How to watch Marvel movies in order? Discover the Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological order here!

How to watch Marvel movies in order

Whether it’s the excitement of the Spiderman: No Way Home teaser trailer or if your interest has just piqued in the franchise, we’re here to help you catch up. Many people are finding new ways to contain their excitement until December but there are only so many times you can watch and rewatch the older … Read more

What are the right ways to disable Android’s absolute Bluetooth volume?

disable Android’s absolute Bluetooth volume

Introduction Many leading smartphone manufacturers have abandoned the 3.5mm audio jack in favor of using a USB connection. Almost all Android phones can control the volume of a Bluetooth-connected gadget via the absolute Bluetooth feature. Many people, however, do not like it, which is why Android disabled absolute Bluetooth volume. You may not be familiar … Read more

How to delete files on Chromebook: It’s not that complicated the way you think it is!

How to delete files on Chromebook

Introduction Even the most basic activities, like deleting unnecessary files, might be challenging when you’re new to the Chromebook system. However, once you understand how to use the user interface, the issues appear to be minor. Are you concerned about the wasted space that undesirable files take up? Let’s take a look at how to … Read more

How to find passwords on Mac: Save your passwords before you forget them

How to find passwords on mac

Introduction Passwords are essential for the security of our online identities. It safeguards your personal data including, your bank account, Wi-Fi authentication, websites, and daily logins, among other things. However, it’s possible that you’ll forget your password. Let’s look at how to find passwords on a Mac. The days of using a basic passcode over … Read more

How to Turn on Google Docs Dark Mode

How to Turn on Google Docs Dark Mode

Many of us are accustomed to using Dark Mode across all devices and applications. Well, can we somehow take this concept and apply it to Google Docs? Of course, we can. if you want to know how to enable dark mode on google docs, you are at the right place because here, we are going … Read more