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6 Best Chromebooks of 2022 — Find Your Match in Efficiency, Portability, Compactness, and Speed!

Let’s start with a rapid fact. If you are a macOS or Windows user, habitual of the efficiencies of the devices, and thinking of replacing it with a Chrome OS-powered laptop, we wouldn’t recommend that to you. On the other hand, if you are thinking of equipping a Chromebook as an additional device with your Windows or macOS laptop, that wouldn’t be as bad. To find out why continue reading until we define the common Chrome OS features.

An entirely third scenario is that you are thinking of buying a new laptop device without any previous experience. In this case, you should decide based on your preference, requirements, and budget. It would be better if you read this guide till the end because it will help you understand what will suit you best.

Chromebooks are powered by Chrome OS, meaning it uses a Chrome-based operating system for the device. The best Chromebooks out there feature, at max, 512 gigs of storage paired with a handy 16 gigs of RAM, maximum. That was for the best, costing somewhere at $1000. However, as you ascend or descend through the lineup, you would typically find them carrying 4 gigs of memory and 128 gigs of storage.

Our aim is not to discourage you from opting for the Chromebooks, but only to be aware of their functionality and features. There are reasons behind their features too, the minimum local storage means they don’t require a lot of it due to the in-built Google cloud storage, giving you exponentially more than your MacBook or Windows laptop.

In addition to that, they are lightweight, well-equipped for considerable computing needs, and quite fast as compared to the traditional laptop lineups. Also, its design outshines the designs of its windows or macOS competitors as it’s minimal, ergonomic, and attraction-rich.

Now that you are aware of some universal facts about the Chromebooks, we’ll meet you with some of the best Chromebooks available in the market that you can buy to meet your go-to needs, deadlines, and assignments.

What is the difference between a Laptop and a Chromebook?

The introduction above may have provided you with an idea about how Chromebooks and laptops differ from each other. That was just a start, here’s thorough comparison between the two.

The first difference between a Chromebook and a laptop is its operating system. While traditional laptops feature Windows and macOS, the Chromebooks feature a Chrome OS.

Anyways, the second difference is usage. It is true that Chromebooks cater to your considerable computing needs, but they don’t do it completely. First, you need to be connected to an internet connection at all times, to operate across the Chromebook. Second, though you are connected, you can’t use heavy programs and apps like Photoshop, games, etc.

The laptops, on the contrary, let you do all that, regardless of your connectivity. The third difference is storage. Your programs on the Chromebook are installed on the cloud while they are installed on the hard drives on traditional laptops. It somehow makes the Chromebooks a bit faster than laptops, not to forget the swiftness of Chrome OS, making it work like a breeze.

You can also check out our detailed guide on best media players for chromebook.

Are Chromebooks worth it in 2022?

Depending on your needs, yes! Whether you want to buy them for your personal use or are opting for them to manage your business needs, they can be a good option as long as you don’t have any specific requirements that the device cannot meet. Laptops with Chrome OS don’t let you run a full-fledged suite of Windows or macOS-supported applications, and you would be devastated if your usage revolves more around them.

The Best Chromebooks of 2022

Here are the best Chromebooks of 2022 out there that may impress you with their looks, compactness, lightweight, and speed.

1. Google Pixelbook


  • Excellent battery life
  • Great design
  • Built-in Google Assistant
  • Stylus support


  • No biometric support
  • The stylus (Pixelbook pen) is sold separately
  • It Falls on a bit of the high-end segment

Obviously, take the first best Chromebook from the inventor itself, and meet the Google Pixelbook, an acclaimed and one of the best Chromebooks of all time. They have made things available that many avid Chromebook users and those who wanted to switch to them were seeking from the light but faster types of laptops. For example, the storage comes way more expanded than found in typical Chromebooks.

You’d see there a fast 8 gigs of RAM, which is paired with 256 gigs of solid-state drive (SSD) and is also one of the factors that make the Google Pixelbook quite a distinctive choice. It ships with a 7th Gen Intel i5 processor.

It features a 4-in-1 design that allows you to use your Pixel Chromebook in a full-fledged tablet, laptop, entertainment, and tent modes. Not to forget the keyboard, it genuinely leaves its mark as you type on it, and sits well with your fingers.

