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Best Grocery Delivery App of 2022 That You Must Try

People no longer have to flee their homes to fetch their weekly groceries, thanks to the arrival of applications that can manage your everyday tasks. You may get things delivered directly to your home instead, saving you both money and time.

Grocery applications are typically classified into a few types. When people utilize a service like Instacart, they are essentially hiring somebody to go out to the local supermarket and handle your grocery shopping for you. Peapod, for example, operates somewhat like a digital grocery store. But on the other side, Walmart Grocery now has a pickup as well as delivery service provided through the brick & mortar shop. They maintain their stock of goods; you simply have to order your groceries from the comfort of your house.

Here are some of our best grocery delivery apps and services of 2022, including many that now provide no-contact deliveries.

Walmart Grocery Delivery

How does it work: You have 2 choices for grocery shopping. The procedure overall is really easy. The very first step is to choose the goods you want from the Walmart Groceries website online. However, you will need to install the Walmart food application for the second choice. Well, we enjoy the app, but in any case, you will discover a broad range of items that is practically as plentiful as shopping physically. You aren’t confined to simply choose food; you may also include helpful products such as cosmetics along with some medications. We even purchased kitchen utensils using the Walmart Grocery Delivery. The very final task is to set a pickup or collection time after you have added all your products to the cart.

Accessibility: Many towns across the United States enjoy this food supply system.


Delivery + price: Delivery costs may differ, but are generally between $8.00 and $10.00, based on the area you reside. If you register for Walmart Plus, you can get limitless delivery for around $13 per month or $98 per year if you spend at least $35.

The Walmart Plus membership is good enough to justify its weight in gold in our opinion, and you can also join up for a complimentary 15-day tryout here. A Walmart Plus membership grants you accessibility to member-only clock cycles. You might get your things transported in roughly 2 hours or the delivery may take no more than a maximum of 24 hours. Moreover, you will not have to stress about placing repeated orders if you are a Walmart Plus member because shipping expenses are already included. To place your order at Walmart click here!

Shipt Delivery Service App

How does it work: After you have signed up for Ship’s android or IOS application and had it downloaded, all you must do is pick your food items, get them delivered, and checkout. The delivery guy will knock at your home in about sixty minutes. As of right now, Shipt provides goods from major food chains like Publix, Kroger, Fry’s, and H-E-B and employs local shopping teams to choose the goods by hand to make sure your fresh vegetable order is delivered fresh. Users may use this application throughout store operating hours, meaning in certain scenarios this entails 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.

Accessibility: Shipt is presently accessible in multiple significant Southeast regions, as well as in

  • → Texas
  • → Arizona
  • → Michigan

Rates and transportation: A Shipt subscription costs $100 bucks each year ($14 bucks if you want it monthly), with free delivery service on purchases over $35 bucks. Else, there will be a delivery charge. Grocery products are also significantly more expensive unless you bought them from a local shop. Tipping your courier is also recommended and may be done using the Shipt application. You can place your order at Shipt by clicking here!

Instacart Delivery Service App

How does it work: Instacart works with a crew of regional shoppers to get groceries across from many retailers in your region. Although you may purchase from a variety of big grocery store chains, like Mariano’s or Whole Foods, Instacart additionally offers a recipe shopping function. You may plan your delivery ahead of time or buy on the spot.


Accessibility: Instacart serves a lot of large American urban centers, like

  • → Chicago
  • → San Francisco
  • → Houston
  • → New York

Cost and transportation: The shipping charge is determined by the volume of your purchase as well as the delivery schedule you select. Delivery prices may be increased during peak shopping hours, but users could also join up for the Instacart Premium subscription, which allows users to get complimentary delivery orders on purchases over $35 bucks.

Though Instacart strives to deliver goods at the equivalent cost as that of in-store purchasing, pricing may vary substantially. For non-premium clients, Instacart charges a 5% processing fee on non-alcohol products. Express members continue to pony up a service charge, but it is considerably lower, beginning at 1.9 percent. Again, the service fee isn’t a tip, and also their standard tip rate is 5%. You can place your order at Instacart by clicking here!

Final Thoughts

In recent times, online buying has become pretty popular. People nowadays buy all the things online, even groceries. The best grocery delivery app services provide all the stuff that you can purchase at the supermarket, with the added luxury of having it delivered to your door.

Walmart Plus and Instacart seem to be the 2 of the largest and most commonly accessible grocery delivery apps. They work in distinct ways – Walmart Plus assembles items in a storehouse, whereas Instacart employs human shoppers who visit local businesses near you. Both provide a vast variety of items from fresh fruit and vegetables to meat, fish, and non-perishables such as macaroni and even cleaning materials too.

Lastly Walmart Plus might just be the best option for anybody seeking to substitute their normal, monthly in-store grocery buying trip. While Instacart gives tailored access to your preferred retailer. So, these are our recommended best grocery delivery apps for 2021. Hope you find your best one out of these!

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