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9 Best Crossbow Scopes in 2021 – Reviewed & Revealed

The significance of selecting the best available crossbow zoom scope is known to all experienced bow hunting fanatics. The maximum crossbow efficiency and outstanding shooting abilities are only a few components of this jigsaw. You have to use every assistance you can acquire in an effort to achieve your maximum potential and become a successful archer. A poor scope would, of course, put your work at risk. You should therefore ensure that your target is improved by spending some money on a superior one.

Regardless of the fact that most crossbows have factory assembled scopes, they frequently lack reliability and, therefore, an aftermarket scope can offer a major contribution to one’s hunting trip.

So how are you going to get support from our best crossbow scope evaluations? After testing and examining numerous scopes, we hope to share our ‘experience’ with all of you, our hunting buddies, as well as provide people with the perfect scope that is of the highest quality and at an affordable price.

So, let’s take a look at the best of the best right below:

1. TenPoint Crossbows HCA-09811

If you value the accuracy of the crossbow scope’s optical elements, this is an excellent choice. The HCA-09811 features completely multi-purpose optics of 1.5 to 5x that greatly reduces the loss of light transmission. Above all, the 30mm lens should improve light collection. Thus, in short, the things you gaze at will be super clear.

The changeable optics provided by the model enable you to take advantage of exceptional adaptability. The reticle on it is backlit. However, there is hardly anything that stops you from contacting the manufacturer’s brand if you’d like to have one with no backlight.

The calibration includes arrow bolts flying at around 275 to 425 FPS that have a pointer size of within 20 and 60 meters of this specialized scope. With this option, it is very difficult to make a mistake, as TenPoint also produces bows, so engineers truly know what they are doing to make the goods complementary to your choice of weapons.

The good:

  • Excellent light transmission
  • Fully multi-coated optical elements
  • Markers from 20 to 60 yards
  • Versatile 1.5 to 5x optics

The bad:

  • In previous designs, the lens had a red circle that made it easier for the prey to locate hunters. Luckily, this was eliminated.

2. Excalibur Tact-Zone 2.5-6x32mm

This one has a variable zoom that allows you to select the appropriate one, which is probably between 2.5x and 6x for this scope.It can be set to fire bows at speeds ranging from 275 to 410 frames per second.Anyone who buys it can use it with many kinds of contemporary crossbows. It allows for adaptability.

Given that it is only 13 inches in diameter and weighs just under 1 pound, this crossbow scope is considered quite small.However, there really aren’t any rings to offer, so you’ll have to fetch them up independently.

As the Excalibur replacement is supplied with a completely multi-coated lens, the richness, as well as the luminosity of the sights you’ll be gazing at, will be out of this world. With regards to overall vision, it is around 45 feet with a magnification of 2.5 times, although, at a magnification of 6 times, it drops to about 20 feet. This should be enough for you to shoot at any prey.

The Good:

  • An excellent field of vision for hunting a variety of animal types.
  • It is possible to customize it to match a variety of newer crossbows.
  • The target image is excellent.
  • You have the benefit of adjustable zoom.

The Bad:

  • You’ll need to buy the rings separately as they are not included in the box

3. TenPoint Crossbows HCA-097-II

If you are in the market and looking for a scope which is complex but fairly compact for your crossbow shooting, you might want to examine this one. Firstly, it is quite tiny because it is merely 8.5 inches long. For crossbows, it’s an excellent choice.

The equipment features 3 by 32 optics, which are completely multi-coated. Therefore, this is one less annoying concern for you to worry about. Moreover, it implies that, owing to the exceptional caliber of the optics, you’ll benefit from strong light transmission. You may pick from 3 distinct reticle choices, consisting of green, red, and black lighted circles.

The calibration of this crossbow scope is 50, 40, 30, and 20 yards. But, what really puts it apart from the number of rivals is that it also includes the supplied rings. Hence, you will be paying for what you see in the advertisement. There are no hidden fees; this is the entire package.

The Good:

  • Excellent optical components that are fully multi-coated.
  • It includes the rings already attached.
  • Light transmission is superb.
  • The optics measure 3 x 32.
  • You have three reticle choices to pick from.

The Bad:

  • Many people have reported that the rings look cheap.

