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Can You Swim with an Apple Watch? Are Apple Watches Water Proof?

You may already own an Apple Watch or be considering purchasing one, but you’re unsure whether it’s safe to wear while swimming. If you haven’t already seen it, the new Apple Series 7 watch is water-resistant. Are Apple Watches Water Proof? Swimming in a chlorinated pool may harm it?

Because the Apple Watch Series from 1 to 7 and SE are all water-resistant, they’re great for the pool or the beach. However, Series 1 is only water-resistant for thirty minutes in water up to 1 meter (3.3 ft). Series 2 is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters (164 feet), but not for swimming. Whereas series 3-7 are water resistant upto 164 ft and are swim proof.

If you take adequate care of your watch after a swim, the odds of chlorine damaging it are low.

Learn about the official attitude of the company towards Apple Watch water-resistant , as well as tips and tactics for keeping your watch in fine condition when swimming.

Are Apple Watches Waterproof?

For starters, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between waterproof and water-resistant. Many people, including us, use them both, but there is a small but important difference.

A watch that is water-resistant is totally shielded from damage. Despite the fact that water penetration is made more difficult, it is still possible despite the water resistance. A watch that is swim-proof may be submerged in the bath, pool, or sea at shallow depths and still function properly.

When it comes to wearable technology, what is Apple’s take on it?

Apple Watch Waterproof Water-resistant Swimproof
Series 1 No Up to 30 minutes in 1 meter (3.3 feet) of water No
Series 2 No Up to 50 meters (164 feet) of water No
Series 3 No Up to 50 meters (164 feet) of water Yes
Series 4 No Up to 50 meters (164 feet) of water Yes
Series 5 No Up to 50 meters (164 feet) of water Yes
Series 6 No Up to 50 meters (164 feet) of water Yes
Series 7 No Up to 50 meters (164 feet) of water Yes

As you can see, all Apple Watches are not water-resistant. After all, guaranteeing any product from any company is a challenging task.

Here is a closer look at each Apple Watch series so you know where you are before making a purchase or upgrading.

Is the Apple Watch Series 1 waterproof?

In 2015, the S1 was one of the initial smartwatches to hit the shelves. Compared to its modern equivalents, it is a somewhat basic device. Today, the S1 has a very restricted set of functions.

The first-generation Apple Watch is not water-resistant, making it the least water-resistant of the bunch. For up to 30 minutes, it may be submerged in water at a depth of 1 m (3.3 ft).

Yet one scuba diver who wore the S1 and frequently dived to depths of 30-35 feet reported no problems, and only parted ways with the watch because the strap had come undone while underwater.

New versions of Series 1 are no longer being sold by Apple, and the company no longer provides system upgrades for it.

Is the Apple Watch Series 2 waterproof?There were a lot of new and better features in the second series, which came out in 2016.

The Series 2 Apple Watch is water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters (164 feet). To be safe, Apple recommends only using it up to a depth of 50 meters (164 feet) and avoiding it during sports like water skiing or diving. Consequently, it isn’t regarded as being water-resistant.

As a longtime owner of the Series 2, a person doesn’t have to worry about the watch getting wet or splashed while playing water games, submerging the watch, or cannon-balling with the watch.

Although new S2 models have been halted by Apple, the company is still sending out regular software upgrades to existing S2 devices. Most of their goods are supported for five years after their introduction, so updates may halt at the end of the year.

Is the Apple Watch Series 3 waterproof?

A newer, more technologically advanced Series 3 was introduced in 2017. Like the S2, it’s water-resistant, but with the same limitations.

Apple has certified the Apple Watch Series 3 as being water-resistant up to a depth of 150 feet (50 meters) (164.4 feet). If you’re going to use it for water sports like surfing or water skiing, use it up to a 50-meter depth. It’s swim-proof, according to Apple.

After their first swim, a few Series 3 fans had to fork up a few hundred dollars to fix their watches, even though they were meant for pool usage ( swimming workout function).

The S3 continues to be sold by Apple in a GPS-only configuration. They don’t have access to any kind of cellular network. It’s still possible to buy second-hand S3 models, and they’re expected to be around until the end of 2022 at the very least.

Is the Apple Watch Series 4 waterproof?

This year, the Apple Watch Series 4 was released as an upgrade to the S3 model.

