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How to Screen Record on Android with & without Application? – A 2022 Updated Guide

How to Screen Record on Android

Screen recording on Android has always been the biggest sought-after feature until Google equipped the Android 11 with it. That’s right! The previous versions of Android don’t offer such support; you will have to use an application to screen record up to the Android 10. While we will be learning how to screen record on … Read more

What is NFC on my Phone? How to Check if your Smartphone has NFC Option?

what is nfc on my phone (1)

NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communication, and its abbreviation tells pretty much everything about it. As long as two NFC-enabled devices are near each other, they are eligible to carry out NFC-powered communication. It should spark your mind with questions like what sort of communication does NFC empower? How close should the devices … Read more

How to Delete Instagram Account on Mac, Windows, Android & iPhone – Delete Instagram Account Link Included!

how to delete instagram account

Indeed, a prospering decision to delete your Instagram account as it won’t only let you enjoy your real life more but have more focus on what you couldn’t while you were tiring your thumb off scrolling your Instagram feed or exploring the “search.” Anyways, now that you have decided to get serious with your routine, … Read more