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12 Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X [Updated 2022]

Gaming monitors come in all different shapes and sizes, meaning there are many choices for you to make. But sometimes it takes a while to recognize what might actually be most suited for you. Unlike general PC monitors, gaming monitors are made with gaming-specific requirements in mind. If you are looking for the best gaming monitor for Xbox one x, you’ve come to the right

PC Monitor

A simple PC monitor can have a lot of vague as well as specific purposes depending upon the user. There are many ways you can identify the worth and performance of a monitor by different measures of features and how well they perform those functions. The problem arises in identifying your right monitor because not everyone is aware of all the features, their differences, and how to tell whether a monitor is adequate for you, which price margin to use, etc. Whether it’s the resolution you’re after, efficiency, user interface or even keeping within the budget, you can factor in all these and more while making your decision.

What to consider when shopping for a Gaming Monitor

Here is a list of a few things we consider and that you should consider too, before buying a gaming monitor.

  • The panel technology is an important factor in determining the value of a monitor in terms of gaming, and overall. IPS, TN, and VA are three different types of panel tech you will find in monitors. IPS is really fast in response time and is better in colors. TN is the fastest in performance of response time but its picture quality is not great, therefore the low prices. VA on the other hand is famous for having the best contrast in the picture.
  • Identify whether gaming will be your only purpose and use from the monitor and move on to the other features reflecting on that. The things you might require in case you also need the monitor for professional use might not be the same as what you require while gaming, so keep that in mind.
  • A common feature you need to consider in a gaming monitor is its refresh rate, which needs to be higher. It’s measured in hertz (Hz), the times your monitor updates any relevant information every second. It is highly important in terms of gaming because it makes sure of smoother and more fluent images on the screen. You should consider at least 75 Hz in any monitor if you are going to use it for gaming. The higher it goes from here, the better.
  • Another very important feature is the resolution, which is common enough for anybody to know. You consider it when buying a TV, a phone camera, and a gaming monitor. But what is the standard you should set is something not everyone knows. The clear-cut answer is 1080p or 1920 x 1080 width by height in format is the basic there should be. A better option is to go for 4k versions or QHD if it still comes under your set budget.
  • Something very directly related to resolution you should also consider is the size of the monitor. This in relation to pixel density makes up for the overall screen quality, combined with the resolution. Consider 110+ pixels per inch (PPI) as the good ratio to have. Apart from that, your particular room and space in which you will use the monitor help you identify what size might be good. 32 to 40 inches are considered good for the regular monitor distance.
  • Response time and curved monitor options are the final considerations. While the former is important to consider for gaming, the latter can be ignored depending upon your preference. The pace depends from 5ms to 0.5ms, while the shorter the response time is, the better the monitor’s performance is. Curved monitor screens, however, might not be everyone’s jam, as they can provide a good engaging view but can also be too much for certain angles. Therefore, you can choose to pick or ignore the curved screen feature.

Not all the gaming monitors you pick, or that have some features you really like might have all these above features, in the exact line of your requirements. But you can make sure you take your best pick from the lot by ensuring maximum preferences are met, instead of all.

Here is finally the section of suggestions that many go through the rest of the article for. These suggestions are our personal choices, each is included due to some feature or the other. Considering that our main motive is to ensure it works well with Xbox One X, it might not be suitable for all kinds of games or consoles. Let’s look at the choices.

Top 12 Picks of Gaming Monitors


With a curved VA panel and 1440p resolution, the Samsung Odyssey gaming monitor is a great option to consider for your gaming needs with Xbox One X. It has a response time of 60Hz which is great for processing. It comes in two different sizes as well, therefore you can make your pick depending upon the need. The slight curve adds to an immersive overall experience while you play games.

This whole deal is good enough in terms of image and video quality even if it’s not an incredibly high-quality monitor. It has a higher contrast ratio, is bright enough, and works well with colors to ensure you have an experience likely leaning towards positive no matter how light or dark your surroundings are. It’s a good size, but you also have the option to choose your preference.

2. ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q 28” HDR Gaming Monitor

Amazon’s new gaming computer has a 28-inch 4K (3840×2160) IPS DCI-P3 grade monitor with high-quality image production and processing and a wide range of bright colors. It’s hard to come by gaming monitors with flexible connectivity and easy accessibility. Not just being beneficial visually and affordable, Amazon now has installed Ultra-Low Blue Light technology to protect the eyes from the detrimental emitted blue of the display.

