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Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Review 2022

Wireless earbuds have altered the way we listen to music and audio today. There is a completely new experience everyone is looking at collectively when it comes to audio devices. Previously we were all dependent on our earphones to behave and not get all tangled up before entering an important online or on-call meeting. However, now, the case is different.

The popularity of wireless earbuds after Apple first made it completely mainstream with their AirPods, soon resulted in many other tech businesses introducing their versions. This is an Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Review, the 2019 product in the wireless earbuds market. The advent of wireless earphones is not as recent as Apple’s AirPods, as many people are unaware.

There’s a long history of Bluetooth-enabled earphones, but it was truly normalized after Apple completely stopped making its wired earphones. Wireless earbuds, while making the audience skeptical at first, completely took over the previous form of the audio device. Users were afraid initially about looking after two separate, rather small buds. But, surprisingly the adoption of the device did not take too long to become common.

Anker has been popularly known for other electronic accessories it makes, but the Soundcore Liberty earbuds are not to miss out on for many reasons. This article will critically evaluate both the positives and negatives of the product. Here is what the content will include

Table of Contents

  1. Pros & Cons
  2. Sound & Microphone
  3. Connectivity
  4. Battery
  5. Design
  6. Other features
  7. Buy or miss

Pros & Cons

Noise cancellation

Average design/color

High-quality sound

No multipoint connection

Longer battery life

Restricted with controls

IPX4 water-resistance


Lightweight in use


There are several things you should consider before you decide on buying wireless headphones. Depending on whether or not you have been browsing through the shops, they can be a bit on the expensive side, especially considering the standard of AirPods in particular. There are, however, several affordable options that you can go with as alternatives to the expensive AirPods. Anker’s Soundcore Liberty earbuds have their particular pros in the price they are offered. Let’s look at some of its specifications and what it offers to you within the small package.

Sound & Microphone

While there have been several complaints regarding the intensity with which they play the bass part of the audio, the overall response is in favor of the sound quality. Customers and professional tech-critics have talked about how Anker does not completely miss the beat, even if the sound is not the best in this range. There is a clear reason why the intersection of price is important with the features because, for people who are not bothered with it, they can easily get the expensive options with high quality.

Meanwhile, Anker does what the majority wants, bringing down the price even if it has to take down the quality a tiny bit as well. Not to imply that the quality of sound is not good at all, but it’s important to highlight the exact place where each of its features stands. And the sound on this earbud set is somewhere between good-to-average, instead of being completely flawless as Anker probably intended.

However, there is also a difference in how the undertones of bass sound in different songs, etc. In this regard, the inconsistency can mean sometimes you get to experience a better quality on a different song or audio on a content. This is not necessarily a pro to add to the list, but a feature that shows how it’s not a complete loss. The Microphone on the other hand goes similar to sound, in that it is good enough in functionality. It does not have a great and exact-clear transfer of sound through your microphone.

All in all, both sound and microphone are on the good to average scale. They are good in use but do not necessarily perform anywhere close to what other leaders in the market are doing. Moreover,  It has two microphones as well, to manage voice assistant/activate transparency mode and take calls simultaneously. 


Connectivity is another major feature in wireless earphones because what else would the wireless device depend upon. It’s what keeps the earphones connected to whatever device you want to use them with. Connectivity fails are the major reason customers give up on various products because your entire purpose ends if you are not able to connect properly.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 pro has Bluetooth 5.0, which makes for an incredibly high level of connection. Often devices having 5.0 Bluetooth end up having an inconsistent connection regardless of the updated feature. Thankfully, with the Anker Pro, connectivity is something of a common feature many people have admired. It does not miss out on the fact that without an immaculate connection, none of the other functions and features matter.

Apart from that, they have both AAC support and AptX support which is to say, you can connect them no matter which interfaces your phone has. It can work the same with Android, iOS, and Windows as it connects well with laptops too. This shows how well the earbuds do in terms of connectivity. So this is a clear pro that you do not have to worry about, rather in deteriorating quality or inconsistency in performance.


