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What is the Best Internet Option for Rural Areas? Check Out the 4 Top-rated ISPs here!

What is the best internet option for rural areas Check out the 4 top-rated ISPs here!

The hustle-bustle of big cities has caused most of you to shift to rural areas. However, like everything, living in rural areas has an opportunity cost. Where you get a peaceful environment, you might struggle to stream your favorite shows due to poor internet connectivity. Even though there are newer options like Starlink, available to … Read more

How to Turn off iPhone 12 in the Simplest Ways?

Pressing just the side button won’t turn your iPhone off learn how to turn off iPhone 12 in the simplest ways

Are you unable to turn off your iPhone 12 or 11? Stop pressing that side button. It won’t turn off your phone as it used to in previous generations. After the release of the iPhone 13, the prices for previous generations have dropped to an extent. The decline in the prices triggered the sales for … Read more