 This set comes with four different types of options of light range and adjustability to choose from. For beginners and other gamers looking to pursue a career in gaming, Game plus is an ASUS-exclusive enhancement to the monitor for the users to improve their skills and be better at their desired games! Similarly, another GameVisual technology has up to seven preset display modes to upgrade visuals beforehand according to your likeability.75 Hz in any monitor

3. AOC 24G2 24" Frameless Gaming IPS Monitor

If you are in particular a fan of the lower price but similar or close features that can compete with fancier products, this is your gaming monitor. The 24-inch screen with the 1080p resolution already matches with so many other options on this list, that are comparatively more expensive. It has FreeSync technology to support fluid motion without much screen tearing. The 144Hz refresh rate is a great addition to its features as well.

One look at its design and you would be able to tell from the ergonomic nature that it is designed with a gamer in mind. It even has reflection handling, so many fancy monitors don’t have that feature that enables it to adjust with the surrounding light and brightness in the environment. It does not support HDR, but it supports much more than you would expect at this price. You can include additional virtual crosshairs for FPS shooter games in the monitor, as well as maintain the contrast ratio as you go.

4. LG 24GL650-B 24 Inch Full HD Ultragear Gaming Monitor

This 24” FHD, 1920 x 1080 display monitor is a good and reasonable addition to this list. The AMD RADEON FreeSync technology enables a great picture quality experience for you. It has high-performance features that enable you to achieve quick results but is faster and more in sync. The Dynamic Action Sync minimizes the input lag that further helps you bring a smoother game on every time.

It has a 144Hz refresh rate, ergonomic design, 1ms (GTG) i.e. the response time. The fluid movements and quick controls help you give your 100% in the game without lagging behind. The resolution is stark and bright enough to manage a good viewing experience as well. The dependable motion of its image makes for an enhanced game, each time you play. The lack of inconsistency is a good factor that adds to its affordable price.

5. BenQ EW3270U 32 inch 4K Monitor

Nowadays gaming monitors are becoming a must-have as the interests of the youth mainly lie in using technology for recreational purposes. With that being said, BenQ has launched a gaming monitor with a wide range of options and modifications as per the suitability of the younger people. It has a high-resolution 31.5-inch screen for a good view even from afar.

Moreover, it has an HDR support system that handles black and white color adjustment for clear imaging rendering and details. With that, it also has a Brightness Intelligence Plus technology which monitors brightness and color temperature based on the content being watched. Gaming monitors have some disadvantages while having a handful of benefits i.e; their effect on the eyes, but BENQ has an especially designed eye care technology for better eye protection and comfortability.

6.Acer Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx

Acer Nitro is a 24-inch gaming monitor that might even make the top 5 best gaming monitors list, it had to make this best gaming monitor for Xbox One X list. It has a 1080p screen resolution with a 24-inch screen size that complements the resolution perfectly. The screen isn’t too big but it has good wide sharing angles for you to be able to share it if you want to. The refresh rate and response time both account for good standards as well.

It has a great additional feature that has the blue light for protection from the heavy strain on your eyes in case you are on long hours of gaming. It also has a flicker-free backlight that makes for another good additional feature. The input lag is low enough to make for a fluent viewing, with a wide color gamut that makes the visuals quite pleasing. If you are particularly interested in a bigger size, it might help to go for another option, but apart from that, this is an ideal gaming monitor within a good price range, especially for Xbox One X.

7. Dell S2721QS 27 Inch 4K UHD

A large screen with a 4k resolution that goes enough in price to make sure you are able to afford it, is not as easy to come by. This Dell version, however, is a close version you can find in the market. With a good contrast option and brightness, the image quality on this one is great for many reasons. Some have argued that it might not be great in darker conditions, but it’s more of a circumstance-based opinion that might differ as well.

The refresh rate on this one is 60Hz, with a good response time, wide viewing angles to combine into an almost perfect option you would find in this size. Gaming in HDR is specifically special with this one because it brings out the colors that you are dealing with in any game, improving the viewing experience.

Many have categorized it as a good option for professional use as well, but considering how it fills the requirements of a good gaming monitor, it is considered good in this list as well. If you are into games that are more environment and ambiance-focused, this is going to improve your gaming experience a lot.


This Aorus monitor is a 43″ 3840 x 2160 VA QLED 4K Display version of the gaming monitor in a long line of some of the best monitors, overall. It has a 144Hz Refresh Rate making for an efficiently smooth stream of visuals. With anti-glare technology, which helps you keep your eyes less strained and not get tired easily while you play. The 1ms (MPRT) Response Time is also a good measure of the fluidity in this gaming monitor’s visuals.

