacity to tolerate contact with water and dust. Some case makers have gone one step further and put their products through rigorous testing by the United States military. Pressure, temperature, vibration, and impact are all covered by MIL-STD-810 certification, as well as other factors

Tough Cases

If you need a case that will almost certainly survive a drop, but you don’t want to add too much weight or fully sacrifice style, then one of the numerous robust cases now available on the market is a good choice. For shock absorption, a classic combination that works wonders is a rigid polycarbonate outer layer with an interior layer of something softer, such as silicone, between them. Also, keep a lookout for certification from the military’s drop test program.

You may anticipate these covers to add a little amount of size and weight, but they are available in a variety of designs and shouldn’t prevent you from accessing all of the features your phone has to offer. As a precaution, make sure your phone has a lip or some other kind of protection over the front in case it falls face down. You should also anticipate more grip, which will lessen the likelihood that you will drop the phone.

Slim or Basic Cases

In some cases, it seems a shame to hide your phone’s beautiful design, while in other cases, you just don’t want anything too large in your pocket. If you value appearance above safety, a thin case may be the best choice for you. It will protect your phone from scratches in the parts that it really covers, and it will very likely increase the odds of your phone surviving a fall (but you shouldn’t bank on it). Translucent covers are becoming more popular on the market, making it simpler than ever to get a case that enables your phone’s beauty to show through while still protecting it. If you believe that a basic degree of security is sufficient, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on a thin case, and they may be quite useful.

These one-piece cases are often constructed of TPU, which is both robust and somewhat pliable, making them simple to fit and providing some shock protection at the same time. Hard, narrow cases might be difficult to get on and off your smartphone, and they don’t provide much protection against drop injuries. In this area, you’ll discover the widest selection of designs and colors. However, pay attention to the cut-outs and keep in mind that a lack of protection around the corners and a lip on the front suggests that the product will provide poor fall protection. Drop protection is also provided by many of the best iPhone cases in this category, which combine a thin, rigid back with a thicker, pliable bumper to provide enough protection.

Folio Cases

These cases may be both fashionable and practical in their design. They’re a fantastic alternative to typical cases if you’re planning on tossing your phone in a bag, mostly because they provide all-around protection for your device. When it comes to phone drop protection, however, they differ since some have a shell-type casing built in while others have almost no protection on the sides or corners.

Authentic leather is the only option if you’re ready to spend a little more money. A polyurethane (PU) material, which is frequently referred to as “vegan leather,” is used to construct the great majority of folio covers. Even though polyurethane (PU) is beneficial, it may have an unpleasant smell, particularly at first, and it is susceptible to breaking with time.

If your smartphone is equipped with the sleep-wake feature, it should automatically come to life when you open its cover and go to sleep mode when you shut it. Folio covers are often equipped with this feature. If you don’t want to take the chance of the case opening while you’re carrying it, the sort of closure is critical. Magnetic closures allow for more elegant designs, but they are not always as durable as tab, elastic, or stud closures, which are more common.

Many folio covers claim credit card slots, but only a handful of them are really capable of replacing a wallet. They’ll only hold a number of cards at a time, and cramming them too full increases the likelihood of the case opening suddenly.

Silicone Phone Cases

Many people are familiar with silicone phone covers since they were formerly manufactured for very early phone models, at the beginning of the period in which phones became intelligent. They were extremely soft to the touch and a little sticky to touch, and they grabbed the surface on which they were put. For a short period of time, they were quite popular. Modern silicone phone covers are often constructed from a material known as ‘liquid silicone.’ If you’ve never heard of a liquid silicone phone cover, you’re not alone. Because it is significantly tougher than traditional soft silicone and has an elasticity akin to that of a gel phone cover, liquid silicone differs from traditional soft silicone in many ways. Typically, these cases have a matte surface, are lightweight to the touch, and are resistant to fingerprints and dust accumulation. In the same way as gel cases protect your phone’s back and sides, these cases protect your phone’s back and sides. They are quite popular because of the way they feel and the finish they provide.

Wallet Phone Cases

This is a popular type that can be used as a phone cover and a wallet at the same time. They are often constructed of leather, most commonly in PU (polyurethane) leather, although they may also be found in genuine leather as well. These covers contain a polycarbonate insert into which the phone can be fastened, and then a leather edging around the rear of the case that can be folded over your iPhone’s front. The phone and wallet sections are accessed via the front portion, which is opened like a book. The wallet area of the phone can typically hold 1-4 cards that are the same size as a conventional credit card. These phone covers are attractive if you’re searching for a phone case in leather style, and they’re also useful since they protect the phone’s front from damage. Thus, if your phone is stored in a bag, it will be more protected from scratches. Because of the inside hard case and the exterior leather cover, these phone cases provide excellent protection. The main disadvantage is that, because of the front and back protection, they might be a little bulky when placed in the pocket. If there are cards within, they might add additional thickness to the package. In general, it is a popular kind of phone cover that is still in high demand today.