The new Apple Watch Series 4 is water-resistant. It’s water-resistant up to 50 meters, like the Series 3 and Series 2 watches, according to Apple (164 feet). Water skiing and other water sports, like jet skiing and wakeboarding, are not recommended.

S4 users who’ve spent hours in the water while wearing theirs have reported no ill effects. It doesn’t matter that Apple doesn’t make the product anymore, because used devices are still available and are always getting new features.

Is the Apple Watch Series 5 waterproof?The S5, which was unveiled in 2019, has more cutting-edge features than the S4. Series 4-like levels of water-resistance and swim-proofness are present.

You can take the Apple Watch Series 5 for a swim. According to Apple, this watch is water-resistant to a maximum of  50 meters (164 feet). Water activities like jet skiing, wakeboarding, and water skiing are all on Apple’s list of things to stay away from.

According to our findings, S5 users often have trouble after swimming in saltwater, whether it’s in the ocean or a saltwater pool. Getting salt ions caught in the digital crown or premature seal degradation. People like how well the device can measure lap counts and lane distance.

Second-hand Apple Device Series 5 watches are still for sale, even though the company no longer makes them.

Is the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE Waterproof?

Apple Watch 6 and SE are the latest iterations of Apple Watch. Because it has fewer features and is powered by Series 5 CPUs, the SE is the more economical of the two. It’s water-resistant to the same extent as the S5, but advancement in technology has made it more resistant to water damage.

Water-resistant to a depth of 50 m is the maximum rating for the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE (164 feet). Apple has also given them a swim proof rating. Because of this, the watch may be used while swimming. If you want to do anything other than swim or do low-speed water sports like jet skiing or wakeboarding, you should not use one of them.

The majority of people who have tried to swim with SE or a Series 6 watch have had good experiences. A few people have said that their S6 or SE stopped working after the first swim, which caused permanent damage and a lot of money to be spent on repairs.

It is still being sold on Apple, even though the Series 6 model has been phased out to make way for the newer Series 7 model.

Apple Watch Series 7The latest Apple Watch, introduced in 2021, is the most technologically sophisticated model ever. However, it has the same water restrictions as the S6 and several previous versions, such as the S5, S4 and S3.

Apple has certified the new Series 7 Apple Watch to be water-resistant. In addition, it’s water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters (164 feet). Apple warns against using it in fast-moving water activities like wakeboarding or wakeboarding.

Because it’s a new product, there isn’t any real-world action on its capacity to operate in a swimming pool. Good and negative ratings are expected, as they are for most items.

Alternative Wrist Band For Your Watch

STG Sports Band

Amazon consumers gave this sports band a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5, with 70% rating it as 5 stars. In addition to the SE, it is compatible with Series 1-7. Rubber and silicone straps that are made of elastic rubber and pure silicon resin are very long-lasting and comfortable. They are also waterproof.

Several consumers have experienced difficulties with the color they selected. In comparison with the depictions, they seem to be rather unlike each other. This is not the first time that the band has been reported to be either too thin or too lengthy for other consumers.

A Cleaning Kit for Your Apple Watch

Premium Cleaning Set

Eighty-two percent of reviewers gave this cleaning kit a five-star rating. This kit is meant to operate with Apple devices, despite its low rating (249 reviews). Unlike other screen cleaners, this one doesn’t remove the oleophobic (oil-repellent) layer on Apple displays.

Customer dissatisfaction is mostly due to the poor packing of this product. In a small number of cases, the bottle’s screw has come loose, allowing liquid to pour out and flood the whole box.

Apple Watch Screen Protector

LK Screen Protector

More than 26,000 customers have given this 6-pack of screen protectors a rating of 4.2 stars. This case covers Series 4-6 (including SE) and the upcoming Series 7 device. Because it is so thin (just 0.1mm), it won’t affect the touchscreen’s sensitivity and will cover the whole screen.

The protectors, on the other hand, have been reported by some customers to be short-lived or to fall loose from the watch (one reviewer had to buy 3 protectors in a week). In other cases, it has been difficult for others to apply the protection at all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is water damage covered by Apple Watch warranty?

Apple Watch warranties do not cover water damage. It doesn’t matter if you have a Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, S6, SE, or a Series 7 Apple Watch; none of the models are protected by Apple’s warranty.

Therefore, it is very important to be careful when swimming with your watch.

Does pool chlorine impact Apple Watches?

