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Best Android 12 Features – Better Privacy Controls, New APIs, and Several UI Tweaks

Android is one of the most popular operating systems for mobile phones. Android enjoys a whopping 71.93% market share in the world. With the passage of time, Android has undergone many updates and refinements, with an aim to provide its users with some exciting and advanced features. Indeed, every improvisation has received amazing feedback from its users. The recent launch of Android 12 Developer Preview 1 by Google continues to gain positive reviews. This product has the best Android 12 features.

It can be installed on Linux, Personal Computer (PC), and macOS-powered mobile devices.

With the essence of high-tech evolution, it has further brought highly worthwhile APIs (Application Programming Interface) for its customers, thereby amplifying its performance even more.

Android 12 was launched on February 18 202. It was an instant hit among the users. Moreover, the Android operating system (OS) comes with various unique attributes, including, user interface (UI) modifications, updated privacy settings, and Material Next design.

Get ready to embrace the best Android 12 Features.

Advanced Notification UI

Notifications are an integral part of a smartphone. But this time around, Android 12 has transformed the notification feature to an advanced level. You will find significant visual changes in the notification module when using your smartphone. Also, you might have not seen a transparent backdrop, that was present in Android 11. In Android 12 this feature is incorporated in the notification panel by Google.

Modern UI-Material NEXT Design

Google always comes up with advanced solutions for Material Design to facilitate its users. The new Modern UI-Material Next Design is a testament to the organization’s commitment to providing users with flexibility and convenience.

The offer of Nearby Button by Wi-Fi connectivity

Now you can share your Wi-Fi connection with your contacts by using the Nearby Button. It’s fast and secure. Now, you don’t have to share the barcode scanner with each of your contacts.

Upgraded Background in Lock Screen

While equipping yourself with the unlock pattern you might have encountered a new feature – the transparent backdrop. This feature has been recently added to the lock screen in Android 12.

Key updates through Google Play

With the Android Runtime (ATR) feature now available, businesses and developers of third-party sites can push key updates through Google Play. However, such features are availed because of an advanced Project Mainline program.

A Polished Version of Media Transcoding

This is one of the best android 12 features. It allows smooth video compression. With this feature, the app developers can use native transcoding layers to their advantage. Google requires developers to use Media Transcoding to make their apps compatible with advanced compression standards. For example, HEVC.

One-Handed Mode

Nowadays everyone wants to own portable gadgets because people find it hard to use smartphones single-handedly. Google has added the single-handed mode feature to the Android 12. It is available for the OnePlus OxygenOS and Samsung’s OneUI.

Stackable Widgets

The Android 12 comes with a ‘stackable widgets’ feature. Now, users can use multiple widgets at the same time. It’s a great addition to the Android system.

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