Leather Phone Cases

These cases are a popular and higher-end form of phone cover that is becoming more popular. However, they are constructed of leather and have a comparable form factor and weight to the other silicone, gel, and hard cases available (real or PU leather). A rigid inner shell is used in the construction of some of these cases, which is subsequently wrapped in leather and the interior is lined with felt by certain manufacturers. Others manufacture them out of leather with a thin flex-like inner layer that is not made of hard polycarbonate plastic, as opposed to hard polycarbonate. These high-end phone covers are available in a variety of colors and finishes, and they are a popular choice among those who value style and quality.

Phone Skins

Despite the fact that they are not cases, phone skins are a popular method to customize a phone while also protecting it from scratches. They are typically made of vinyl and are available in a matte or gloss surface, as well as a variety of designs. They are simple, reasonably priced, and have the potential to be extremely attractive. The majority of people like cases that are a little more protective than these, thus they are not a particularly common kind of protection.

Battery Cases

Poor battery life continues to be the most common concern about mobile technology, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. If you have a smartphone, you may always consider purchasing a battery cover. These often contain a built-in battery that can keep your smartphone running for a few more hours after it has been charged.

Battery casings, on the other hand, are usually large and hefty. If they’re little, it’s because the battery inside isn’t very large, and it won’t make a significant difference in your battery life. mAh rating is important, but it may not always tell the whole picture, so search for a real-world test to confirm the battery’s capacity.

As a rule, battery cases are not intended to provide much in terms of protection, so you’ll need to verify with the manufacturer on this point. The ability to charge your iPhone should always be available, regardless of the situation. Ideally, your phone would drain the case first, allowing you to remove it after the case is completely empty. Some ingenious designs are also available that combine a lightweight casing or bumper with a battery component that can be removed when necessary. Expect to be able to see the battery state at a glance as well as pass-through capabilities for the headphone jack and charging or data transfer, which is a nice addition.

Screen Protector

Many smartphones come pre-installed with the screen protector, and there are many retailers that offer screen protectors for almost every gadget on the market. Even though they may help lessen the likelihood of scratches or cracks emerging on your touchscreen, their appearance and, in some cases, users will be negatively impacted as a result.

If you’re going to get a screen protector, make sure that it is specifically designed for your device and that you do it as soon as possible since any imperfections on your screen will increase the likelihood that you will have bubbles. Carefully read the installation instructions before beginning. Apply the screen protector slowly and carefully, since patience is required for the best results.

In most cases, you will get numerous screen protectors with your purchase, allowing you to discard the existing one if it becomes damaged. You may also get screen protectors that decrease viewing angles to provide you with more privacy, as well as screen protectors that are meant to minimize glare.

It is possible to acquire a screen protector that is thin enough to fit inside a slim case or one that is strong and thick. The only drawback we’ve discovered to utilizing screen protectors is that they may be difficult to apply and can reduce your screen’s touch sensitivity when not properly installed. If the sensitivity of your screen is important to you, there are screen protectors that can include this into the design, but they are often substantially more costly.

Finding the Ideal Case

You may want to choose a color and pattern that complements your own style, however, there are some additional considerations to keep in mind. Take into consideration how the iPhone case will feel in your hands. In order to improve grip, several cases include ridged sides or unique finishes on the outside. After all, the most effective drop protection is to avoid dropping the phone in the first place, as previously said. Is it important to you to have a kickstand to prop your phone up in landscape mode when watching movies? Consider if your iPhone is compatible with MagSafe if you have a more current model.

Keep an eye out for button coverings that are too stiff or cutouts that are too small. The openings for connectors and camera lenses should be large enough so that they do not interfere with your phone’s operation. Thicker, more robust casings may cause interference with wireless charging in certain situations. If you are unable to test a case before purchasing it, check some internet reviews or contact the maker.

Plastic is the most often used material for phone covers, and it is typically composed of polycarbonate, TPU, or a combination of the two materials. The question is, what happens if you update your phone in a few years? That case will almost certainly become part of the rising wave of plastic debris and will likely outlast you. Although we are beginning to see biodegradable plastic phone covers, if you are worried about the influence of plastic on the world’s environment, it may be preferable to choose a different material.

Sage Advice

The experiences that our cellphones enable us to have (getting the most up-to-date information, shooting photographs that we treasure, and remaining in contact with loved ones) are much worth conserving and preserving. Phones are becoming more portable, but this also means that we are exposing them to increased hazards. We want to underline that although cases are the greatest method to prevent damage to your phone from occurring, no case is completely infallible.

Which one is the Best Case for iPhone 13?

Due to the fact that everyone has different requirements and interests, it’s hard to pick a single iPhone 13 case that is ideal, but any of the alternatives listed above should do an excellent job of protecting your device.

What to look for while buying an iPhone 13 case?

It goes without saying that safety is paramount, so check for things like drop test standards and other real information on this. Beyond that, think about how bulky you’re fine with a case being – greater protection often equates to more bulk. Besides that, you’ll want something that looks well on you, or if you wish to show off your phone, anything transparent will do.


Last but not least, we believe that visiting a physical store and handling each case by hand, if at all feasible, is your best option. Because you’ll be reaching for and holding the phone on a regular basis, you’ll want to choose something that complements your personality and lifestyle. We would also suggest that you examine a number of various styles of cases for different activities; for example, you could like a slimline case for work, but a robust one for hiking or bicycling.

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