Having a better idea of what to expect from each model, you can decide whether swimming in your chlorinated pool will harm your watch.

In a chlorinated pool, wearables from Series 3-7 and SE are safe to use. These watches are certified by Apple to be water-resistant and suitable to wear while swimming, despite the fact that they do not cover water damage under warranty.

Apple Watches aren’t waterproof, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used in the water. Water from any source, even if that source is chlorinated pool water.

If you’re careful to clean the watch after you’ve done swimming with it, it can withstand the pool water. There have been no problems with the S3s of any S3 wearers.

Another S2 user has noticed some deterioration around the watch seal after many years of exposure to hot tub water. When it comes to keeping your watch in good working order, post-swim maintenance is key.

When it comes to wristbands, this might be a major problem. Metal bands, such as stainless steel, are far more susceptible to chlorinated water damage. In order to keep your watch safe when swimming, you should use a rubber band or a sports band instead.

Will salt water pools damage Apple Watches?

Even if chlorinated pools are more popular, the composition of salt-water systems should be considered if you want to swim with an Apple Watch.

Are saltwater pools safe places to wear an Apple Watch?

Because they are not classified as swimproof, the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 cannot be worn in swimming pools that have saltwater. After swimming, it is important to rinse the watch in freshwater to protect the rubber and metal components from saltwater damage.

In comparison to chlorinated pools, saltwater has the potential to inflict greater harm. A watch may be damaged by minute salt particles found in seawater. For those who have forgotten to clean it after a swim. Particles of salt that have been dried and solidified are more likely to scrape surfaces.

Even though the glass of Apple Watches is strengthened, it is still susceptible to wear and tear. Additionally, salt and metal do not mix well. Another important reason to choose saltwater-friendly bands is corrosion on your band.

Can we swim while wearing an Apple Watch?

All of the Apple Watches that have been launched so far have excellent water-resistant characteristics, except the Series 1. So, if you’re planning on taking a swim, you don’t have to worry about this.

The “water lock” function was included in Apple’s watches starting with Series 2 and above. For safety reasons, your watch will lock itself when you begin a swimming session. Make sure to wipe off any excess water with a paper towel before unlocking it. As simple as pie, right?

You should focus on the attachments and post-swim care. When you’re swimming, it’s important to have a variety of bands for your Apple Watch, including ones for sports and ones that are made of rubber.

Make sure that anything you use to clean your watch face and bands is safe for screens and isn’t harsh. Some cleaning products are more abrasive than you would assume. You, not the pool water, have the potential to do greater harm to your timepiece.

Cleaning the Apple Watch After Swimming

It may seem like common sense to clean your watch after you have swimmed in a pool, however, there are hidden hazards if you don’t use the appropriate methods.

  • For best results, clean the watch face, clasp, and straps completely before using any cleaning solution. Make sure the water you use for rinsing is clean.
  • When it comes to drying your watch, a screen or glass-specific towel works best. Glass may be scratched by tiny particles or fibers in certain clothes or towels.
  • If you’ve just come out of a saltwater pool, it’s imperative that you thoroughly dry your watch. Allowing it to dry naturally makes it more likely that the band and watch itself will be damaged by dirt and salt particles drying and becoming stuck in tiny gaps.

What to use with Apple Watches for Swimming?

Using an Apple Watch in a swimming pool is no problem at all. The difficult part is choosing which alternative bands to include. How to use certain cleaning tools and screen protectors on your Apple Watch, no matter what model it is.

Final Thoughts

The Apple Watch is a fine option in case you are looking to lose weight, workout, or improve your fitness. This even includes your swimming workouts. You can use the Apple Watch in the sea or in the pool while swimming. However, you need to keep in mind that this works with Series 2 and later models.

If you don’t already own or plan to purchase the Series 1 model, you may use any other model in the water (as long as you timely clean the watch afterward). The usage of the phrases “swim-proof”, “water-resistant”, and “waterproof” interchangeably might be confusing, so perhaps this has clarified the situation.

If you plan on swimming with your Apple Watch, it’s a good idea to pick up some non-metal bands, guards, and cleaning wipes/kits designed specifically for Apple.

However, you can take comfort in the fact that wearing your Apple Watch while swimming in your pool is safe at any time of day or night.

We hope you liked our detailed guide on Are Apple Watches Water Proof? If you have any query or feedback with regards to this article, please do let us know in the comments section below.

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