Now there’s a con. The Google Pixelbook, despite being one of the most expensive (priced at $1000), and of course, the best Chromebooks don’t include the Pixelbook pen that allows you to do a myriad of entertaining things.

You can draw, operate, and navigate through your entire Chromebook without having to use your touch on the screen through the pen. And as you draw, you would see the animation of ink being released from the Pixelbook pen, providing you the same vibes as drawing on a canvas.

But unfortunately, you will have to spend an extra $100 to get your hands on it, which will only elevate the overall cost of the device up to $1100.

Check out full specs here.

2. Google Pixelbook Go


  • Absolutely bright and colorful display
  • Great battery life
  • Minimalist design


  • Lacks biometric accessibility
  • Costs lesser than its predecessor, but is still high-end

The ‘Go’ in the name of the Google Pixelbook points just to its capability to be your go-to companion for a variety of computing tasks. It is a successor of the Google Pixelbook, which we have just reviewed, and differs in terms of price, performance, and a few features.

Starting with the display, you would find the Google Pixelbook Go a great choice if you are opting for the best Chromebooks to watch videos, movies, or usage alike. It is because it features a remarkable 4K quality display that lets you work gloriously, no matter what.

The attention to detail will surely blow your mind, but so would the price tag, which is somewhere around $650. Moreover, its overall design does provide exactly what you seek, i.e., better angles and ergonomics.

It has a keyboard that aligns well with all and produces that traditional but attractive click sound—you would love it. Under the hood, the Pixelbook Go features an Intel Core m3 processor that is paired with 8 gigs of RAM and is supported by 64 gigs of storage.

Yes! We do realize your disappointed face over the storage, but you will still be able to avail Google cloud storage that won’t cause you the need to opt for the local minimal storage. At last, it’s true that all the Chromebooks offer great battery life, but the Google Pixelbook Go does it even better.

The successor to Google Pixelbook lets you use, play, and watch for a staggering 10 hours’ duration, which is one of the best battery endurance ratings among the list.

Check out full specs here.

3. Acer Chromebook Spin 713


  • Generous battery life
  • Great display
  • A good performer
  • Cost-friendly
  • Durable


  • The keyboard is a bit small

Talk about the best Chromebooks and not list one from Acer, it just wouldn’t make sense. It is because Acer manufactures universally acclaimed Chromebooks that are capable of storming the market right after their launch.

The same is the case with Acer Chromebook Spin 713. This cost-effective Chrome OS-powered laptop has everything you currently seek. From its design to its performance, the Chromebook from Acer does it all right when you need it.

It is powered by an Intel Core i5 10th Gen processor, which leaves plenty of breathtaking performance at your disposal, allowing you to exceed your go-to tasks right away. As per Acer, the Chromebook lasts for 10 hours on a single charge.

Many users even claim it works for more than 10 hours, which is one of many reasons for accommodating this masterpiece from Acer on our list of the best Chromebooks out there. Its display, however, also plays a vital role in handling it with the titles it deserves. The screen lets you observe everything on a 3:2 screen, offering you plenty of vertical space for your tasks.

One more thing that you don’t see every day on a Chromebook is a backlit keyboard that’s also quite ergonomic, and well-designed. If your usage with Chromebooks falls more towards the business side, you have an HDMI port available to you, which is a great addition for $700 from Acer.

Now for the word ‘Spin’ in its name, the Chromebook from Acer is a convertible unit that rotates 360 degrees to provide even better viewing angles and to maintain the ergonomic standards. To sum it all up, the Acer Chromebook Spin 713 is a total bang-on performer that you can get without disturbing your budget by a lot.

Check out full specs here.

4. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2


  • Gorgeous design and sturdy build
  • Great display
  • Lasting battery life


  • Average performance

Talk about a Chromebook that nails the display quality and just the basic core features, not a thing more. That’s right, we have mentioned its average performance in its cons to illustrate the point.

Samsung has put every effort into making this Chromebook a stylish piece of craftsmanship, rather than optimizing it for its performance. Now it’s not like it won’t perform at all, it will, just not to an extent the other Chromebooks on this list do.