Another clear win with the Anker earbuds is that the battery claims on them are not false claims. The box claims an 8-hour battery life, sometimes even over that, and the truth is not far from it, in a majority of cases. Many customers have reported previously that the battery is not a miss with the Anker earbuds.

The battery on any electronic device is highly subjective to use and can vary hugely on how it’s spent. You can have as many averages as you want, and still, your own experience of use can be entirely different in terms of how fast it runs out. For any laptop, for example, your tasks, how many tabs you use, the internet connection, and many other factors affect how much battery you use at once. But even considering the nature of battery consumption with respect to use, the one on these earbuds has received nothing but positive feedback.

Not to mention that Anker is the brand well-known for its charging packs or wireless chargers. It seems highly unlikely that they would make a product and not take care of its battery properly. Therefore, it’s a foreseeable result of Anker’s venture into expanding the product portfolio.

The charging options on the battery include both the wireless dock as well as the USB-C connection that you can utilize. It also has a fast-charging feature which gives you at least a couple of hours of usage with a few minutes of charging. Additionally, the charging dock also has 24 hours worth of battery to recharge itself, which you can have as backup in case you are traveling, etc. You can charge the earbuds and then keep the charging dock with you for at least 32 hours of uninterrupted battery life.


In terms of design, there are multiple aspects to consider. From the earbuds to their case/cover, and color all matter in the overall design of the Anker Pro 2. Other things such as resistance to moisture or water, and other functionality options also account in the design part.

Anker Pro has a slightly bigger frame than other usually slimmer versions of wireless earphones. In terms of how smart or sleek the design is, there is a dispute among users. But the majority believe that overall design is something they could improve in because it seems like the same generic design, not very elegant or creative in appearance.

In terms of the case alone, the general consensus is better than that of the earbud design. The case, though slightly bigger in size, is very sleek, compact, and smooth to use. It flips open with just a touch and that makes it quite appealing itself. The storage situation from within the pod of the case is based on magnets that are complimented with those in the earbuds so that they go smoothly in place without any fuss.

Moving on, the earbuds are of the generic size so as to fit most people with ease. Each of the earbuds also houses one common button that you can use to direct multiple commands from volume control, to skip a song, etc. They are also water or moisture-resistant, which means you can wear them around while you are in the midst of your workout routine, as they will be unharmed even if you sweat.

The comfort level on these things really depends on whether or not you find your fit with the tip and wing options they send out. This is an additional feature that seems to be available with selective Anker Pro earbuds out there. Finding the right fit from there is not difficult, as they are good to stay in for as long as you have them except if you are involved in any physical activities.

Other features

Other features in the Anker Pro earbuds are not as wide but they’re more than what a lot of other competitors out there offer. Transparency mode, voice assistant support, and HearID are some extra features that add to the overall experience you get from the Anker Pro.

HearID is especially a feature that many can benefit from. It is a completely tailored experience that you get to have based on the HearID system. There is a scientific ability of human hearing experience to be completely unique from that of another human being. This is not just acknowledged but used by the HearID feature in order to determine a personal listening experience for the users.

There are different presets as well as different customs that you can choose and utilize from the presets to find the perfect frequency you require. You will only learn of the amazing ability of HearID to work out for most people when you use it yourself. Apart from that, other features are a little limited and restricted to what you find on here. You can upgrade depending on new updates, but mostly the experience that you will get with the Anker Pro will not be highly differentiated based on the additional features.

Buy or miss

Final thoughts to end the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Review are a little jumbled because the product is more tricky than just either bad or good. You have a complete analysis of each of the features it offers above, therefore it is easy to conclude based on that study.

If you want an affordable wireless earphone option that is good enough to work in multiple situations, this one is a good choice to make. Regardless of the cons and the ways in which it lacks, it is still a good product with efficient features in this price range. There are many other options available out there that do not make the budget or all the features you require out of it.

The Anker Liberty 2 Pro is a good earbuds choice even if it’s not completely stylish in terms of the design and color options you have. If you are more focused on its usage and how well it does its job, you’re in good hands with Anker.

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