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Top picks for the best 70 inch TV for the money in 2021

Finding a good big TV that doesn’t cross the line to too big but still remains a good size can be tricky at first. If you are looking for the best 70 inch TV for the money, for example, there are a few choices for you out there in the market. But at the same time, it’s noticeable that 65-70 inch TVs have more or less the same features.

Many big brands add a few features that might act as upgrades but most 70 inch TVs have the same features as 65-inch versions but the extra inches do add a bit to the price. In the end, it really depends upon your screen preference between those two choices. Here are our top few choices of 70 inch TV with excellent features you can find.

LG UHD 70 Series (70UN7070PUA)

Price: $629.99

Our first pick in the series is this 4k screen-enabled LG model from the 70 series. It comes in other sizes with a different price associated as well. The 70-inch version has a smart TV option that you can explore through the webOS. The screen resolution as well as the display gives you a very cinematic yet personal experience whenever you are using it.

It enhances your gaming experience along with your viewing experience, all courtesy of the 4K Ultra HD resolution. Smart tv enables you to use virtual assistants, voice assistants, and any of the web browsers online. Speakers are usually not of the ultimate high quality but they are adequate enough for this size screen. The TV is WiFi, ethernet, USB and HDMI enabled, making connectivity easy with other devices and sources. 

Hisense H65G Series (70H6570G)

Price: $519.99

Hisense is a known but somewhat underrated name in the LED market considering the other big names that have had a more aggressive marketing strategy. This is another 4K Ultra HD screen TV in the lot. The price tag also makes it somewhat favorable as other options are above $600. The screen viewing experience on this one is debated – some think it gives a better gaming experience, while others argue the opposite.

The screen resolution still stands even if subjective experiences with angles or viewing are different. It also has an upscaling option from 720p to 1080p in terms of content. The sound and connectivity options are also adequate according to the model and price. This is why it is better known as a budget buy as well. You can ditch the big brand obsession and save some money by going for this one.

Vizio V-Series V705-H13

Price: $649.99

The V series by Vizio is a top contender for picture quality and entertainment in the big screen smart TV options. The remote itself on this one is voice control enabled which means you can easily use the entire TV features by voice control alone. The TV has 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision HDR, and HDR10+ screen quality that gives you an unmatched watching experience.

It also has an upgraded ability to work efficiently with the new generation of gaming consoles. It would definitely count as one of the best 70 inch TV for the money. Even though it does not give much of a price benefit, Vizio is a brand that maintains a high and consistent quality. The design is a three-sided bezel-less making your viewing experience much better with the screen. The Voice remote paired with their SmartCast enables you to enjoy endless things online.

Samsung Class Q60A Series QLED (QN70Q60AAFXZA)

Price: $1,199.99

Finally, the big brand name that gets tossed around in electronic gadgets regularly, Samsung has a QLED version in the 70-inch category that somewhat justifies the price. The screen size goes from 32 to 85 inches, all varying in price. 4K resolution with 4K Upscaling on the screen enhances all your viewing and gaming experiences.

It includes 100% color volume with Quantum Dot, dual-LED, and AirSlim. The Quantum Dot alone is responsible for close to a billion different color shades that define your viewing experience on TV. It also has enhanced contrast as well as Quantum HDR. AirSlim design gives it the air of a lightweight and extremely slim structure that acts as a good addition to your space. It also has a faster 4K processor, making the sound and picture combination come out perfectly.

LG  Alexa BuiltIn UHD 73 Series (70UN7370PUC)

Price: $699.99

Another LG addition because it didn’t seem the type to miss out on. The UHD TV screen enables a better, clearer picture that allows you to notice the visual difference in the content. The 4K Quad-Core Processor makes the TV user-friendly and more fluent as well as much better in connection to AI. It allows for a better picture and sound fusion as well.

Specifically for film enthusiasts, its filmmaker mode is going to blow you away. It allows you to view the director’s vision on a film, bringing you the authenticity of the project in its true form. The virtual surround sound feature makes sure you don’t miss out on good sound as well. You can play games without the lag using the Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), which improves your gaming experience 10x.

There are many other similar Tvs in the category but these were our 5 picks of the best 70 inch TV for the money. You might find the Samsung pick not very budget-friendly, but it is also much more high-quality considering its counterparts. There is something for everyone now considering the myriad of options there are, make sure you conduct thorough research to find your perfect fit.   

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