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Apple Watch 7 Leak Teases an iPhone 12 Inspired Redesign 

Breaking News: New renders of the Apple Watch 7 have leaked. Have a look at them!

The Apple Watch 7 may have a flat-edged look like the iPhone 12 and the upcoming iPad Pro 2021, as well as a stunning new green color.

This detail was leaked by industry insider Jon Prosser during his Apple-themed Genius Bar podcast, and he teased that he knew something about the Apple Watch 7. But, aside from these two tidbits of detail, Prosser remained frustratingly tight-lipped. We understand that he had to – but he left all of us utterly curious.

Prosser did characterize the flat-edged screen as “more discreet” than what we’ve seen on other Apple items during the podcast. Regardless, if this leak is true, this display overhaul will be the most drastic improvement for the iconic smartwatch in many iterations.

Though we can’t confirm whether or not this leak is genuine, it seems plausible that Apple will try to improve design consistency among its flagship products. A flat-edged Apple Watch 7 will put the product in line with the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro.

The latest green hue is pretty much just as it sounds like; nevertheless, don’t expect a brilliant shade of green. The hue of green provided is expected to be close to the pastel color used on the AirPods Max. With its recent products, especially the new iMac 2021, Apple appears to be adopting the multi-colored approach.

However, the presence of rounded edges for an extended period does not imply that they adhere together. Ming-Chi Kuo, a trustworthy Apple leaker, tipped at a brand new redesign of the 2021 platform in September 2020. There has also been much debate about upcoming internal features, such as Apple Watch 7 blood glucose tracking.

And, with Prosser revealing a new leak on the look of a new flat edge with new vibrant choices, we could be one step closer to a dramatically improved version. These aspects are not shocking in light of Apple’s previous big launches.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of the Apple Watch 7. Previous rumors have circulated that the unit would include a new “Wrist ID” mechanism for faster unlocking, as well as a refreshed range of swim-tracking capabilities, making the wearable more swim-friendly.

Apple has not yet officially announced the smartwatch. However, given that the tech behemoth has launched a fresh Apple Watch every year since 2015, it’s a fairly safe bet. Based on past model release dates, we think it will be available in mid-September, but more information will be available before then, so, let’s just wait and watch for now.

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