It is affordable, priced somewhere at under $450, which compensates for it’s not-so-excellent internal features, and hands you a ‘Fiesta Red’ colored body that sure has a profound impact on your desk, and absolutely on your personality.

It packs an Intel Core i3 processor that as we mentioned gives it a boost, but relatively lesser when compared to its competitors. Now for the biggest highlight, which is its QLED display, the Chromebook offers an immersive experience, allowing you to observe every detail of the screen in all its glory.

It is probably the display that saves this Chromebook a spot on this list if not the amazing price tag. Another notable drawback with this one is the vertical gapping in its keyboard.

Such gaping widens the keyboard size vertically, which will require a bit of effort and a time duration to get used to typing with it. Otherwise, everything sits the same as described. Conclusively, if you are looking for a more affordable Chromebook and are willing to compromise a bit on performance, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 is for you. Check out our detailed review of Samsung Galaxy Book Flex.

Check out full specs here.

5. Lenovo Chromebook Duet


  • Lasting battery life
  • Quite affordable
  • Ships with the keyboard
  • Good display quality


  • Not so durable build

The first of two devices from Lenovo in this list, the Lenovo Chromebook Duet redefines the affordable class with everything that it brings to the table. To us, the only thing that has been compromised for the price tag is its build quality, and the processor.

Now, what makes us say this is that the Lenovo Chromebook Duet features a MediaTek Helio P60T processor, which could have been replaced with the Intel Core m series. However, it still performs fine, only it could have been a bit better ranked with Intel.

That said, the processor is paired with 4 gigs of RAM, which is further supported by either 64 or 128 gigs of storage. You can’t obviously brag about the internals as they are the same in all Chromebooks and hardly reflect on the high-end side.

But what you can brag about is its inclusivity of keyboards that even Microsoft and Apple don’t offer. You have to buy their keyboard separately, which further adds to the cost. But it isn’t like that with the Lenovo Chromebook duet, it ships with the keyboard included, and all that is under $300.

It is convertible and detachable; that is what the word ‘duet’ means in its name. And since it comes equipped with a full HD display, you can expect great quality upon whatever task you execute with it. You can either use it as a tablet or as a laptop, it all depends upon your preference of usage.

Not to forget the stylus support, the Chromebook also lets you work with a stylus pen, but like the keyboard, it doesn’t ship with it. You will have to buy it separately, which isn’t as expensive as the Pixelbook Pen. It will hardly bring your overall cost to under $350.

Check out full specs here.

6. Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 OLED Chromebook


  • Great display
  • Pinpoint Performance
  • Lasting battery life
  • Sleek and minimal design
  • Affordable


  • Storage memory

Closing the list with another unit from Lenovo, the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 OLED Chromebook is a truly affordable masterpiece that offers you features like an OLED display, longer battery life, sleek design, and up to the mark performance—all of that within under $450.

Like its predecessor, i.e. Lenovo Chromebook Duet, it is also convertible and detachable, which gives you the advantage of working with your preferred ergonomic angles. It packs the Snapdragon 7C Gen 2 processor, which comes from Qualcomm, and is also a factor that supports this Chromebook to be included in our best Chromebooks of 2022 list.

As for the features, this Chromebook from Lenovo features 8 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage, which are well-boosted with the inclusion of a performing processor. One of the biggest highlights of the Chromebook is its battery life, which is better than any of the Chromebooks listed on this list.

It can provide you with an on-time of up to 19 hours; it means that you may run out of things to do on your Chromebook, but not the battery. There are thinner bezels on the screen, accounting for more profound and clear viewing angles, and since it’s OLED, there are no complaints.

Also, the keyboard is quite friendly, you will love the way your fingers sit at the keys and find the right keys under your reach for a quick and efficient typing experience. In short, the keyboard is bigger, better, and blindingly obvious.

Check out full specs here.


The best Chromebooks are a combination of well-placed keyboards, efficiently performing features, detailed displays, longer battery life, and a good budget-friendly price (which can also be derived from the desired requirements).

That said, all the Chromebooks that we listed here combine just that, you can find yourself one that meets your criteria and fulfills your requirements. But it’d be better if you get your reflexes right before you make up your mind, for it is no less than a decent investment, which may turn out to be a disaster if not thought through properly.

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