4. Excalibur Crossbow Dead-Zone 1952

This crossbow scope is a little larger, but it is still very lightweight, so it can be used quickly and efficiently, and removal and installation is relatively quick and possible in comparison to several of the other scopes described in this list.The dead zone appears to be a multi-ringel, changeable scale, giving you a tremendous amount of adaptability.

It was specially developed for every crossbow out there that can take shots at between 300 and 410 frame rates. The scope comes with an objective lens of 32 millimeters as well as a 1-inch tube that does not block the passage of light.

Also noteworthy is the complete coating on the optical elements of this specific design, so that the whole reduced costs relative to similar alternatives are justified. Although this is a drawback for some potential consumers, It is merely a compromise that allows a cheaper crossbow scope for the same money and is therefore accessible to even hunters who are tight on their budget.

The Good:

  • The concept of crossbows with 300 to 410 FPS shooting
  • Multi-functional, since the multi-articles are dynamic
  • Quality optical components are fully protected.
  • It is significantly less expensive than the competition.

The Bad:

The light transmission seems to be similar to that of a fully coated lens.

5. UTG 4 X 32 1"

The design of such a crossbow scope like this one is ultimately a benefit since its dimension is only 8.19 inches as well as it has a weight of about 12.3 ounces. You may use it anywhere at this size. The lens seems to be a thirty-two millimeter glass component, and, therefore, you shouldn’t have to stress about stuff spoiling your usability.

The scope has a set zoom of 4x so that in contrast to the adjustable alternatives we have offered up here, this one’s a little less flexible. However, sharpness and clarity are superb, as well as most hunters were satisfied with the quality for the price.

Some users who have tried it claim that the optics appear to be completely multi-coated, despite the fact that the vendor has not supplied any details in this regard. Many hunters noticed that each of those 5 lines across the eyelid’s diameter may have been an issue and so a pyramid-looking reticle would have been much preferred.

The Good:

  • For a 32mm lens, the light transmission is excellent.
  • The eye relief is 3.8 inches.
  • It is fog proof since it has been nitrogen purged.
  • The package includes all of the necessary rings.

The Bad:

  • All 5 lines seem to be crossing the eyepiece’s diameter.

6. NIKW9 Prostaff P3

One of the several major advantages of choosing this option is its completely multi-coated lens system, which also provides great transmission of light as well as allows you to view things that seem to be clear and bright.

Furthermore, you might want to know that if you have difficulty picking up a decent spot sight with your crossbow, it’s also built both for a range of weights and for a number of speeds. The “zero” of 20 yards on the reticle enables you to focus and fire confidentially at your objective.

You may also simply and quickly change the reticle because this optical equipment is click-stop-equipped. The turret covers are constructed of aluminum so that they can survive the test of time. This isn’t all, because the entire item is made of aluminum grade, which is used in airplanes, so you’ll get compact yet robust hunting gear.

  • Excellent light transfer for a vibrant sight.
  • Eye-relaxation of 3.4-in.
  • Multi-coated lenses.
  • It weighs only 10.9 oz.
  • tube constructed of airplane aluminum grade.

The Bad:

  • In regards to flexibility, the fixed 3x zoom doesn’t offer the best.

7. Excalibur Twilight DLX

If you consider yourself a serious crossbow hunter, the Excalibur Twilight DLX might be the scope of your dreams. To provide hunters with the best possible chance to hit their target, this crossbow scope is built to absorb the highest amount of light. Due to the high presence of light, executing the prey in low-light situations gets pretty easy. Therefore, if you are out hunting at dusk or perhaps at dawn, the chances are that you might dominate all your fellow hunters with this piece of equipment.

But how does this scope manage to give clarity in low light? It has a large 44-millimeter objective lens, which allows it to catch more light, as well as complete multi-coated lenses that are fog-resistant and a 30-millimeter tube, which allows for uninterrupted transmission of light.It also has a dual green or red light reticle that helps you spot the target in low-light situations and, of course, improves your accuracy.This scope comes equipped with a multiplex crosshair system, so you can aim accurately within a ten-yard radius at 400 to 300 FPS.