It not only has FreeSync Premium Pro but also Quantum Dot technology that makes for a much richer vibrant screen. The color gamut is another positive factor with a 97% DCI-P3, 10-bit color, the screen does not miss out. In addition to the High Definition Pure Melodic Sound experience with 5 modes, it also has Game Assist, OSD Sidekick, Dashboard, Crosshair, Timer for the ultimate gaming experience.

9. Dell Alienware AW2521HF

The Alienware 240Hz has a new IPS technology for better liquid crystal displays and strong angle reliability. The new technology also helps keep a clear image that contains up to 99% sRGB blazing color coverage and a fully modified lighting system which makes playing games an all the more thrilling experience for the gamer.

Oftentimes, monitors start slowing down due to their incompatible with high-quality games but not Alienware, it has an AMD FreeSync Premium and NVIDIA G-SYNC accessible technology which synchronizes the visuals and the monitor so the viewer/gamer gets better display and the monitor doesn’t slow down. The new gaming computer comes with an epic ventilation system at the top, bottom, and rear side of the monitor to keep the system cooled down and prevent overheating. This might be the new must-have gaming monitor for experienced players who enjoy partaking in heated battles with other worlds.

10. Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB 43" Console Gaming Monitor

This Phillips Momentum gaming monitor is a great 43 inch, 4k monitor that has even greater brightness and color level. It comes with a FreeSync variable refresh rate (VRR) that helps with the syncing of the image. But the monitor is still lagging in terms of the refresh rate which is 60Hz, causing a blurry motion in the picture. Some critics have called the viewing experience average, but if you compare the average to the real features, it comes out that the features are quite good enough in terms of everyday use.

It has a wide color gamut which is its biggest outstanding feature among all of the others. When looking for brightness and contrast too, those come close to the overall color gamut in making it a well-rounded resolution on the visuals. What it does miss out on is the noticeable cross-hatching that seems to be distracting to some users. It comes with a remote control to use the monitor flexibly, which means you can alternate it as an LED TV.

11. LG 32UN650-W 32 Inch UHD

Another candidate in the wide color gamut program is this LG 32 inch UHD monitor that is likely to be more useful to you than you would expect. This is the cheapest option to find out there as well since many of the monitors in this feature range are designed for high-end professional use, but LG has made its product more inclusive by spreading the use of the monitor.

There are wide viewing angles that you might not find in this price range. It does not have RGB mode but it covers 95% DCI-P3 color gamut making the visuals appear more saturated on your screen. It does not support HDR despite the many other resolutions features that it stays ahead of. You need a monitor with a high resolution and image quality feature because a lot of the gaming experience makes part of the viewing of the game and its visuals. Gaming companies spend millions of dollars to improve their visuals and animation, all because it has a huge impact on how gamers experience gaming.

HDMI and DisplayPort for tear-free gameplay are supported. The height of the monitor is adjustable through the back stand that it is settled on. There are several ports and connections that allow you to keep the monitor engaged with other devices for the game, these include HDMI 2.0 inputs, DisplayPort 1.4, a headphone jack, and two 5W built-in speakers.

12. MSI 24” FHD (1920 x 1080) Gaming Monitor

MSI is a brand globally known for laptops, graphics cards, monitors, motherboards, desktops, peripherals, servers, IPCs, robotic appliances, and vehicle infotainment, and telematics systems. All these aside, its gaming monitor today is good enough to stand up on its own. For starters, the monitor has a 24″ LCD panel with an LED backlight to match the good size and screen resolution ratio. It has a 75Hz refresh rate, which is good enough while gaming on your own.

Additionally, the 1ms response time on the monitor helps eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates. It makes for a well-rounded and fluent screen. The wide-angle feature also adds up to its reputation with a good 178° visible. Screen tearing as the main issue in many monitors is also addressed by MSI, as they’ve applied the Adaptive sync, making the screen sync overcome the tearing. The screen is an IPS panel, as we discussed before, good in terms of color. It has a super narrow bezel too, to give you the most immersive screen experience possible.


Hopefully, this will help you make a smart and comprehensive decision regarding a gaming monitor. Although this list is especially composed of our top choices for the best gaming monitor for Xbox One X you can use the features and benefits they come with for any purpose of your own. You can even choose a more well-rounded option that is only great for your gaming but also work or streaming content among other things.

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