The Good:

  • A clear and crisp view
  • Illuminated reticles in green and red.
  • Light gathering feature

The Bad:

  • Only 400 to 300 FPS can be customized.
  • It’s a little large in size.

8. Hawke 1.5-5X32 IR SR Scope

All the crossbow hunters who love speed shooting will definitely love this scope. The fps customization on this one is outclass, ranging from 279 to a max of 425. This vast horizon of fps adjustment makes this scope suitable for the fastest rings. This crossbow scope performs excellently at about a hundred yards. Also, it is a lot easier when it comes to sighting it in. It is strongly recommended by professionals for those who are about to buy a crossbow. This is an essential upgrade for many of those who want to increase their accuracy while hunting.

The Good:

  • The adjustment is wild (up to 275 to 425 fps).
  • The design of this scope is durable.

The Bad:

  • The magnification and speed adjustment are interconnected. You can’t just change one of them.

9. TRUGLO 4 X 32 Camo

If you compare the price of this crossbow scope with the quality that it offers, you will note how great the quality actually is. Although this one is not that efficient when it comes to low light situations, it is still usable in the early morning or perhaps by the mid-afternoon. It also features a fog-proof as well as water-proof sight at a very reasonable price. The contrast, clarity, and brightness are acceptable too. If you are on a low budget, this might be the best crossbow scope for your hunting adventures. Of course, a lot of different options are always there, but, then again, the price is higher, too.

The Good:

  • Camouflage finish
  • Sufficient field of view
  • The reticle is perfectly sized for hunting deers.

The Bad:

  • The illumination is missing.
  • The rings are not compatible with every crossbow.

How ShopCarmel Decides?

Well, we initially measured the total optical quality to start assessing the crossbow scope we bought. The ideal crossbow sights are sharp so that you can observe your objectives more precisely. Various qualities, such as multicolored lenses as well as nitrogen filling, can contribute to clear vision.

Secondly, we examined general endurance as well as the use of every scope. Both the frame of the scope itself as well as the lenses must be made of tough materials to prevent them from breaking out in the open. We preferred alternatives that appeared strong in our palms and were able to endure. We gave them extra points for scope, which included covering the lenses to provide protection.

Lastly, we evaluated those areas that offered user-friendly alternatives, which made the interaction smoother and more comfortable. Every scope sight in our collection is effortless to install for beginners on your crossbow. We also liked fully customizable scopes. Those changes are made quite simplistic with the best crossbow scopes as well as incorporating audible pops so that you know whenever the customization is completed. You can change the scope in many ways, but at least you must be in a position to modify things like height and wind speed with only your hands and not with a tool.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Crossbow Scope

The features that are most crucial to consider are:


The entire goal of a crossbow is to enlarge your prospective target to make it more visible and to produce a more precise objective. Furthermore, based on the design you are purchasing, the degree of zoom of your scope varies. Pick the option that truly increases your unique style of hunting sufficiently.

Quality of Optics

If you can not see through it well enough, a crossbow scope will be of little service to you. Ensure that the crossbow scope you buy permits sufficient light to offer you the finest possible sight. Most illumination is offered through multi-coated optics. You must also think about getting a nitrogen-filled site to minimize the fogging caused by the rain in the mornings. You could also explore getting a sight with a reticle for more precise targeting and firing.


The crossbow sights are intended to be assembled and un-assembled by your decision, particularly during hunting excursions when moving out into isolated regions. This implies that you are dealing with the scope very regularly, so that you want something which can be used a lot without being worried about it.


Another essential consideration is the size of your crossbow sight, particularly because you must be ready to carry it while you’re on your hunting adventures. When considering the total stability as well as the mass of the crossbow, the size of the sight is also crucial. If you buy something really huge, your crossbow could become unstable and difficult to shoot.

Final Thoughts

Crossbow scope manufacturers are subject to a number of options. UTG and Hawke, both listed on this list, seem to be our all-time favorites and perhaps the best crossbow scopes. However, it is also worth checking out the Barnett crossbow sights as well as the Excalibur crossbow scopes, like the illuminated scope by Excalibur Tact-Zone. including freshly upgraded reticle layouts, red as well as green rheostat lighting, a 30-millimeter tube, and even a multi-coated lens for unmatched clarity, aside from customizable speeds.

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